27 Work from Home Jobs You Can Run from Anywhere (And Start Today)

By Sean Ogle •  Updated: 07/05/24 •  34 min read

I still vividly remember the days before Location Rebel, where I’d sit in my cubicle reading blog posts about location independence from Chris Guillebeau.

The office building I worked at had an outdoor garden patio, where I used to go during my breaks to sit and daydream about someplace more exotic.

I’d pretend I was sitting in a garden in Hong Kong, for instance. On other days I’d run along the river in downtown Portland and pretend that I was running on the beach in Bali.

In some ways, I think these daydreams helped to fast-track my goal of actually being in these places.

Work from Home Jobs

I should thank my past self for those visualizations. Less than 2 years after starting this site I moved from Bali. This is me at my work from home job while on the island 🙂

In the 15 years since then, I’ve talked to a lot of people who have built successful businesses – and a lot of people who have failed.

Throughout all of this, there have been a variety of industries that, over and over again, I see people have success in – especially people who consider themselves digital nomads or simply people who want work from home jobs.

Some are easier than others to start. Some have more monetary upside. But ALL of them allow you to work from anywhere you’d like.

In order to make it a little bit easier to understand the differences between some of these, I’ve rated each business type on a scale of 1 to 5, using three different categories (1 being easiest, 5 being most difficult):

It’s worth noting these are all based on what I’ve seen.

With every single case, there are outliers that may see money and success really quickly, as well as people who took much longer to see success.

27 Work-from-Home Jobs You Can Do From Your Couch (Or Anywhere Else in the World)

We cover the essential skills to get started with many of these in Location Rebel Academy.

Thinking of getting going?

Here are some of the best writing-specific jobs you can do from home:

The Easiest Work-from-Home Jobs You Can Start Today

These are the ones I’d recommend if you’re just starting out and you’re looking for a way to make money while you’re quarantined and hanging out on your couch all day.

The great thing about these is you don’t have to have a ton of technical skills to get going. And later on, if you decide you want to move beyond working from home to being a digital nomad and traveling – these businesses will allow you to do that.

1) Freelance Writer

Years ago, I told everyone to jump into SEO writing. It was the easiest way to get your foot in the door and make a little bit of money. Today, it’s all about building a freelance content-writing business. And with AI writing tools, it’s even easier to generate ideas and outlines.

While SEO Writing is still around, it’s not as easy or lucrative to get into. If I were starting now, I’d look into B2B writing and copywriting. These are the areas where you can find the most successful and lucrative work.

The ideas around content are essentially changed now and for the better. People want better content in the form of blog posts, books, whitepapers, and guides, so freelance writing is where it’s at. And virtually every brand and business out there needs content. 

For people who haven’t done much work online or have never started a business before, this is my go-to recommendation. Why? Because it’s easy to find work, doesn’t take a lot of technical knowledge, and can help you quickly build two of the most important things in solopreneurship: income and confidence.

We’ve had many people in Location Rebel begin their online empires this way – so if you’re not sure where to start, this may be something to consider.

Recommended reading:

2) Blogger

For most, your first entry into freelance writing is likely going to be as a blogger. A lot of people are still stuck on the notion that blogging is a personal pursuit where you talk about all sorts of stuff like your travels or favorite books, not true.

In fact, pretty much every brand and business out there right now either have a blog up and running or is thinking about it. So there’s tons of potential.

Here’s the caveat, though, this one is actually probably harder than you think.

Seeing success as a blogger takes a lot more than just tossing 500 words up on a page and calling it a day.

You want to spend time asking your clients some key questions to help you understand the audience you’re writing for, improve your writing skills, and make your content engaging. But it’s all totally doable with a bit of practice over time.

If you do want to create a personal blog, that’s awesome.

A blog is a great lead generator and reputation builder, but keep in mind money coming directly from your blog (unless you are selling an online asset or info product) could be relatively little in comparison to, say, a straight-up freelance writing business.

That said, it’s one of the easiest things you can do right now in order to get started, and even if it doesn’t turn into a business, it can create a major positive change in your life. I have no hesitation in saying that starting a blog is the single best thing I’ve ever done for my career.

Recommended reading:

3) YouTuber

Right now we’re in a trust recession. With so much AI, and fake news, people are looking for authentic voices they can trust. There’s no better way to do that than with YouTube.

There are all sorts of ways you can build and monetize the platform as a business, and I outline one way I think is currently working really well here:

Look around at all of the niches. People do product reviews, movie reviews, and unboxings. They perform their songs. Make art or informational videos. And talk about favorite tv shows.

There is a ton of potential, but there’s a learning curve involved too. The best channels make videos that look easy, but it takes some skills to film and create good videos that keep people watching.

Recommended Reading: 

4) Social Media Consulting

Are you a social media whiz? Are you able to collect followers faster than all of your friends and be attentive and interesting at the same time? This could be a great opportunity.

Especially because there’s a good chance you already have social media chops – even if you don’t realize it.

Everyone from large corporations to small companies to solopreneurs can need help rocking their social media presence around the web. And now, many of them want ghostwriters to help them grow their brands online.

