How to Start Affiliate Marketing in 2024 (For Total Beginners)

By Sean Ogle •  Updated: 07/07/24 •  26 min read

It was 11pm on a dreary night in Bangkok.

It was about a week before I’d have to flee the country due to a government crackdown, and I already had to leave my apartment due to gunfire and grenades going off constantly for 48 hours. (Seriously, true story).

My (now) good friends Derek and Clay had an apartment across town that they’d just moved into. Despite only knowing them for a brief period of time they let me come crash for a few days while I figured out my next steps.

While all of this was happening, author Chris Guillebeau was launching his latest product called the Empire Building Kit. Among other things, it featured an email a day for a year and was designed to help you build a business during that time.

I’d hardly done anything during the previous year to monetize Location Rebel.  But when this was released, I figured “why not?” and wrote a review talking about how cool the program was.

I went down the street to grab a coffee and when I came back and refreshed my inbox it was 11:05 – 5 minutes after the sale began.

I refreshed my email as soon as I got back, and I couldn’t believe my eyes.

There were 4 emails, each of them saying “Sean Ogle You’ve Just Referred a Sale! You’ve earned a commission of $126.99.”Empire Building Kit Sales

In a matter of 5 minutes, I’d made $500.

I’d never made money like this via my website before. But it was that moment that I truly understood the power of building an audience and monetizing it through affiliate links.

In this post I’m going to walk you through everything you need to know to start affiliate marketing on your blog, even if you’ve never made a cent online before, don’t have a huge audience, or even if you haven’t started to build your website.

We’ve obviously got a lot of work to do, so let’s get going!

How to Start Affiliate Marketing for Beginners: Some Common Questions Answered

This is one of the most in-depth videos I’ve shot on how to start affiliate marketing, so tune in while you read this post:

What is Affiliate Marketing?

This is one of the most common questions we receive, and it’s really quite simple:

Affiliate marketing is a way for you (the affiliate) to earn a commission for recommending products or services to your friends or readers.

To simplify it, here’s the 5 step process for how to start affiliate marketing:

  1. You find a product you want to promote
  2. Do a search for “product name” affiliate program. If it’s on Amazon, you can also promote it
  3. Sign up for their affiliate program
  4. You get a special link that allows the merchant to track the people who clicked your link
  5. If they buy the product, you get a commission.

Pretty simple, right?

It can get much more advanced, but in this post, we’re just going to start with the fundamentals and get you to the point where you’re ready to make your first commission.

Does this still not make sense? Check out “What is Affiliate Marketing” for a little more detail.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

There are a lot of different ways to track affiliates these days, but nearly all of them are based on someone clicking your special tracking link.

The most common and basic type of tracking is via a cookie.

When an affiliate link is clicked, a small file called a cookie is stored on the user’s computer. Then they buy a product, the merchant can see that they were referred by you.

There are also more advanced methods based on the email used or IP address – but we won’t get into those here, we’ll stick to the most important stuff you need to know.

How Much Money Can You Make With Affiliate Marketing?

Ok, they’re is probably a part of you saying, “How much money can you actually make affiliate marketing? Is it worth my time to figure out how to do this?”

The nice thing about affiliate marketing is the sky’s kind of the limit.

You can really make as much or as little as you want because there are all sorts of products out there that you can promote.

Here’s an example from my golf site, Breaking Eighty.

Now, I’m not saying this to brag, but just to give you an idea. I promote dozens of products and just this one product. So this is the commission on one product for just slightly less than six months.

affiliate marketing product commissions

That’s a pretty big number.

And so if that’s just one of a lot of different products, you can kind of see where there’s a ton of potential here.

I’ve been doing this for years. This doesn’t happen overnight.

But if you start getting serious about affiliate marketing now and building your brand using this strategy, it can be a great way to build passive income and give you freedom, flexibility, and time to do more of the things you want to do.

That’s why I’m such a fan of affiliate marketing as a business.

How Do You Become an Affiliate Marketer?

Here’s the thing, you can pick just about any product that you can buy online, and there will be an affiliate program that will pay you a finders fee for referring a sale.

However, just because you can promote anything, doesn’t mean you should. 

The most important thing to consider when selecting a product to market is,“is it relevant to your audience?

For instance, for me to try and advertise for dumbbells on Location Rebel probably isn’t the smartest thing, because 99% of my audience could care less about them.

However, for me to promote, say, WP Engine a WordPress hosting company – makes much more sense, since almost every one of my readers either have or have considered starting a website.

Just recently, we promoted Streak as an awesome tool for freelancers to use to monitor leads right from their inbox. Once again, that’s something that speaks directly to the audience.

Here’s How to Start Affiliate Marketing on Your Blog in 8 Steps:

I thought about walking you through this whole process within this post, but honestly, it’s all pretty straight forward and a lot of that is stuff you probably already know.

So rather than do that, I want to really focus on the specifics of understanding what makes a good affiliate product, and how to successfully promote it.

Go check this out if you’re looking for a full breakdown of how to build and monetize an affiliate blog or niche site.

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Types of Affiliate Products: Physical vs. Information vs. Services

There are three different types of affiliate products you can promote as a marketer

  1. Physical Products
  2. Information Products
  3. Services

Each of these has pros and cons, and we’re going to look at those now.

How to Promote Physical Products as an Affiliate Marketer

Physical products are probably the easiest thing to promote for one reason, and one reason only: Amazon.

Amazon has the world’s largest affiliate program, and once you sign up, you can get a link for any product on the site, earn a (small) commission on it!

As it sits currently, you can earn between 1 and 4.5% on any product you promote through the Amazon affiliate program. What that percentage is depends on the category it falls into. You can see that breakdown here.

Most of the stuff I promote I get a 3% commission on.

One of the nice things about promoting via Amazon is that you get a commission on everything the buyer purchases – not just the specific product link they clicked on.

So let’s say that I’m promoting some golf balls on my golf website.

The balls cost $50, so I’ll only earn $1.50. But, what if that same person also buys a set of golf clubs for $1,000, and a new golf rangefinder for $300?

