My Last Day…

By Sean Ogle •  Updated: 10/22/09 •  5 min read

Well, it happened.  Tuesday was the last day at my job.  This has honestly been one of the most overwhelming experiences I have gone through in my life.  For the last 24 hours I haven’t been sure how to feel.  However, I think at the moment the majority of me is feeling a sense of guilt and relief.  While I don’t think my job was perfect for me, it wasn’t terrible.  I worked with good people that I think extremely highly of, however in the end, we just didn’t quite see eye to eye on how my employment would evolve there.

I purposefully won’t go into many details, but the gist of the story is that I submitted a proposal to work remotely, and they didn’t go for it.  I honestly can’t blame them at all, it was a long shot, and while I do believe there were benefits for both parties it just didn’t work out.  I have no hard feelings towards anyone, however I do have this overwhelming sense of guilt that I have let people down who have done so much for me over the last 2+ years.

On the other hand, I am also feeling an overwhelming sense of relief.  I have known for quite some time that what I was doing wasn’t my calling.  It wasn’t what I was passionate about.  It was a paycheck.  It was comfortable.  It wasn’t that bad.  But you know what?  I don’t want to settle for “not that bad”.  I want the best life I can possibly have, and I am now in a position to pursue that.  There is no best time for anything.  In my perfect world, this wasn’t the best time to leave.  Financially, I am not sure I am at a point to do everything I want to do.  But you know what?  If it didn’t happen, I may have been there forever.

Last night I went to go see the movie Couple’s Retreat.  Besides making me want to hop on the first flight to Bora Bora (see # 21 on the list), it made me really excited to start finding my passion.  I was feeling pretty down yesterday, and in the movie, when one of the characters was asked about their marriage, they mentioned “we get through it.”  To which the therapist responded, “do you really want to look back on your life and have to say that you just made it through?”  Well, as mentioned in the previous paragraph, I don’t want that.

Today has been a different day than yesterday.  I woke up at the usual time, and for (almost) the first Wednesday in over 2 years, I didn’t have to put on a tie.  I was able to go work out at 8 in the morning, rather than have to cram it into a lunch break.  If it weren’t raining right now I would head outside and go golfing just because I can.  The point is I feel this new found sense of freedom that I really have never felt before.  And while sure, this is great for today, there is a very fine line between being free and being the lazy ass who sits on their couch all day watching reruns of Saved by the Bell.  That is my biggest fear at the moment.  My life is in my hands now. If I don’t go out and make things happen, they won’t, simple as that.

Maybe I will go golf...on a Thursday morning!

Maybe I will go golf…on a Thursday morning!

Man, something has just hit me.  As I am sitting in this coffee shop, writing and catching up on all the things I have let slip over the last week, I am happy.  Seriously, considering how awful I felt yesterday, I thought it would be days before I would be able to see the positive in all of this.  But it has just hit me.  I can do whatever I want.  I can spend all day doing Photoshop tutorials.  I can sit down and crank out the long overdue manifesto I have wanted to write for months.  I can even go look for a part time job to help me pay the bills over the next few months (ok, maybe we will save that one til next week).  But I digress…

The point of all this, is just to say, don’t let your life pass you by.  Don’t let the fear of uncertainty rule your life.  I have currently never had so much uncertainty in my life.  It is uncomfortable, it is scary, but it is also exciting and hopeful at the same time.

I have been looking forward to writing this post ever since I started Location180.  Because today I am speaking from experience.  I can tell you what it feels like to not have to go into work for the first time in years.  I can tell you how scary it is to not know how you are going to bring in your next paycheck.  I can tell you that life will go on.  I can also tell you that the future, however uncertain, is bright.  And it feels great to be able to say those things definitively, and not just in speculation.

Big things and big changes are coming for me and Location180.  I am excited to finally start pursuing them with the devotion that has been lacking.