You can take two paths with this, either get a feel of all the platforms out there and present yourself as a generalist or dig really deep into just one, like LinkedIn or TikTok and become one of the go-to pros on that platform.

Social media is becoming increasingly important, and brands are looking to market directly to Millennials and Gen Z, two groups who are very social media savvy.

Land one large client or a few smaller ones, and all of a sudden, you’ve got an income that you can support yourself with from anywhere in the world.

Recommended reading:

5) Info-Product Creation

For the last couple of years, this has been my primary source of income. If you can find a way to solve other people’s biggest problems, create a product around it, and sell it, then you can make a ton of money.

This can take the form of all sorts of products, from ebooks to membership sites to courses and video series; there is a ton of potential if you want to jump in.

It’s extremely easy to create an info product. However, it’s much more difficult to sell it successfully (hence the learning curve score below). The good news is now there are actually a lot of platforms out there that can help make selling info products easier. Sites like Udemy, Send Owl, and Gumroad are all examples.

I’ve found this type of business to be enjoyable, rewarding, and a lot of fun – however, I always recommend people start with a form of freelancing before jumping into this, as it only increases your chance of success.

Recommended reading:

6) Podcasting

Over the past few years, we’ve seen a huge increase in the number of people doing podcasts. For many, it’s a hobby. However, if you structure it right and nail your niche topic, you can make a lot of money.

Usually, this is blended with a combination of a few of these other strategies, but podcasting can be a fantastic alternative to a blog as a lead source, a way to highlight your expertise in a certain niche and build your network.

John Lee Dumas is one of the best examples I’ve seen of this. It didn’t take him long to grow his podcast to be one of the highest-rated on iTunes, and is making 6 figures a month doing it.

Another business model (and probably a better fit for this article is podcast management). Cash Flow Podcasting is a company that helps people produce, edit, and grow their podcasts. So if you’re good with audio and marketing, this is a faster way to make money than starting a podcast yourself.

Recommended reading:

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Work From Home Jobs that Require a Little More Skill and Time

These are the businesses that you can start quickly, but you’ll need to spend a little bit of time positioning yourself and learning a few skills to ensure you can do it effectively.

The businesses themselves aren’t any more difficult to start than the ones above, but the services and skills take a bit longer to develop to the point you can charge money for them.

7) SEO Specialist

When I became a digital nomad and was living abroad, this is how I got my start.

Working from home

While I’m not in Bali anymore, I still have a work from home job. This is what that looks like these days from my home in Portland, OR.

I began doing some marketing and SEO work for Dan over at the Tropical MBA, and for about two years, that’s where most of my income came from.

Here’s the thing, right now, understanding SEO is probably more important than ever. 

There is so much change constantly going on behind the scenes with search engine operators that most people have no idea what’s going on. So having SEO skills can be super valuable, so there is a lot of money to be made in this industry.

If you’re thinking about getting into SEO, be aware that there is a big learning curve.

The people who are true pros have been doing this for years, so it’s not some sort of “study for a month, then call yourself an expert” type of deal.

But if you do put in the time and work on showcasing results on smaller projects (like your own blog or niche site), you can move up the ladder into bigger projects.

Recommended Reading:

8) PPC and Facebook Ad Consultant

Ads are a huge business right now, especially with social media and AdWords. Most people know they need them but don’t want to get too deep into the weeds on how to actually get these things up and running successfully. Location Rebel Academy member Mike Erickson took his PPC skills and created a successful company out of it, Search Scientists.

In my mind, this falls into the category of easy to learn, tough to master. If you want to get paid good money for this, you have to be really good at tracking and setting up analytics, testing copy, etc.

The most difficult part of it is that in order to learn, you have to actually spend money on ads. This is why I have the learning curve so high here – because it can be an expensive experience to get your feet wet. However, once you’ve got it down, there’s certainly money to be made.

Recommended reading:

9) Web Development

Web development and code is one of the best educations you can give yourself online. You will always be able to find work, and it generally pays really well. That said, it’s essentially learning an entirely new language, and it can take a long time to get proficient.

This skill is another one that you can’t pick up in a month or two and call yourself an expert. This is a skill that will build over time with dedicated effort. But, once you start getting that skillset under your belt, you can really take off with tons of work opportunities.

Recommended reading:

10) Back Office Setup

This is something I’m seeing more and more people having success with, but not that many people are talking about it.

Some of the newest “all in one” marketing and back-office services, like ActiveCampaign and Keap, can be difficult to set up and manage if you don’t know what you’re doing from the start.

As I know more and more bloggers and small business owners who are at the point where these solutions make sense – they’re looking for help managing these services.

All this takes is a good understanding of funnels and the software that is going to be used. If you can take a week to set up someone’s email campaigns with all the right tags and deliveries, you’re a champ and have a potential business on your hands.

Recommended reading:

The best way to go about this is to pick a tool and really dig into it. Most have their own courses. Here are two examples, but there are plenty more out there. 

11) Copywriting

Even though this is part of the general freelance writing world, I like to classify copywriting differently because it’s a different style of writing, but getting into copy has enormous potential.