Then all of a sudden that $1.50 turns into $41.50.

Amazon has a 24 hour cookie. So what that means is that if someone clicks on your link, they then have 24 hours to make a purchase in order for you to get credit.

It also doesn’t have to be for the product they clicked on. If they click on your golf ball link and then buy a new TV? You still get credit!

Lately it seems Amazon is injecting a bit of life back into their affiliate program as they are offering cash bonuses to some marketers for hitting referral goals. The bonuses were larger than I expected, so this has been nice to see after they slashed their commissions a few years ago.

Other Ways to Promote Physical Products

In a lot of ways, Amazon is like the gateway drug to promoting affiliate products because it’s very easy, and hundreds of millions of people use it on a daily basis.

But as you get more experienced, you’ll find there are more lucrative ways to promote physical products.

For instance, the REI affiliate program has a 5% commission and a 15-day cookie. If you have an outdoor-themed website, you have the potential to make nearly twice as much money on the products you promote, and you’re able to give people more time to buy.

Do as many people buy from REI as Amazon? No, but within your niche, you may find REI to be preferred and more trusted by your readers.

Many companies also offer their own affilaite program where they pay even higher commissions.

In the golf world, I work with over 30 companies directly that have affiliate commissions of between 5-20%. With most falling in the 10-15% range.

To give an example I promote golf rangefinders.

With one brand, if I sell a $500 rangefinder on Amazon? I make $15.

But if I sell that same one directly through a company’s affiliate program? I make $50.

Not as many people buy directly from the website, but considering I make over 3 times as much per sale, it’s worth it to promote it there!

In a recent month for this specific brand, I sold 140 rangefinders with commissions of $1,377.15 on Amazon.

I also promoted it directly through their website, where I only sold 53 rangefinders, but made a commission of $1,687.83.

This doesn’t take into account other products people bought at the same time on Amazon – but it gives you an idea of how expanding to other physical product affiliate programs can be beneficial.

How to Sign Up for Amazon’s Partner Program

Signing up for Amazon’s affiliate program is an excellent starting point.


Because the chances are good you already use Amazon, are familiar with it, and your readers are too.

You can sign up and get links immediately from the Amazon Affiliate program right here.

We’ve got you covered as well if you want to learn more about Amazon Affiliate Marketing.

Other Affiliate Networks to Consider

Most larger companies will use what’s called an affiliate network to host their products. These are sites you sign up for that might represent dozens of brands, and it’s how you get your special links and marketing materials.

Other smaller companies might do this in-house, so it’s worth reaching out and doing a little research here.

But the major affiliate networks that I’ve used are:

Many of the largest companies work with them (for instance many of the golf companies I work with), and building a relationship with a larger affiliate network can lead to more opportunities that you might not have found otherwise.

Affiliate Marketing for Information Products

Honestly? I love promoting information products.

What is an information product? It’s a digital product, course, or community that is created by an expert in their field.

For instance, our flagship product Location Rebel Academy is an information product.

There are a lot of reasons that information products are so great to promote:

Generally, it can be a little bit more work to become an affiliate for these products because often the creator is a bit more protective of who they let market the products.

There’s also no central place you can go to join like you could with Amazon. Usually, you’ll need to talk to the author directly or look for an “affiliates” page on their product site.

Another significant benefit of promoting information products is that they usually have higher commissions than physical products.

30-50% is fairly standard when it comes to promoting info products. Why? There are no hard costs associated with it.

And if a product creator can pay a percentage of any sale to an affiliate rather than have to spend significant amounts of money on ads? That’s a win for everyone involved.

When I promote information products I usually look for high-priced products created by people who are good at marketing. Why?

Because all I have to do is send traffic to their funnel, and they convert the sale. My work is relatively minimal.

I mentioned my Bangkok story above, but one of my first really big wins came through marketing an information product for building software businesses. Over 12 months I made over $20k in commissions from a blog post, 2 webinars, and a handful of dedicated emails.

That’s it.

So if you have a course or product that you’ve personally used and seen a lot of success from, check and see if there’s an affiliate program – because if you’re going to recommend it anyway, you might as well get paid for it!

Affiliate Marketing for Service Products

The third type of product you can promote is a service. This is another big one for me, because of the nature of what I write about here.

My business doesn’t function without hosting, a theme, email software etc.

So it can be easy to make a sale on services because if I personally love and use them, there’s a good chance you will too.

If you’re lucky, you can find a service that pays recurring commissions based on monthly payments.

For instance, SEMrush for years paid 40% referral fees each month for the life of the account. So if someone I refer joins for $99/month? I’d be making nearly $40/month for as long as they were a customer.

These days we’ve seen a lot of companies shift to one-time payments. Now, SEMrush pays a flat fee of $200 for each new customer. Still, not too shabby.

Interact Quiz Maker offers $40 for new sign ups

Content at Scale, which is the one AI writing tool I actually recommend pays a recurring 15% on every customer referred. Considering their base price of $500, this has the potential to be a pretty serious income stream.

But if you find those recurring commissions, you can build a solid stream of passive income if your promote it properly.

Think about which services you use and if it makes sense to promote them on your site. You can usually expect commissions between 15-30% on service products – sometimes higher or lower depending on what it is. Or if it’s a single payment, you can expect it to be equivalent to 2 months of payments.

My Favorite Affiliate Programs for Online Services

If you have a website related to online marketing, blogging, or business, there are fortunately a lot of really solid affiliate programs out there for different services.

I wanted to share a few of my favorites so that you can get a sense of what an affiliate program entails, and start to get a feel for what might work on your site.

Why Choose Affiliate Marketing Over Other Types of Blog Monetization

Most new bloggers assume that advertising or banner ads are the best way to monetize your site.

Up until a couple of years ago, I’d say you couldn’t be more wrong.


Because you needed a ton of traffic in order to make a significant amount of money, and the ads themselves would devalue your site and make it look horrible.

These days, this isn’t exactly true.