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Sean Ogle

Sean Ogle is the Founder of Location Rebel where he has spent the last 12+ years teaching people how to build online businesses that give them the freedom to do more of the things they like to do in life. When he's not in the coffee shops of Portland, or the beaches of Bali, he's probably sneaking into some other high-class establishment where he most certainly doesn't belong.
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102 comments on "My Last Day…"

  1. Kenn says:

    Great news, congratulations! That first step is always the hardest. Best of luck to you.

  2. Colin Wright says:

    Sean, I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to hear this. I know how weird it feels at first, but those realizations (‘wait, I can do WHATEVER I want all day long?!’) just get more and more intense, and you’ll come up with a way to make money that doesn’t fall into the category of just getting along.

    Let me know if there’s anything I can do to make the process go more smoothly, and definitely keep us all updated. We’re rooting for you!

    1. Sean says:

      @Colin I am glad I could make you happy! You have shown a ton of support for me and the blog, and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it. The whole being able to do “whatever” I want all day long, is a little scary, but I am figuring things out one day at a time. I will definitely let you know if there are anyways you can help out, I have a feeling there might be 🙂

      @Kristin I couldn’t agree more. I am treating unemployment as a full time job, and doing my best not to sleep in until 11. So far so good! But it is only day #2

      @Kenn It definitely is a hard step, but I don’t doubt that I will figure things out. Thought of you last night while I was at Teardrop the other night and had a Souracher. Seemed like the kind of obscure drink you may have heard of! Very good.

  3. Kristin says:

    Congratulations! God, what an adventure. Nothing is so hard as the first few days without a job; all the fear of uncertainty, all the excitement of the new found opportunities. I’m sure you’ll let all the energy and enthusiasm and a little of that fear drive you to accomplish the next great thing and move yet another step closer to your ideal life.

    That was vague…but seriously, congratulations! I can’t wait to hear what’s next!

  4. Sean,

    This is awesome that you’re taking the plunge without firmly grabing on to the next pay check. Good Luck.

  5. Nate says:

    Awesome man! When I saw the title of this post I actually said “YES!” out loud, I knew you were up to something cool. I’m looking forward to hearing more about your next step. And don’t worry about that part-time job just yet, go golfing a few times and then worry about it 🙂

  6. Matt Jabs says:

    The point of all this, is just to say, don’t let your life pass you by.

    Great message Sean. Go CRUSH this life man… and hurry up about it! 🙂

    The biggest reason people cannot do what they are passionate about it because they are crippled by their debt. I hope this is not your situation (I admit this is my first visit to your site.)

    My advice to everyone is to do whatever you have to do to get out of debt and start living life on your own terms… not the terms of Visa and Mastercard.

    Freedom is priceless!

  7. Congratulations man. Yesterday I told my boss that I’m leaving my job at the end of November. I know what you mean. You’re absolutely right. Fly away Sean.

  8. Angela says:

    Congrats! It’s a big step, but sounds like you’re ready!

  9. Valerie M says:

    Hi, Sean. Congratulations on your new-found freedom!

    I had a couple of days off this month because I was sick. Despite that, it still felt great waking up and having the entire day at my disposal. Then it all wore off when I realized I’m back at work in the next few days or so.

    I think one thing I would be scared of is after a few days on vacation or extended sick leave, my productivity takes a dip and I start getting jittery because I feel like I’m supposed to be somewhere, not sitting at home (or anywhere else but work). I guess that feeling wears off with time. I wonder if you’ve been feeling that yet?

  10. Kenn says:

    @Sean: I haven’t had a Souracher but it definitely looks like something I’d like. I’ve really got to get back to Teardrop soon.

  11. Matt SF says:

    Congrats Sean. Saying goodbye to the standard 9 to 5 job is much like taking a leap of faith… takes courage, and you know you might fall flat on your face, but it’s an exhilarating first step!

    Best of luck.