But it’s also a skill you need to develop.

I’m often asked about the most important skill you need to have in order to have success online; usually, my answer is copywriting. If you can be persuasive with your words, you’ll never struggle to make money.

Whether it’s selling other people’s products, your own products, or writing on a freelance basis, there’s such a huge demand for people who know how to write in a way that converts. And lots of companies are hiring freelance copywriters every day.

Another big plus of being a copywriter is you can do all sorts of things: sales pages, direct mail, flyers, ads (social media/AdWords), video sales scripts, and emails (just to name a few examples). There’s a ton of opportunity out there for you to grab.

Recommended reading:

12) Virtual Assistant

Are you super organized, can manage ten tasks in the snap of your fingers, and love getting things done? You might be the perfect candidate to be a virtual assistant.

While this may have you thinking that it’s all about low-pay people doing menial tasks, that’s not entirely true. Tons of entrepreneurs and small business owners need someone who can be their number two. A person who can help with higher-level stuff, manage their calendar and make sure the business stays on track.

When Liz first started freelancing, she did quite a bit of this type of work on the side for a couple of entrepreneurs, which helped her learn a ton of skills and make some excellent connections down the road.

So if you’d like to run a business, but might not want to be the face of it, consider grabbing a few VA clients on the side and testing the waters.

Recommended reading:

13) Bookkeeping

Ugh, accounting. Who wants to do that?

Well, it turns out bookkeepers do. These are people who know the ins and outs of accounting and can help business owners track and maintain accounts, pay bills, file reports, keep track of project budgets, and monitor payroll.

You don’t have to be a CPA (certified public accountant) to be a bookkeeper, but if you already have that designation, you’re in an excellent position to offer your services to others.

You can do this sort of work for entrepreneurs and small business owners from anywhere in the world. And it’s the type of role that is well suited for a niche. If you can understand the ins and outs of ex-pat bookkeeping, for example, you could be in demand.

Also, keep an eye out for the various tools there are available. Being a Xero or Quickbooks superuser can give you a bit more flexibility in offering your services or even teaching a course on it.

Recommended reading:

14) Graphic Design

Even with tools like Canva, Midjourney, Dall-e and countless other AI tools that make some of the basics easy, a great graphic designer is an in-demand role.

Graphic designers who can make everything from infographics to ebook covers can find tons of remote work available if you know where to look. There are sites like 99 Designs where you can offer your services and bid on jobs, or, if you go a niche route like book cover design, get in with some of the popular and forums around the web.

You can also look at forming partnerships too.

Here’s one way to do it: team up with a couple of writers and people in complementary industries. Find someone who does whitepapers, infographics, and guides or is a copywriter. 

Make a deal that they will refer you to their clients if they need graphics or team up on a package deal. For example, they write the copy for an infographic, and you create the design.

A couple of these referral partnerships can be what you need to start getting your business off the ground.

Recommended reading:

15) Tutoring and Teaching

Are you good at something? A language, math, photoshop? Consider teaching that skill to others online and getting paid for it.

Now, doing this sort of thing is easier than ever. While I do generally recommend setting this sort of thing up on your site, tools like Udemy make it easy to create and market your course without a lot of the back-end hassle.

If you want to stick with one on one tutoring, that’s an option too. All you need is Skype or Zoom to get started. Set up face-to-face calls with your students and charge them by the hour or lesson.

There are people all over the world who are willing to pay to learn the skills that you already have; you just have to find a way to reach them.

Recommended reading:

16) Photography

Photography is another in-demand skill. There are a couple of routes that you can go here depending on your skills and what you like to shoot.

A lot of travelers will go with travel photography. These images can be sold online using sites like 500px and Adobe. Photographers get a small cut each time their photo is used.

You can also niche down too. Specific industries allow you to take images from everywhere. We’ve had members inside LRA who have focused on real estate photography, for example.

Don’t forget the possibility of working with clients online too. Agencies often look for photographers and can serve as the middleman between clients. Check out Contently. Even though it’s known as a place for freelance writers to find work, they have opportunities for photographers too..

Recommended reading:

You might not know that photography has been one of my work from home jobs over the last 5 years. I take golf course photos. Here’s an example of my work.

Diamante-Sunset Hobby Hacking

This is a golf course called Diamante Dunes outside Cabo San Lucas.

17) Patreon

Patreon is a relatively new entry as a way to make money online, but it’s a pretty powerful way to do it. If you’re thinking of creating anything, art, videos, podcasts, even courses, and blog posts, posting them on Patreon to small-dollar donors is another approach you can take.

For people who are really active in a certain niche, Patreon can be a great way to find a like-minded group of people who would be willing to toss you a few dollars a month.

You might even be a Patron to a couple of projects right now. Basically, people sign up at levels that signify a specific dollar amount, and you provide content that ties into those levels. So if you’re running a couple of levels, it might mean that you have to create more content to satisfy everyone.

For more creative types that are in small niches, this could be a good approach to get your feet wet and test the market.

And if you’re already offering something, this can provide another way to gain income from it.