If you get to the point where you have 50k views a month, you’re able to qualify for certain ad networks (I like Mediavine) that actually pay pretty well for display ads.

They’re still ugly, but you can make some serious money as your traffic grows. About 3 years ago I decided to put ads on my site for a 3 month trial. I wanted to see if anyone would complain, and what revenue would look like?

In that entire time I haven’t had a single person complain about the ads. And in 2023? I’ll make close to $100k for doing literally nothing extra. Hard to argue with that.

Mediavine numbers

If you’re curious about how to make passive income through display ads, then watch this video:

But this post is about affiliate marketing.

So why would I choose affiliate marketing as a primary revenue stream over display ads?

A lot of reasons, but a few of them are:

These are just a handful of the reasons affiliate marketing is such a good way to monetize your site, but they certainly aren’t the only ones.

And keep in mind, the two aren’t mutually exclusive. You can have display ads and affiliate links. Just be sure you’re not trying too hard to make money that you’re losing trust in the process.

Here’s an example of a recent post I did on Breaking Eighty, where I reviewed the best golf launch monitors. I wrote a post, and shot a video. I have affiliate links for all the products.

Not only that, for some of the products I was able to negotiate coupon codes with the companies, that provide a discount for my readers. Best part is? If that coupon code gets used, I make a commission as well, just as I would if they clicked the link.

How to Promote an Affiliate Offer

Ok, now the most important part.

By now you should have a good sense of what affiliate marketing is, have an idea of what products you want to promote and know how to get your affiliate links for them.

But if you don’t know how to properly promote them, it doesn’t really matter now, does it? Nope.

In this section, we’re going to look at some of the easiest and most successful ways to promote an affiliate offer.

Affiliate Marketing with Product Reviews

If you’ve built up a lot of trust with your audience, product reviews are a fantastic way to generate some sales. This works for all three types of products you can promote, and I’ve personally seen success with each.

The key to a successful product review is honesty.

I’d generally only review things you like, but if there are drawbacks or little things that bother you – be upfront about them. Most people know that no product is perfect, so if you set expectations and are open with them, there’s a good chance they’ll buy it anyway.

Make sure you include the following items in any product review:

I’ve done this with a lot of success on Breaking Eighty.

Here’s a review a golf product that makes dozens of sales a month. I say what I like, what I don’t, and then make it clear why I’m ok with those negatives.  Arccos Caddie

And another I did on Bluffworks, an awesome travel pant that I love for trips.

This post goes into way more detail about how to make money affiliate marketing through product reviews.

Affiliate Marketing with Tutorials

Tutorials are one of the most effective strategies for driving affiliate sales, especially for software products. They can take a long time to put together, but it’s also totally worth it.

So what is a tutorial exactly?

Simple, you create a post that shows people how to accomplish something step by step – you then make a product or service one of the key components to success.

I’ve done a couple of these.

With my How to Build a Niche Site post, I talk about all the steps you need to take to get a niche site up and running. So that includes some of the tools I know and love like a hosting service and ConvertKit.

I have another post, How to Set Up a Blog, that brings people step-by-step through the process using Bluehost. Readers can go through that post with no website at all and have their site ready to rock in less than 15 minutes using the tutorial.

You can also do it via video. Here’s an affiliate post I did walking you through how to do keyword research using SEMrush.

Affiliate Marketing with Comparison Posts

These can be another effective strategy for making affiliate sales.

It works well when there are either two products that are very similar and people are thinking about one or the other.

A great example would be comparing the PlayStation 5 vs the Xbox Series X.

If people are looking for a new game console, it’s probably going to be one of the two. That said, I don’t recommend you choose these due to the overwhelming amount of information about both – it’d be hard to rank well in the search engines for any terms related to them.

A recent example I did is this post comparing the Mevo Plus to the SkyTrak+. 

Mevo or Skytrak

These are two golf products that consumers are very often trying to choose between.

Here’s an in-depth post that compares and contrasts all of the different options for hosting – and helps the user to select the best option for them.

Affiliate Marketing With a Resource Page

This is something that probably isn’t going to generate a ton of sales for you, but it’s a nice thing to have on your site – since it’s so easy to do:

Create a resource page.

Regardless of what your business is, there are tools, products, and services that you use to run your blog or business. By putting together a page of all of your tools and resources, you’re creating something that’s shareable, as well as useful.

You can also do a variation on this, and do a gift guide.

Our Best Gifts for Writers is a good example of this, and around certain holidays this brings in a nice bit of side income.

Using an Email Series to Start Affiliate Marketing

This is among the most effective (and most advanced) method we’ll talk about for making affiliate sales: your email list.

If you’re getting to the point where you have a sizable list, you can create a series of emails to promote a product. This works best if it’s an information product with relatively high commissions.

For this to work well you should have the following:

I’ve found a 3 email series usually works well for this, but don’t start going this direction until you’ve had some experience with either email marketing or the other affiliate strategies we’ve talked about.

A Quick Note About Video Affiliate Marketing in 2024

I’ve been affiliate marketing on blogs for over a decade. It’s by far the most profitable platform out there. But there’s a problem.

With advances in AI, we are going to see a ton of AI-generated competition in 2024.

This is going to make building trust more important than it’s ever been.

What I think is currently the best winning combination is doing video and written content.


Because AI can’t copy you on video. I mean, it probably can. But for all practical purposes, it can’t…yet.

So when you pair videos and written content to cater to both types of audience – you’re doing something very few people can do well.

I think this is the secret sauce for affiliate marketing in 2024 and beyond.

It’s more work and there’s a steeper learning curve, but if you build an affiliate review brand and you take both your written and video content seriously? You’re going to see significant growth and revenue in the months to come.

It’s been about 18 months since I started doing video with Breaking Eighty. Since then, traffic has more than doubled for the brand, revenue has more than doubled, and our email list has quadrupled.

There’s power here, so if I were you and I were serious about making six-figures from affiliate marketing I’d do things in this order:

  1. Create and setup your website
  2. Create a YouTube Channel
  3. Build Your Email List
  4. Do other social media

Those first 3 are the priorities – other social media you can think about down the line.