  12. AdventureRob says:

    Congratulations, life is going to keep getting better now 🙂

  13. Matt Kelly says:

    Sean – saw the tweet from Matt Jabs. Congratulations on awakening to want to find your passion. I have a copy of the passion test that I can email you. I have seen this exercise open the eyes of many men. Email me if you’d like me to send you a copy.

    Good Luck,


  14. NomadicNeil says:

    Same for me next Friday!

  15. NomadicNeil says:

    Oh, and congratulations of course!

  16. Jen says:

    Hi Sean
    Awesome! I can hear your happiness jump off the page!
    I loved couples retreat 🙂 and the line you quoted is one that stuck in my head after watching it too. I don’t want to just get through anything either!
    Look forward to hearing more

  17. Paul Norwine says:

    Sean – this is one of the most inspiring posts I have read in a long time. One reason is because I have been following your journey and know how big and important this step is to your overall well-being. Seriously, congratulations man – I’m really happy for you.

    Another reason is because the excitement and sense of freedom you are experiencing reminds me exactly why I made the decision to “blaze my own path” in the first place. I won’t lie – the trepidation and feeling of “oh shit, wtf did I just do?” still rears its ugly head once in a while. But, especially when I read about someone else doing the same thing, I can’t help but feel relieved that I not only made the right decision, but that there really wasn’t a suitable alternative for me.

    Congrats, Sean – looking forward continuing the journey…


  18. Tyler says:

    Congratulations, Sean. Don’t ever lose that sense of uncertainty. It’s going to motivate and propel you to great things.

  19. Corbett Barr says:

    Hey Sean, thanks for sharing these big changes with everyone. I can imagine you’re feeling just about every emotion possible these past few days. Hang in there, and things will level out. This is a huge opportunity for you. The best part is, you already have a community who wants to help and see you succeed!

  20. GotPassport says:

    Congrats Sean. Great post. My husband @Jackventures just did the same thing – proposed to work remotely! We plan to relocate to Thailand next year. So when I read why you left your job, I’m totally praying that the college would go for the proposal- it’s for their own good! 🙂 It’s exciting time for you isn’t it? It takes a lot of courageto do what we are doing (I left mine in Oct 2007). Looking forward to following your successful journey!!!


  21. Carmen says:

    Wow! I imagine some of the feelings right now are overwhelming. There’s nothing like being faced with the unknown. It must be a bit how we feel when we are first born – this sudden feeling of immense space and possibility and uncertainty all at once. But just like the beginning of life, this will be a time of complete potential. Make the most of your new start!

  22. Robyn says:

    This post had so much great energy to it and you just reminded me of why changing something that isn’t working is so great. I too quit my job in July 2008 and although there has been some stress involved I do not regret it. I am working parttime and it is SO great to have more time to myself, to dream, plan, rest, read. These things are important. I agree – I don’t want to “just get through it”. I want to be a bigger part of this beautiful world. Thanks for the bold move. Clearly you have so many people supporting you. Little by little the next moves will reveal themselves. Trust the process.

  23. Baker says:

    You fuckin’ rock! Time to go kill it, man.

  24. Derek says:

    You’re screwed!

    What are you going to do without a steady income? How will you know how to properly spend your time if you’re not on a strict schedule dictated by a boss? Aren’t you worried that you’re falling behind in life?

    What about retirement? You’ll never be able to retire at 65 now. You’ll never be able to spend your later years in life on a beach in Mexico. You’ll have to do spend your best years on a beach now, stupid.

    Go back and get a job, hippie, before it’s too late.