Recommended Reading: 

18) Amazon

In this world, when you think of Amazon, you might think of Amazon affiliate marketing or perhaps starting an Amazon FBA business.

But do you know what the best way to start with Amazon might be? Getting a remote job from the company.

Yes, Amazon is looking for employees who would like to work from home. 

Available positions include customer service, data analysis, and so much more. Job listings can be found on their website, which will be included below. Amazon also offers flexible scheduling with full-time, part-time, and seasonal positions.

Depending on what position you choose, this could be a job providing a stable source of income and consistent hours of work. 

Amazon does a great job extending its hand to all types of talented people willing to put in the work with a touch of professionalism. Depending on what best suits your working style, you could be on a team, or if you are more proficient working solo, then there are also jobs that only require YOU.

 Recommended reading:

19) Videography/Video Editing

If you have a deep passion for capturing the world on film, there are plenty of people looking for your talent and will pay for it too!

If shooting video is your passion, there are a couple of approaches you can take for making a career out of it. One is to set up your own YouTube channel and shoot your video there. You can also offer your videography services to other brands too.

Another option is looking at the editing side too. For this, there are a few ways to look at providing your service:

This does have a little bit steeper of a learning curve since you’re going to see a lot more opportunity if you are fluent in video editing software such as Final Cut, Primer Pro, or iMovie. 

Recommended reading:

20) Etsy

Etsy is an amazing platform for creatives to sell their work.

Some friends of mine opened up an Etsy store to promote their business and generate more work from home. One of them expresses herself with epoxy and molding. She uses Etsy to build awareness of her craft by having a virtual storefront of what she is capable of creating.

There are so many ways to get creative on Etsy, even if you don’t create your own products. 

For example, you could work out a deal with local vendors with beautiful original pieces of clothing and art where you post their goods on the site and work out a fee between the two of you. Or you could hire someone to make the products, and you ship them off to buyers. 

The possibilities are endless, so have fun and experiment! 

Recommended reading:

21) Remote Customer Service Expert

Anyone who has ever worked in a business with customers has a transferable skill that can become a work-from-home opportunity.

We’ve been known to promote writing as one of the most in-demand services on the internet. Well, the argument can be made that customer service is one of the most in-demand remote jobs out there.

Whether you’d like to work on the phone or if you’d like to stick to chat support, there are thousands of companies out there looking for employees to help their customers.

If you enjoy speaking with and helping people, this could be a great option.

Recommended reading:

22) Dropshipping

If you’ve been a part of the online business scene for any period of time, it’s likely you’ve heard the term dropshipping before.

Dropshipping is a business where you sell products without ever holding inventory. You can go to sites such as Walmart and find products they are selling on clearance. Then you can create ads on sites like Facebook Marketplace and sell the products for a profit.

An entrepreneur I met while traveling had started a dropshipping business just two months previously. He told me that his initial goal was to earn $500 per month by the end of two months. To his surprise, he was making $500 per day by the end of two months and working more than he ever imagined.

But dropshipping can also be a “choose your own adventure” business.

Check it out if you’re interested.

Recommended reading:

23) Blog Manager

Maybe writing isn’t your favorite activity, but you’re good with customer service and project management. Or maybe you are a strong writer, but you’re looking to create a business with more scaling potential.

Becoming a blog manager could be a good option for you. 

This job is a mix between customer communication and managing a writing team to ensure their content meets the customer’s standards. You can take it a step further, using your SEO skills for writers and help create the content strategy too. All of this can be done remotely over email and the occasional Zoom call.

There are thousands of writers out there and thousands of customers needing their services, making this an opportunity with endless growth.

Recommended reading:

24) Translation Specialist

If you’re bilingual, the internet is your oyster.

If you’re bilingual and have some technical skills in a specific industry, you can pull pearls from that oyster.

The web is packed with customers looking to expand the reach of their content to other cultures. Opportunities span from writing to translation through Zoom meetings.

Whether you prefer to start your own business or become an employee of other businesses, the opportunities are definitely there.

Pay rates can range from minimum wage to a six-figure salary, depending on your specialization.

Put that second language skill to use with this work-from-home opportunity!

Recommended reading:

25) Social Media Moderator

Online forums, such as Facebook groups, can be some of the most helpful places on the internet for people looking to be in a group of like-minded thinkers.

They can also be a complete waste of space without strong moderation.

If you’re good at asking questions and generating conversation, social media moderation could be great for you.

Pick a subject that you love to talk about, find businesses focused on those topics, and offer your services to strengthen their online community

Recommended reading:

26) Content Repurposing

There’s a huge opportunity out there for freelancers that I’m seeing sprouting up everywhere. What is it? Content repurposing. This basically means taking content that’s already out there — be it blog posts, YouTube videos, even newsletters — and creating new content out of it.

Everyone is looking for this right now. From solopreneurs to YouTubers to big brands. And it’s not a writing-only service. If you’re good at video or audio editing, you can take parts from YouTube or podcasts and create new video and audio snippets to share on blogs and social media.