I’ll probably do a dedicated post about this sometime soon, as it’s one of the big things that has changed in affiliate marketing over the last few years.

But for now, know that you can make money via any platform, but if you want to really see success, I’d written and video reviews together.

A Few Last Affiliate Marketing Tips

If you follow along with the strategies above, you’ll be making affiliate sales in no time off of your blog.

To improve your chances even more, I’ve got a couple more tips for you.

Use a Link Management Tool (I love Lasso)

I’ve been using Lasso on Breaking Eighty for a couple years now, and I absolutely love it. 

The major benefit it provides is that it gives me essentially an affiliate link database. So if my link changes? I can update it in one place, and it’ll update it across every single link on the site.

It also does a great job of displaying affiliate links in a way that makes them more prominent and more clickable.

Here’s an example of that:

LASSO: Affiliate Link Manager for Wordpress
14-Day Trial

Find new income opportunities, increase clicks, and measure what's making money by managing your links with LASSO.

Sign Up for LASSO Today!
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Develop a Good Relationship with Affiliate Managers

Most major affiliate programs for physical products or services will have an affiliate manager, whose sole job is to help you generate more sales.

You’ll need to prove to them that you have some potential, but do your best to get them on the phone before you start doing any major promotions. They’ll be able to give you a good sense of what works, what doesn’t, and potentially even give you a boost in commissions.

One phone call nearly doubled my commissions for one hosting company in particular.

Don’t Make These Affiliate Marketing Mistakes

There are so many pitfalls when it comes to starting affiliate marketing. Hopefully this post has addressed a lot of them, so you can start affiliate marketing the right way.

But if you’re still concerned, here’s a list of 5 really common affiliate marketing mistakes. I made these mistakes so you don’t have to! So make sure to read through that to ensure you’re not missing something obvious.

Affiliate Marketing Alternatives: 4 Other Online Businesses to Supplement Your Affiliate Marketing Business

What I Recommend You Do to Start Affiliate Marketing NOW

Inside Location Rebel Academy we have a course called “Make Money Blogging.” It’s literally the most step-by-step course I know of for creating an affiliate niche website that makes money.

So if you’re looking for community support, help from us, as well as over a dozen other blueprints for building an online business? I think you’ll love the Academy.

If after all of this, you think freelancing may be a better fit? Then snag our free 6-day course that walks you through all the basics of getting started.

This page contains affiliate links. This means that if you click a link and buy one of the products on this page, I may receive a commission (at no extra cost to you!) This doesn’t affect our opinions or our reviews. Everything we do is to benefit you as the reader, so all of our reviews are as honest and unbiased as possible.

This post teaching beginners how to start affiliate marketing was updated on October 2023 to include the exact strategies and tactics that I’ve been using personally heading into 2024.

Sean Ogle

Sean Ogle is the Founder of Location Rebel where he has spent the last 12+ years teaching people how to build online businesses that give them the freedom to do more of the things they like to do in life. When he's not in the coffee shops of Portland, or the beaches of Bali, he's probably sneaking into some other high-class establishment where he most certainly doesn't belong.
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259 comments on "How to Start Affiliate Marketing in 2024 (For Total Beginners)"

  1. Hi Sean. Thanks for this great resource.

    I’ve been very conflicted about affiliate marketing for a long time. (I wrote about some of my concerns recently.) My concern is that the nature of the conversation between you and your community can change because of it.

    For example, if I talk about how cool a product is, and then you find out that I’m an affiliate for them, wouldn’t you as a conscientious observer become skeptical as to whether my information is biased, if perhaps I’m only saying how cool something is because I can get paid for it? Wouldn’t that make you question my integrity with other things I say as well?

    You see this a lot on travel blogger sites. Because so many of them make money via credit card affiliates, it often seems very suspicious when they talk about some kind of strategy that happens to involve utilizing the very credit cards that they get paid for. People in the community often get very upset when they detect a conflict of interest.

    I’ve never found a way to rationalize using affiliate marketing for my site without being concerned with compromising my message, but at the same time, you’re right that it does confer lots of benefits. What are your thoughts on this?

    1. Sean says:

      Mike I totally agree, and I think there are a few things you can do to overcome this.

      One easy option is to just provide a non-affiliate link as well for people who want something totally unbiased.

      But I think the biggest deciding factor in this, goes back to the site as a whole and all of the other posts. Are the genuine? Is the blogger constantly trying to push products? I’d like to think I’ve been doing this long enough that my audience knows I’m not out to make a quick buck – and I think even relatively new bloggers can prove this based on their other content.

      I also think this is why tutorial posts are so valuable. 1) Your teaching someone a skill, and even if they choose not to use the product you suggest, it can still be very valuable information. 2) If it’s a product you personally use, then it’s easy to see why you’d recommend it – you’re a customer too!

      But I get it. Travel bloggers in particular have a reputation for being notorious about just trying to get free stuff or promote easy products to continue to travel – but I don’t think that’s the case for everyone.

      Look at people like Pat Flynn. He makes tens of thousands of dollars every month via affiliate revenue, and I dont think many people would ever question his motives or genuineness in that regard.

      1. Hi Sean. All good points.

        To advance your argument, I think it’s fair to even say that it’s okay that some people might be put off by the marketing side of things. Some people just won’t follow along, and there’s nothing wrong with that, as long as that’s just a minority.

        What makes this topic so interesting to me is that there really is no magic bullet to presenting trust and integrity, and that’s why it’s not possible to say that affiliate marketing is either “right” or “wrong”. As you say, trust needs to be shown consistently and built up over time.

        Anyway, lots to figure out here (and I’ll read up on Pat Flynn) so thanks!

        1. Sean says:

          So true. There is no right and wrong, and everyone is going to do it slightly different. It comes down to trying a bunch of stuff, doing it with authenticity, and then seeing what your audience thinks from there!