    1. Sean says:

      I had every intention of responding to every single one of you individually, but there has been so much support that I am not sure I am going to get there! You guys have no idea how much I appreciate all of these comments. The last week has been an emotional roller coaster to say the least, but the bottom line is that this is one the most exciting times of my life. I can’t wait to see where the next days and weeks take me. I hope that you all continue to stay in touch, as there is something to be learned from each of your stories. Well, except Derek’s, you are just an asshole. I am not screwed! haha

  25. Congrats Sean! Glad to see you’ve finally take the leap. It’s an amazing ride! I’m 5 months into my journey now..

  26. Sean, I’m sorry to hear the job didn’t work out, that sucks and we all know it man. But, I’m super jazzed by your post (it even added some happiness to my day!) and happy that you’re seeing the bright side. Yeah, this is an exciting time to BE YOU, and I’m sure we’ll all look back on it as an exciting time to KNOW YOU and be able to watch the evolution in your life. I wish you all the best brother! 🙂

  27. Mariana says:

    ok, so now i get the whole “first day of the rest of my life” thing 😛


    see you soon, i guess?

  28. Dan says:

    Great to hear Sean, it’s all in your hands now and we are all watching intently to see you take advantage of it. Maybe some of those dream destinations aren’t too far away.

  29. Karen says:

    You rock, Sean!!! I am so proud of you! I can’t believe you did it… but congrats. I have a feeling good things are yet to come. Can’t wait to see what happens next in your adventures. 🙂


  30. Dave says:

    Awesome Sean—

    This was a great piece that I hope a lot of people read. I think by being let go, you have found that settling just isn’t the thing to do in life for anyone. I am glad you are realizing this now instead of 10 years from now.

    When I quit my stable 9-5 financial firm 40k+/year job, I was too worried. Then a week later, I went to Hawaii for 2 weeks and just kicked it. Literally, didn’t do shit but explore and not think about having to hurry through a vacation to get back to my desk next Monday. I think that is the best feeling.

    I think you should definitely explore avenues that allow you to do what you love. Be ultra frugal for now and if you need to get that part time job, do it. As long as the rest of the time you are doing what you love. It will take hardwork, but well worth it.

    David Damron

  31. Zachary says:

    Awesome news man. I have been waiting for this post since i started reading this blog.

    Take some time off and relax. Then when you are ready make sure you define a set schedule and goals. It is easy to fall into a trap where you have all the time in the world to do something you but end up doing nothing.

    Best of luck to you!

  32. Brandy says:

    Congrats, Sean! I’m looking forward to reading about your new life! I’m hoping I’ll have the courage to quit my job before the end of the year, and reading this makes me feel like I’m doing the right thing.

  33. Sean,
    You are at the special “Yea!”/”Shit!” moment.
    Congratualtions–I have every faith in you and your ability to make the most of this important time in your life.
    I’ve been were you are…I imagine you will experience equal parts joy/panic/discovery.
    What a gift. And I am NOT be facetious. Life has offered you a special opportunity that it doesn’t make to everyone.

    Knowing When To Say When

  34. Congratulations on your liberation! All the best with what the future brings.

  35. Caroline W. says:

    I’ve been reading your site for a while now, but have never commented.. I think this is a great time to start – Congratulations! You’ve officially hit a point that many may never make, and many are envious of (myself included – I am on my way there though). My personal goal is to quit my 9-to-5 (more like 27-7 since they frequently make me work evenings and weekends…) by this December.

    Live life to the fullest! Congratulations again!!

  36. Dena says:

    Ah, this is awesome Sean! Congratulations. I am beyond excited for you. While I sort of “felt” this coming on base don our dialogue over the last few weeks – it is still a shock and an inspiration.

    You’ve done it. You are on the road to living your passion. I am so proud of you and I am so glad to be along (virtually) for the journey!



  37. Alan says:

    Seriously amazing stuff, Sean. Best news I’ve heard in the blogosphere in a long time. Looking forward to following your progress and hearing about world domination!

  38. Mark Lewis says:

    Congrats, exciting times ahead! Turn that fear and action. I look forward to following along.

  39. Hey Sean, as comment number #41 it never gets old to say “Congrats!”. I wonder if in the 48hrs between your decision to let go of that big weight and writing this post a phrase like this one wandered through your mind: “What the hell have I done?”. Will definitely keep coming for your updates on this new adventure! –Paul

  40. @JackVentures says:

    I wanted to echo others’ comments as well. Kudos on your choice to go against the 9-5 culture and pursue your passions. Just followed you on Twitter, and looking forward to see what your up to next.