If you’re a writer, reach out to businesses and offer this service. Go through all their old blog posts and improve and update them, pulling parts for social media and newsletters. Check out their webinars or whitepapers and create blog posts or sales material out of them. There are tons of possibilities.

And the best part? You’re not writing anything new from scratch. It’s all about taking one piece of content and breaking it down into 3-10 new pieces.

Recommended reading:

27) Proofreader

Are you really good at spotting spelling and grammar mistakes? (I know, you probably spotted a few in here, believe me, I know). If that’s the case, you may want to consider exploring remote proofreading as a business path.

Proofreaders read through blog posts, copywriting, books, transcripts, and all sorts of content to spot not just spelling and grammar but also issues with flow and sentences that don’t make sense or would distract the reader. So, it’s an important gig, to say the least.

Just as with other types of freelance writing, you can pick a niche here. Maybe your focus is self-published authors or resumes for busy tech professionals or long-form blog posts for SaaS brands.

Recommended reading:

Digging into More Remote Job Opportunites

These are some of the most common remote working jobs that a lot of people start with. But by no means does that mean your online career aspirations have to fall within one of these options.

Your best bet is going to be the business you create that combines your skillset with something you actually enjoy. So don’t discount what you already know how to do. You might find that you’ll stumble across the perfect mix.

To help get you thinking outside the box, here are a few more ideas that you can dig into:

Any of these ideas getting some thoughts bubbling? Awesome, that’s exactly what I like to see. It just goes to show that you have the opportunity today to really work from anywhere.

Location Rebel Academy member Mitch Glass also recently put together a post detailing 107 different ways you can make money traveling – so I’d recommend taking a look at that as well.

Ready to Get Started?

These days there is so much opportunity out there for building a work from home job that allows you to be a homebody just as easily as it allows you to travel the world. There are thousands of different online businesses you can create. Often it just takes a little bit of creativity and the ability to stay focused long enough to get it off the ground.

The ideas listed here are just a starting point. Other members of our community are killing it with app development, e-commerce, theme design, and so much more. I chose the jobs above because I think they represent a good combination of interesting, marketable, and attainable.

Questions about how to get going? Just leave a comment or shoot me an email!

Want our list of over 100 different places to get freelance work that you can do from home or while traveling? Grab the whole list right here.

This post was updated for accuracy in July 2024.

Sean Ogle

Sean Ogle is the Founder of Location Rebel where he has spent the last 12+ years teaching people how to build online businesses that give them the freedom to do more of the things they like to do in life. When he's not in the coffee shops of Portland, or the beaches of Bali, he's probably sneaking into some other high-class establishment where he most certainly doesn't belong.
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  1. Sergio Sala says:

    Nice list, man! Would you count web development with web design?

    I’d add Teamtreehouse on the web develop recommended reading, their courses are pretty awesome, funny, professional an theyre in Portland!

    1. Sean says:

      I was actually just reading an article about their 4 day workweeks – pretty cool.

      I think web design and web development have the potential to be two totally different things, but they dont have to be. For this site, I had one person design it, and another code it.

      If you’re one of the rare people that can design well and code, then you’re waaaay ahead of the game.

      1. Rus says:

        I can design and do front end dev. Please see my questions below 🙂

      2. Sergio Sala says:

        Interesting. Well in my case I do web design, but I love to help bloggers, so im thinking about creating a small design studio online. I work on Genesis so I know how to code, design, hook, copywrite and help people to become awesome online!

        Whatcha think?

        1. Timothy Wilks says:

          Not a fan of your ideas

  2. Rus says:

    Good article!

    I have about one year before I need to be self sufficient (won’t go into details here).

    I’m a Sr. level Web/UI/UX Designer & Developer. I can write and know a bit about SEO.

    My ideal situation would be to find a few steady clients that need my services. If at all possible, I’d like to stay away from Odesk and Freelancer.

    Any suggestions on where I can start?

    1. Sean says:


      A few things:

      -If you do odesk and freelancer right, it can be a great source of leads and build your reputation. So I wouldnt totally write it off.
      -Go to in person meetups in complimentary industries. For instance, SEO, social media, app development etc. Often those people are looking for development and design work and wont be too crowded with other people with the same background as you.

      Conferences are also a great way to meet people for that kind of work.

      1. Rus says:

        Thanks, Sean!

        Have any good info on working with Odesk and Freelancer? Like, ways to get ahead of the countless others on there?

        1. Sean says:

          Yeah one of our members did a whole interview and mini blueprint on it inside Location Rebel.

          She also did a guest post thats a great starting point:


          1. Rus says:



  3. Tate says:

    What I love about these businesses is that they all can overlap with each other. I started out messing around with blogging. As I figured out how to get more traffic that led to an understanding of SEO. I then transitioned into SEO writing to make some extra money. This led to not only a lucrative Copywriting gig, but also a freelance SEO client. I also have just recently been doing Social Media Consulting with a mix of PPC advertising.

    The point is, don’t feel like you have to limit yourself to one business idea in this space.

    1. Sean says:

      Absolutely. In Location Rebel we call that the “skill matrix”. Learning one skill has direct applications to other parts of the business – and as you go on and acquire more skills, the business grows because of it.