    2. Hi Sean

      I have just started learning about affiliate marketing etc and have found your page to be most helpful and fantastic. However, as I am just starting of i do have 1 question. When in the process of setting up my own website and reviewing the diffrent affiliate programs out there, is it possible to sign up to more than one company as an affiliate marketer? to promote their products but all as one niche, and in regards to my own webpage, can i link/use more than one company to my webpage for the producst i choose to promote?

    3. Amy says:

      Partner with SALESmanago and grow your business with over 1000 partners worldwide that get 55% lifetime commission (first three months 95%).
      Check here 👇

  2. Great stuff here Sean – thanks for all of these insights and sharing some best practices when it comes to affiliate marketing. I’ve never been comfortable giving it a shot, but after reading this post and your perspective on how and when to do it, I may just have to give it a try. Especially considering I’m already mentioning and recommending services and products on my site, I’m just not getting the potential rewards associated with doing so. Thanks again.

    1. Sean says:

      You’ve built up your audience to the point where they know you aren’t trying to scam them or make a quick buck. If they subscribe to a service or buy a product because you suggested it, they’d love for you to get a cut!

  3. nayar ali says:

    Some brilliant information there Sean as always, I’m not at the stage yet but i have bookmarked this so i can follow along when i am at the stage of monetisation of my blog.

  4. Nathalie says:

    Same here, this post kind of fell from the sky at such a great time. Been building a great community of readers over the years but reached a point where I’m losing money maintaining the site and newsletter. As you said, the ads don’t bring much -ironically I use Adblocks too but affiliate marketing always seemed like a weird and opaque subject. I’ve read many of Chris Guillebeau’s books in the last few months (this is how I discovered your site actually!) and I didn’t realize he had affiliate links for instance. Your post opened up a new window of possibility for me. Still need to process everything and do the work behind but a big thank you to you Sean!

    1. Sean says:

      Thanks Nathalie! And glad to see you came over from AONC 🙂 When done the right way I think affiliate links in context are much less intrusive and offensive than having ads on your sidebar. The average non-tech reader probably wont even know its an affiliate link anyway. So just by doing everything you’ve already been doing, you can switch out links, and probably make a nice side income!

      1. nathalie says:

        That’s a great tip Sean, thanks! I was thinking about what you said in your post about some companies not putting that they have affiliate links and you having to do some digging and there are couple of companies/authors who made products I love and keep using, but I’m not sure how to go ahead and ask about the affiliate link. I read the post you linked below about asking for guest blogging, which I thought was a must-read, and so, if you think of doing a follow-up on this one, would love to read some of your tips and do’s and don’t about this. Thanks again, Sean, you’re doing some very inspiring work here!

        1. Sean says:

          Nathalie, a couple ways you can find out if you dont just want to ask their support person:

          -Look at the bottom of the home page and see if they have a link that says “affiliates”, “partners” or anything like that.
          -Also try googling “product name affiliate program.”

          1. nathalie says:

            Thanks Sean, did that but no luck, at least for my favorite product. I might just ask, out of curiosity 🙂

  5. Tate says:

    I would like to add that for information products, a lot of the time it’s pretty easy to rank for “information product review”. I recently did a review of a popular ebook that is a month long discipline program. I went about it by doing the actual program and documenting everything. At the end of the month I wrote up a 2700 word article summing up the whole experience.

    I’m not sure of the exact reasons why I started to rank, but I have a few theories. It was a very long, honest, and informative post on the subject. I believe this made it stand out from all the other reviews in which the author just wrote up a basic summary of what it’s about. It also is one of the latest reviews on the book, so perhaps google freshness has something to do with it. I haven’t done any linkbuilding on this page and it currently sits at #2.

    When I first published it, I put it up on reddit a few places, and on a facebook group I’m in. It was sitting at #3 the day I published it, then it slowly slipped back down the front page of google. It went all the way down to the bottom of the 2nd page, and sat there for a week or so. Then I saw it randomly just shot up to 2 again.

    I have no idea why it did this, but I guess if you are going to do a review of an information product, check the competition to see what other people have done already and do something better. You could wind up ranking for something with relatively little SEO work.

    1. Sean says:

      Nice! Personal reviews definitely go a loooong way when trying to drive affiliate sales. People are smart, and if you’re trying to BS them they can tell.

      I used to rank really well for “Empire Building Kit Review” which didnt send a whole lot of traffic, but it did send quite a few sales.

  6. Mike Rioux says:

    Great article as it gets me thinking about the various ways to monetize my sites. With that said, my biggest hurdle has been how to get started building traffic. You see articles all over the net talking about massive traffic techniques, but I’ve never really found a guide for a fresh blog/website and how to get to their first 100, 500, or 1,000 daily uniques. Of course writing consistent quality content is key, but writing alone an audience does not make. Any tips or articles to point us to? Thanks again Sean!

    1. Sean says:

      Mike, I’d start with this post. There are some great strategies for getting started in there:

  7. Chas says:

    Maybe it works with a blog. It certainly doesn’t work without a blog; at least, not for me.

    1. Sean says:

      It could totally work on sites that aren’t blogs if approached the right way.

    2. I’ve seen examples where people have used high-demand, high-fee products and done things like advertising them using Facebook ads. Lots of affiliates won’t let you compete with advertising that they’re doing, and it’s not as honest or transparent as linking via blogs etc, but it shows it can be done.

      If you build a really engaged social media audience and become renowned for the value you provide, you could absolutely use that for affiliate products, too.

  8. Hi Sean!
    Thank you for the article, I found it helpful. But a question remains in my mind: the affiliate program only works if you have enough traffic going through your website. Now, my website is new and my traffic is a desgrace. Any ideas on how to tackle that?

    1. Sean says:


      Definitely! I think guest posting is one of the best ways to generate traffic and grow your SEO prowess:

      Also, spend a little bit of time on your on page SEO for these review posts. My golf site hadn’t been around very long, but after becoming one of the first people to review a brand new product, I jumped way up in the rankings for terms related to them. So make sure your headlines have keywords that people would actually be searching for.

  9. I absolutely see the value in affiliate sales (and Pay Flynn is one of the masters at doing this authentically and openly), but I got really turned off it when I saw a lot of bloggers I read and respect writing junky “How to set up a blog” posts that didn’t seem relevant to their audiences purely so that the could get the sweet Bluehost commissions in.

    Moral of the story? Be honest and true to your audience!

    1. Sean says:

      Thats a great point, and I’ve definitely seen my fair share of those “how to start a blog” posts. That’s always been a good fit for people at Location 180, and if they do a good job on the post (truly make it useful) that’s one that doesnt bother me as much – solely because I know how valuable starting a blog can be for your life and goals. So if it’s some personal finance blogger that creates one and you start a blog from that by following their tutorial – all the better!

      But those definitely are pretty transparent, and especially with other industries like credit cards it’s a very fine line.

  10. Jonathan says:

    Hi Sean,

    Good writup. I have been reading up about affiliate marketing and have heard others comment that AMAZON payouts (around 4% per sale) are exactly what we should be looking at as a long time business. What is you view on that? Are there other alternatives to Amazon with higher payouts?


    1. Sean says:

      I think it really depends on what type of site you’re trying to build. For me, I don’t recommend all that much stuff on Amazon, and the payouts are low that it doesnt make a whole lot of sense to spend 8 hours on a 3,000 word tutorial blog post to try and sell a $10 book and make $.40 on it.

      There are people who have success with Amazon, but those are usually the people using more advanced things like datafeeds that can end up looking really spammy and inauthentic.

      Most of the Amazon alternatives are going to be niche by niche. For instance there’s a golf ball site that I can affiliate for and make 15-20% commissions vs the 4-7% on Amazon. The nice thing about Amazon however is the fact that just about everyone uses it, and its so easy to buy something.

  11. Gareth says:

    Being open and upfront about earning affiliate commission is another way not to appear pushy or as if you’re just trying to make a sale. This very useful and informative post contained a number of affiliate links and were I to want to buy one of those products or services mentioned, I would actively seek out this post and buy it through Sean as a way of saying thank you for such top information.

    I was reading an article some months back by an affiliate marketer who said that some of his readers have told him that they always make sure they click to products through his site so that he earns the commission.

    If the content’s good and you’re open about the commission, readers will actually help you earn it if they want to buy what you’re promoting.

  12. GDB says: ^_^

    I would love to get more guidance on how to increase affiliate clicks, track affiliate clicks, track actual sales (possible?), see which clicks/links produce the most sales and overall aspects of getting more out of your current traffic. The nitty gritty.


    1. Ken Matthews says:

      Hawk Tools has some awesome training resources available on their website that yield quality converting traffic.

  13. Maril says:

    Newby here! I first knew about affiliate programs when reading Chris G book where he mention his affiliate program but never really understood what was all about.
    Great post Sean full of new ( for me ) and useful information!!


    1. Sean says:

      Glad you enjoyed it!

  14. Kashif says:

    Hi Sean, a long time reader here. I am tinkering at the edges to start an affiliate website, did my homework about keyword research and product selection etc. but I am still unsure if I will be able to pursue the visitors to buy the product.

    Appreciate tips or pointers that I can use to boost my confidence.


    1. Sean says:

      Kashif, the best way to gain confidence is just to start doing it. Don’t worry as much about persuading people to buy. Worry first about creating something useful and genuine. The sales will come from there.

  15. April says:

    Hi Sean,

    I have a couple of blogs I’d like to turn into affiliate sites. I can’t seem to even get started with CJ (Commission Junction). When I try to join a vendor, I automatically get declined. I haven’t even started, so I have idea why I may be “blacklisted” automatically.

    Is there a secret to joining vendors on CJ?

    1. Sean says:

      A couple things to think about:

      -How much time did you spend on your application? Did you just gloss over it or really answer the questions in detail.
      -Is it in a related industry or something totally different?
      -Try calling the affiliate manager – often if you do that they can get you approved manually.

  16. Penny says:

    Hey, thanks for the great post. I’ve been following Pat Flynn and love his “give and it shall be given unto you” perception anyway. At 50, with a high school education, I’m trying to learn affiliate marketing from information online. What I’ve gleened so far is to focus on giving the best, most honest information, like your Parents would give you. In exchange for your efforts rewards will come.

    I wish you much success,

  17. Ryan says:

    I was able to make my first online dollars through Amazon Affiliate sales… It was never much and in the beginning I was just excited to make $10 in a month, which was enough for a free ebook or two. With regular updates and link inclusions in my posts over time I was able to grow the number up to like $300 a month–which I was pretty happy with. Of course the payout rates are paltry compared to a sale of an info product like one from Unconventional Guides, etc. Thing is, people seem to be more open to purchasing physical products rather than information products…

  18. James says:

    Hi Sean,

    Thanks for putting this together it’s a really awesome write up. Do you have a method for finding new niches to dive into? What is your preferred method of driving traffic? Thanks!

  19. Erik says:

    Hi Sean,
    great post about affiliate marketing here.

    Definitely, it’s one of the most lucrative ways to generate a passive income online.
    However, not every blogger are able to get good money out of it.

    Using the right tools, producing great content, solving your audience needs and problems, choosing relevant products or services to promote are some tips to reach success with affiliate marketing.

    Thanks for sharing!

  20. John says:

    Hi Sean
    I’ve just got to hear about affiliate marketing and am really a newbie to this matter. The post above was so great and helpful for a person like me. I also took a look at locationrebel which seemed very exciting to me. I wonder if those courses and blueprints are still applicable because as far as I’ve seen, the reviews and testimonials all refer to the year 2013. It was the only reason that hold me back from joining the Locationrebel. I would be very thankful if you help me with this matter.

    1. Sean says:


      They are absolutely still up to date (and I review them twice a year to make sure they stay that way. Unfortunately the one thing I haaaven’t been so good at updating are the testimonials. Will get some more recent ones up ASAP!