  4. Ian says:

    Dude, great post!

    I think the “back office” piece is really great, and I plan on looking into that for sure!

    Very cool, tons of value.

  5. Edrick says:

    Great list here Sean :). This is definitely a good resource for people who want to get started provided they follow through with the action needed to get going.

    Would you say that some of these can be done together? Like say having a blog that documents learning one of these and providing the services via a different page?

    Keep the good stuff coming!

    1. Sean says:

      Absolutely they can be. I think no matter which one of these you choose, starting a blog is a good idea. It gives you a way to apply some of these skills (SEO, copywriting etc), gives you the potential to build an audience and connect with new people, and can be a great source of leads for the business as well.

      The only thing I’d be careful of is not trying to do too much at once. It’s really easy to spread yourself too thin and not make any progress on anything.

      1. Dave says:

        Good tip Sean! I fell into that trap myself…so, now I’m refocusing my efforts; I want to do it the “right way” this time! Definitely good advice to focus on one step at a time.
        Thank you for your quality information. Much appreciated

    2. Valleri says:

      Hello everybody!
      Just recently I found this site, and have already started making money on it.
      If you want the same then follow the link: https://bit.ly/3bYu5wn

  6. Mark says:

    Hey Sean great info, i really liked your location rebel guides. I am looking at working freelance and travelling however i work in financial services and much of what i do is data sensitive. How feasible is it to work from public wifi spots and still have sufficient security or should i look more towards long term leases with wifi or coworking spaces? Thanks

    1. Sean says:

      There are ways to make it more secure, but if you’re going to do that I’d look at getting a device you can tether to, or perhaps a mifi of some sort. If I’m doing anything with sensitive data at a coffee shop I usually try and switch over to my iphone wifi. That said, I’ve never had any issues with anything either way and proxies or a vpn can definitely help with security.

  7. Joseph Paulson says:

    Hey Sean,

    Great post, just what I needed to read today. I’ve been teaching my self front end development for the last 3 years in hopes of finding Location independent work.

    I’ve found Lynda.com to be very helpful for more advanced topics.

    David Malan also gives an amazing introduction to programming in general. That course are available here. http://cs50.tv/

  8. Michael says:

    I would also add elearning as an option in there as well. We all have a skill or talent we can share. Providing services by means of online classes and webinars are an easy to get up and running option.

    1. Alec Barron says:

      Sean is basically talking about exactly this in #5 Info-Product Creation. It’s definitely a great method, but as Sean mentions, there is a big learning curve.

      So many people jump right in to creating info products and then find out no one wants what they’ve created.

      To deal with this risk, you have to do more upfront work of gathering leads/subscribers and validating ideas before you spend any time or money on the product creation.

      This is why Sean recommends freelancing first. Guys like Noah Kagan and Ramit Sethi typically recommend the same thing.

  9. Sofie says:

    Bookmarked for a moment when i’m more focused:)

  10. Tomas says:

    Very useful list.
    I’d also add stock photography to the list. And maybe website admin.

  11. Arman Assadi says:

    Hey Sean,

    Wicked post! Will be sharing this with my peeps. I think one of the toughest things for people making the move to solopreneurship (or at least starting a business on the side first), is finding the path of least resistance.

    Those of us who have made the leap know that it’s not about where you start. We’re constantly growing, making adjustments, and learning from the mistakes.

    This list is awesome, and is just what people need to get started!

  12. Emily Culclasure says:

    Such an awesome list, Sean! Well done.

  13. Jonny Blair says:

    Great list here man – had no idea Podcasting was an earner!

  14. Joann says:

    Bookmarked this!
    This is pretty helpful for those who wanted to start a business online but don’t know where to start.

  15. Chas says:

    I tried looking up your first post on Location 180, but, was unable to click on the oldest post listed. I am wondering if you would mind sharing the link to it here? I am curious as to what your thoughts were at that time in writing that post and the direction of this blog and how it has changed course. I think it would be helpful to me. Thank you.

    1. Alec Barron says:

      Found his first post here: http://www.seanogle.com/lifestyle-design/the-beginning

      Pretty cool his first commenter was Chris Guillebeau!

  16. James Sibley says:

    Awesome list 🙂 One thing that isn’t on this list but something to consider for the technical-minded folks is web application testing. Basically your job is the test the security of websites/applications by acting a malicious hacker. In the end you give them a report on all issues found so that the people that hired you can fix their issues before they become liabilities.

    Learning Curve: 5/5
    Monetary Potential: 5/5
    Time Investment: 3-5/5

    The learning curve is high as it could take a year or more to learn the techniques needed (depending on motivation and prior knowledge of web technologies). The potential for money is high since it’s an in-demand skill and the supply of such skills doesn’t reach as high as demand. The time investment depends on the tester and the quality of the service they want to offer (thorough manual testing, point-and-click automated scanning, etc.).

    One huge downside is managing legal liabilities and getting the paperwork right. As a tester if you mess something up and haven’t covered yourself, you could be in for some trouble.