      1. John says:

        I can see some new FAQ and testimonials have been added to Location Rebel. Thanks for that quick response. Is there a way through which I would be able to ask some questions in private?

        1. Sean says:

          John, man you’re quick! Just added those this morning. Shoot me an email at [email protected]!

  21. Digne says:

    How neat! This makes me a bit more interested in maybe starting my own blog. Maybe for the wrong reasons though. (; Plus I’d probably have to spend time building a trusting reader base before I can start recommending them products. Hm, maybe someday… (I know, I know — “abolish someday”)

  22. Dan Sacapano says:

    Hi Sean,

    Interesting read, your article. I am a relative Newbie at AM and would like to get some real traction in the online marketplace. It is not an easy endeavor. The difficulty for me is getting traffic to my site. I have a new blog site now dedicated to Internet and Affiliate Marketing.

    Now we have Google’s upcoming requirement that your website be mobile-friendly. That has caused a scrambling to comply for a lot of webmasters. Have you done anything to ensure your sites are compliant to low, mid and upper tier level cell phones?

    For your info and anyone else who may be interested in finding out if their website will pass Google’s litmus test in this regard, just head on over to Google’s test site: I hope that url was alright to post inside this message, I have no affiliation or commitment to that site).

    Thanks again for the information!
    See you at the top!

  23. Rex says:

    Hi Sean,
    thanks for your information..
    I have a question,
    I already signed up for affiliate in word press.
    How can i get the link? that will bring the user to the WordPress site accounted to me?

  24. Emma says:

    Hi Sean,
    great written steps and for me you have covered up all I wanted to know.
    Reading this article I thought , wow thats still a lotta work and realised- if you maried me, I wouldnt have to do all the work!. Then looking at your picture I can tell I could almost be your mom, so if you dont have one, let me know! 😛
    If all wife- and kiddom is covered, how about launching you in Germany? I’ve done this with a lot of bands before! 😉
    Seriously.. some here are good , compared to you tho, they are just ok. And thats really not enough…
    Thanks for all the info and that you freely give away a lot of advice.

  25. Yvonne says:

    Thank you for this awesome resource. I will do the steps and work on it.

  26. jasonhorowilz says:

    Thank you for this awesome resource. I will do the steps and work on it. I have deal for the affiliate marketer sell my product on 30% commission.

  27. Tony Pham says:

    Thanks Sean for your great post.
    I wondering about Solo Ads, which case and which niche we should use Solo Ads? Could you share me your advices please?
    I want to use that way to build my list. However, I tried it some time but without success.

  28. Rome says:

    I’m currently working with Edu-Profit in essay niche.
    Regarding the conversion – they recently made prices update, I don’t know yet how this will impact on the envelope. After all, since the September 10-12 traffic will increase
    The essence of update – they updated prices on one of their sites, and say that new prices already show a 21% and higher conversion boost. And they also made the table instead of calculator.
    Someone else is working with them? There are any numbers? I don’t know, believe it or not.

  29. John says:

    Newby here! I first knew about affiliate programs when reading Chris G book where he mention his affiliate program but never really understood what was all about.
    Great post Sean full of new and useful information!

    1. Sean says:

      Glad you got some value out of it!

  30. teja says:

    i was create a affiliate marketing account and i don’t understand how to start the work&how to create the links????

  31. Greg says:

    Hi Sean – great post!

    I need some help.

    I am a solopreneur and using for my website.

    I would like to utilize affiliate marketing to jumpstart my sales.

    But with the Wix platform, it’s impossible to incorporate an affiliate system (their helpdesk didn’t answer why it won’t work).

    My question…

    Would it make sense to create a separate landing page with a different CMS and different url in order to do affiliate marketing?

    The downside for SEO would be that I wouldn’t be driving traffic to my own site.

    Other than the affiliate marketing thing, Wix has been fine and I’m not that excited to switch my entire site to a new platform.

    Have you come across this before?

    Does a stand-alone landing page for affiliate marketing make sense or am I just being crazy?

    I appreciate your time.



  32. Kathy Rogers says:

    Thanks for the great article!
    People often ask me, “Do any of these affiliate programs that you hear so much about really work?”
    Yes, they can work if you keep a few things in mind:
    1. Associate only with good affiliate programs that offer products your visitors will actually want to buy.
    2. Look for affiliate programs that not only pay high commissions but that also provide actual value to their customers.
    3. Don’t link to affiliate websites that are scams. Word will get out and you will lose credibility with your visitors.
    4. Write content that is related to the affiliate program you are offering.
    5. Learn about affiliate marketing from reputable websites

  33. Amit says:

    Great post. This post gives good insight on what we can gain from A.M. As a new marketer, we want to read positive things like this to keep us motivated.

    Thanks for the ultimate guide on AM !!

  34. Dre says:

    I’m a newbie blogger and I am interested Affiliate marketing. I like your website and would like to know if you have any valuable tips on growing my email list. Any begginers advice would be appreciated. Thanks in advance

  35. Jessi says:

    Thanks for this great resource! 🙂 Great tips and easily broken down for newbies! Wish I would’ve found this post years ago.

  36. gnanashri says:

    hi Sean,
    thank you for the information, it helped me a lot…
    can I just know how information affiliate marketing works and what are its initial steps

  37. Ronen says:

    This is real informatic information. I found this one real meaningful, wow! you truly showing the way affiliate works. I agree ad monetize can be passive income theme while affiliate can be our primary hope…I read so many articles but feels like something is hidden..but found this one real insidefull. This is showing us how our 100 bug can be harvested from from small sources. Because newbies might want to give up blogging as they are not going to earn because they thought it’s one shot income source. Thanks Sean it will really encourage every new entrepreneurs.

  38. Ryan says:

    Hi Sean,

    This is extremely helpful information for somebody who is a newbie blogger! I’ve been looking for an all inclusive “guide” to explain affiliate marketing and this is the best I’ve found. Quick question for you – when you talk about the cookie expiration date, is that from the date that you post your review/recommendation or from the date that the reader clicks on the link? For example, the affiliate links you posted in this post are well over 90 days old but if I click on one of them now and buy that product, do you still get paid? Just curious how that works.


    1. Sean says:

      Thanks Ryan! It’s when the user clicks on the link. Cookie isnt set until the aff link is clicked.

  39. Siena says:

    Sean. Wow so much information to take in, really helpful, It’s nice to know that blog owners have many ways to earn extra income while they blog about what they like. Keep up the great work. I really enjoy reading this long full of information post. Will definately come back soon! Thanks!

  40. yudi cb says:

    hi sean,,,
    how do I start making affiliate sites, while I do not have a product from the merchant to create review articles, because I have not joined them..thanks

  41. Erica says:

    this might be a dumb question but I am curious, when you have an affiliate with a product, do they actually send you the product? How will I be able to review it if I don’t actually have anything to review or show that I actually own? Or will I need to purchase the item to review it?

  42. Ahmad Ben says:

    Hey Sean,

    Great post.

    Totally agree with your opinion on affiliate marketing. I’m in the same space myself and can tell you what it feels like to earn $1000 commissions while literally sitting on the sofa watching TV. It is absolutely mind-blowing. High-ticket commissions are what sets apart the affiliate marketers that scale their business up to six or even seven figures to the ones that only make a few thousand a month. I run a website based on digital marketing an entrepreneurship. You should check out our affiliate program – it is guaranteed to blow your mind. 🙂

  43. zikora says:

    hey sean, am a newbie who is so ethusistic about online marketing. great post , i must commend , it came in handy. through your post i clearly understand that an affiliate mustr have a website and a blog as a platform for promoting the good and services. here the thing with me , i dont have either of them and am asking ….. is it advisable for me to delve in affilate marketing peradventure i get a blog running now …?

  44. zikora says:


  45. Hey, regarding Clickbank – do you have recommendations about improving conversions on a varied webpage? I own a file uploading site and as such it is extremely to match offers to the visitor. Best wishes

  46. Mdu says:

    I am using Amazon affiliate marketing these tips of your will help me in making money. thanks..

  47. I usually trying for long days for learning affiliate marketing and earning but still now I am struggling for that , Your writing is pretty helpful for that learning.
    Thanks for sharing.

  48. Kate says:

    Hey Sean!

    Nice breakdown of what and where to start affiliate marketing. I’m inclined to start service affiliate marketing as I’m starting to play around with my marketing tools myself.

    One thing that I do notice is that the bloggers are mostly transparent about their affiliations with the product , I wonder what’s the conversion between not mention that he/she is affiliated with the product vs. saying that he/she is affiliated with the product.


  49. Cole Baker says:

    Really good post. i will return and read it again

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    Major thankies for the forum. Great.

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    Thank you for detailed post. I am eagerly looking to start an affiliate website for Amazon products. Google search brought me on this page and I am happy to learn what the heck affiliate is all about.

  52. Jake says:

    Awesome article! This is jam packed with great info. I am just starting a personal finance blog with my fiance and we were a little confused about how to start monetizing. We were initially thinking about using Google AdSense but between this post and another blog I read I am surely convinced that’s not the correct route. I’m really happy you have shared this information because it’s provided an excellent starting point for creating income.

  53. Katemylett says:

    Great advise for all new affiliates. It takes a long time to get a reasonable amount of traffic. This will help a lot of people out

  54. David says:

    Great post, Sean! I have been using Adsense for the most part for two years now and each year, due to great content, my income has doubled. Thanks for all the great content, and this is sure to open my eyes a bit more to the likes of Amazon, which, I will admit, I have been ignoring due to the way they treat their affiliates. But, maybe it’s just me being a turd….

  55. Chris Kenney says:

    I have seen someone not use a website or a blog. They are posting Amazon links with their coupon code. The reviews are in the link and she adds her advice to the post. She posts about 20 different items a day. Thoughts?!

  56. Khris says:

    Wow! I just discovered your great piece through a search on Google. I appreciate the way you layed out everything step by step.

    Value packed thanks so much. Bookmarked for reference!

  57. Hi Sean,
    What a great and helpful article. I had no idea the SEM rush was offering that much for their affiliate commission. It means that for every 3 people that subscribe, the basic tier will be fully paid for! That’s definitely a goal to work towards.
    Whenever I am looking at a new program (for my own use) I am always searching the site for affiliation links, because really, if I find value in it, I hope that others will as well!

  58. I’m glad to see on your list of “questions to ask yourself before promoting” that the ‘how much will I earn from this?’ is the last question… I’m paraphrasing here, but too many affiliates think about themselves first and I like that you are focusing on the audience first. Well done.

    1. Sean Ogle says:

      Thanks Miles. I’ve always shied away from a lot of the typical internet marketing strategies that are all about how to make as much money as possible with little regard for actually building trust and engagement with your audience. Totally agree with you, it should be audience first, profit second. And over time if you do that, you’ll come out way ahead.

  59. Enjoyed the video, I think I’ll have a drink with you, but make mine a Bloodymary.

    1. Sean Ogle says:

      You got it! Bloody mary it is 🙂

  60. George Whiteman says:

    Hi Sean. i really appreciated your write-up about how to start affiliate marketing program but my 1 question is how to get paid after succeeding your sales as affiliate marketer and how to derive buyers minds to product of mine at anytime of month

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    Anyways, read the below. This might help.

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  72. Misti says:

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  76. Great post, Sean! I have been using Adsense for the most part for two years now and each year, due to great content, my income has doubled. Thanks for all the great content, and this is sure to open my eyes a bit more to the likes of Amazon, which, I will admit, I have been ignoring due to the way they treat their affiliates. But, maybe it’s just me being a turd….

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    It’s amazing that this post has been here since 2014 and I never knew about it..

    Based on the first step – creating a website or Blog. This is so true because you need a platform you own to legitimately review the products you’ve used and recommend to your audiences.

    Thanks for the write-up. Will come back for more content.

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