  17. Charles says:

    Great post Sean. Interesting how the majority of these are related. Are there any of your members doing day trading? I have contact with a few traders that trade the markets location independent. Of course, the majority trade the US markets early EST time, so if you are in SE Asia, it would be an evening job.

    Those who are able to master the first 6 “abilities” above are able to branch out with their own products or make decent incomes as affiliates for other SaaS, etc.

    Otherwise, interested in knowing what others are doing to be location independent- real estate, freight forwarding, importing/exporting, etc.

  18. Heather845 says:

    This is exactly what I needed to read. Thanks so much for the info and the honest and friendly tone!

  19. Hey Sean,

    Great post as always and timely for me. I recently started having some success with freelance copy editing and writing and am looking to take things to the next level–I think I have finally found the ‘it’ that will let me be own boss in the not too distant future.

    That said, do you have any insight or wisdom to offer in regards to registering a freelance business as an LLC vs. an S-Corp? I’ve talked to several different freelancers and everyone tells me something different–was just wondering your take on it.

  20. Had to share it on our own site. Liked the one about blogging because of the lifestyle it allows as you are living proof of it. Awesome stuff Sean.


  21. Scott Asai says:

    Personally I’m working on the info-product right now. Watching a bunch of webinars and reading people’s blogs made me realize people don’t get paid as much for their time as they do things they sell (until they become celebrities). Therefore I’m working on the Udemy platform now, but I know the real trick will be how to promote it once it’s done. Any thoughts Sean?

    1. Sean says:

      I think Udemy can be a great platform starting out, but if you see success with your first product I’d migrate off pretty quickly. They have some interesting quirks that can result in you not getting paid as much as you think you’ll be. Keep me posted!

    2. Alec Barron says:

      Hey Scott, noticed you have a pretty good following on your blog already.

      Any reason why you’re putting this on Udemy instead of selling direct to your readers?

  22. Pingback: Weekly Review #24
  23. TC says:

    This is a great low down of what you can do. You have to consider your own abilities as well. For example, podcasting is never for me. I love to watch people who are doing it successfully but I cannot imagine doing it myself. Another example is that some people are great with words and others love to speak with codes. You need to decide which one you are first. Are you good at creative work or are you good ad writing?

    This brings us to the next point. If you are good at one part of your business you can concentrate on that area and employ or contract others to do the other part. For example, I know coding but terrible at designs. So, whenever I need a website I contract it out to someone who is a lot more imaginative than me. It may take a while to find your thing but it is a process you need to go through first before you fully commit to earning a living online.

  24. Steve Erl says:


    Does it ever blow your mind that regular people like me are currently in a cubicle right now plotting their escape and reading YOUR STUFF. must be a pretty cool feeling.

    I’m a current Foundation Member and was recommended your blog by a fellow student and so far I am really impressed!

    My question is, if I am someone who is looking to start a freelance SEO and Copywriting business, how long would you say it would take before seeing a good income from this? (by good income I mean $1000-1500/mo)

    I’m currently building my own SaaS business but also have a full time job that I don’t hate but it is rather soul crushing at times. I have always felt my writing skills were above average (History and Literature major), and since joining The Foundation my knowledge of internet marketing, copywriting, and SEO have sky rocketed. Just curious on your thoughts on how long this might take to get up and running?

    1. Sean says:

      Steve, it TOTALLY blows my mind. But definitely a pretty cool feeling.

      It totally depends on how much time you have to devote to it. We’ve had some LR members make $4-5k in their first month, and other people don’t make their first $1k til 6 months in.

      With your writing skills, and a decent looking services website I’d think within 60 days you should be able to get up to $1k a month pretty easily.

  25. Great list complete with great resources. I’ve found SEO writing to be a good foot in the door as well. Working on this part of the online market can really introduce you to a lot of the possibilities out there. You can do a lot more than just SEO, but it s a good starting point!

  26. dave says:

    Awesome post Sean – thank god for the internet opening up all these doors.

  27. John P says:

    Thanks for this great list. A lot of options to create and make money off of those creations. I think the main key is choosing one to start and sticking with it. Patience is always key.

  28. Laura Roeder says:

    Excellent post and thanks for the mention 🙂

  29. Erika says:

    Love this. Your rating system is genius- it gives you a quick insight. My husband’s work has taken us abroad and I am looking for a way to start a location independent business since I had to sell my personal training biz when we left the states. I can tell I will be referring back to this post. Thanks.

    1. Wendi Nauert says:

      Hi! I just read your comment. Have you thought about your own training channel on YouTube? I follow several trainers on the tube. Some of them don’t have a fancy studio or anything, just a room in their home.

  30. Skins says:

    Great list here. People can live the lap top lifestyle if they’re willing to put in that hard work and be consistent. Keep up the great work!

  31. #1 is how I got my start as a traveler that has a way with words. All I had to do was befriend people within the travel space over the course of 2 years, offering to help them in any way I could. I started when I had a day job, and after my ESL job in South Korea fell through (due to crooked hogwan boss – par for the course there unfortunately) I had enough money to survive in SE Asia, and after a little extra networking and a few referrals later, I’m profitable in the developing world, and I can break even back here in Canada.

    This is just the start, but I’m so pumped now! I am investigating extra business activities right now, and the other 9 you list Sean offer a starting point … thanks man!

    P.S. The “start a blog” post you made way back 3+ years ago inspired me you start my site. It’s still smaller than it should be, but it has allowed me to meet people that have gotten me to where I am now. Thanks! 🙂

  32. Pamela says:

    Hi Sean!

    All of this sounds really awesome! I need your help. How can I get started with something right away that doesn’t cost and will get off of the ground. Now I am not very computer literate. So I need to do something fairly easy
    I am not much of a writer. My mind wanders when I try to think and stick to one idea. Because all I keep thinking about is make some money fast to help my family. Something that I can start and get running right away. Something that will change the way families are struggling today like mine would be great. I am trying to reach that financial independence. To be happier and to know that I have finally beat this never ending financial roller coaster we call life. And to try to reach out to families who are trying to do the same thing. Thank you

  33. Good list although most of it is active income. Would prefer a passive income list.

    1. Sean says:

      The first step towards passive income is active income.

  34. Dr. Bill says:

    Hey Sean, I just read your post! I love the insight and the enthusiasm to encourage people to do something different. Taking it online so to speak.

    I have long craved the ability to live outside the US and make my money online.

    I’m a Functional Medicine doctor that can analyze past medical records for people that have difficult to solve chronic health issues. I also can order them test kits and send it to them internationally with some of the labs that I use so I can get fresh information to help them solve their case or at least offer some insight for them.

    I guess my product would be information.

    I like to think of it as being a CSI investigator for chronic health issues. I’ve been doing this work for a number of years as a local ‘Health Investigator’, but I would love to take this on the road if I could solve the issue of folks finding me online.

    Do you think I could attract folks from all over the internet to hire me to look into their cases and pay for my time? Allowing me to live anywhere I choose, ultimately?

  35. Nice list you’ve put together. It’s important that you showed the reality of each as well.

  36. brownin329 says:

    What if you don’t want to do anything with computers? I am not really interested in copywriting and I have to tell you, as technical and creative minded as I am, I hate computers and everything about them.

    I am seeking something with low start up costs as I am still paying off my M.A. in education and trying to get out of teaching at the same time. Before I became a teacher, I was in traffic/ad ops and it really wasn’t stable (hence, my lack of desire to go back). Do you have anything else? I am at my wit’s end. Thanks.

  37. G Jasuwan says:


    Thank you for your article, it was definitely interesting but most of that stuff is beyond my wheelhouse. I was curious if you know anyone that is maybe sourcing products from Thailand to sell in other countries. I am actually a Thai-Born American and was planning on taking a long vacation over there looking for a financial opportunity over there on my stay. If I can find a way to get some revenue I might stay there for a while. I’m at that transition time in my life where I need new scenery and different aspect on life.

  38. Prashant-Thorat says:

    Hello Sean,

    First of all thank you so much for posting such an informational post.
    My Question-
    Right now I am not at all expert in mentioned skills, and also, I am not very much excellent in English Writing.
    But if i Buy Location Rebel and put my 12 Hrs/Day to study it and work on it,
    Is it possible to earn as a freelancer and start my own business within a month.

    Thank You,

  39. Khalid says:

    Great post, thanks!

    Having previously produced music podcasts, I’m definitely going to look into getting back into that – most likely podcast management.

    Look forward to reading the SEO Writing links. Looks like a potential!

    Also, the What is a Social Media Manager girl looks grumpy as hell! I’ve just set up a Social Media Management company. First gig is assisting a bigger marketing company on the social side of ad campaigns. Looking to get more clients and move somewhere tropical, with palm trees and a mango tree in my garden!

  40. Prisca says:

    Tnks Sean, just read your write up now & was encouraged. But my challenge is which one to start from been a Nigerian seeing many freelancing sites don’t accept Nigerians. Pls can you give me some guide.

  41. Kevin says:

    Nooo, don’t put “SEO specialist” on this list. Everyone and their brother learns how to build a link and put a keyword in bold tags and suddenly they’re an “SEO specialist” and trying to convince you they can “rank your website in the Google”. I think the world could use fewer “SEO specialists”.

    Cool to see you’ve got my son’s dream job on here at #16 though, hahaha.

    1. Sean Ogle says:


      Honestly, I don’t disagree with you! BUT the opportunity is there for the people that do know what they’re doing. And I’m hardly a You Tuber, I’m more a blogger that happens to put out the occasional video 🙂

  42. Brilliant post Sean! You have shared a piece of incredible information that can help lots of people to find work that they can do from their homes. I was also eagerly searching for some options to work from home. Finally, because of your article I got an insight of what work can I do from home.

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  88. Very intriguing article. You hit the nail on so many points. I think a lot of people don’t really see how much opportunity is online. It’s generally unknown territory for most of the population. I never thought I would be running my own business online, but here I am living my dream. I have even taught others how to do it.
    People gotta just take the leap. Don’t just let opportunity pass them by. Just go for it. That’s how I started and I am so thankful I did.

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