  41. Hey Sean!

    Congrats man. Sounds great that you are ready to do your own thing.
    I read Dereks comment. If he was not joking, he is a massive ass! Lol

    I know it’s probably scary, but at the same time its super exciting, and you are going to do well man, I know it. You have a lot of awesome people to support you on your journey, so work hard and enjoy it. You will be successful 🙂


    1. Sean says:

      @Diggy haha Derek was definitely joking. Truth be told, he has been one of the most supportive people regarding the change, and he is having a ton of success doing a very similar thing to what I have been doing. If you haven’t been to his site be sure to check it out!

  42. Mary says:

    Wow, congrats! I feel like I found your blog at the best possible moment. You are on the verge of something amazing. Go out there and get it!

  43. Nomadic Matt says:

    Awesome! Escape cubicle nation and live your dream. I can’t wait to read more about it.

    btw- how was the movie? it looks really funny. was it?

    1. Sean says:

      @Matt Thanks for the comment Matt! The movie was definitely worth going to. May not win any Oscars or anything, but it was definitely entertaining and had fantastic scenery.

  44. Junshien says:

    Hello! Followed you here from @chrisguillebeau’s tweet. I don’t know much about you except what I’ve ready in this post, but I completely relate to what you’re saying. That feeling of exhilaration, of uncertainty, of feeling alive…

    In 2007, I quit a good job at a biotech company to pursue my passion full time. It was scary, and the path was uncharted. But after a couple years of hard work and thinking outside the box, clients are now flying me around the world to take pictures for them. If you’re interested, here is a recent blog entry I wrote, a little view of what life could be like not that far down the road.

    Anyway, for whatever it’s worth, I’m cheering you on. Figure out your passion, and pursue it with all you have. Never get complacent, never let that hunger in your belly go away. Keep pressing onwards!

  45. JyMystique says:

    Great News! And, Best of Luck.

    I guess the most valuable lesson you would learn in life is thru the life of uncertainty where you would find that excitement and joy that one have been missing out when life becomes a routine.


  46. LisaCardona says:

    Sean, i feel your pain (and your positive spirit). I was in the same predicament as art director at an ad agency. it lasted 4 years until i was laid off. then my husband was also laid off from a cabinet shop. panic. it was (IS) a scary time. consolidating. not knowing how we were going to make mortgage payments. not able to find new decent jobs, we began our own business. attempting to salvage our good credit standing and comfy lifestyle is a struggle every day – BUT we have a sense of freedom that we didn’t have before. I’m hoping for much success and wishing it for you, too. Now i’m going to rent that move. lol

  47. Wow! I don’t know how I missed this. Congrats, man.

    Time to start practicing that guitar. Forget looking for the part time job. go play guitar at the subway. You will gain two things. First, you’ll be doing something you love, and two, you’ll find out that uncertainty is not that uncertain after all. You’ll probably make more money having fun in public than you did crunching numbers. I know I do that. Now is the time to BE YOURSELF!


  48. Martin says:

    Congratulations Sean. That’s a ballsy thing to do, and I wish you the best of luck in creating your ideal life.



  49. Sarah Martin says:


    I’m SO excited to hear what happens now…how exciting…my last day at my job was the best/weirdest day of my life…I feel ya on the guilt/relief thing…but TRUST me…you’ll get over the guilt 😀

  50. Sean – glad we connected. I’m excited about all that you’ll accomplish on this new adventure. Our situations are somewhat similar, although in 9 months I don’t think I did all that much.

    Cancun, Key West, Vegas, and CornOnTheJob was about as much as I could handle with time/money, but I’ll take it!

    I’m pretty sure I can help you accomplish #29 on your list. For 4 years now I’ve been utilizing different routines and methods to build muscle or get stronger. Let me know!

  51. Hey Sean – Just over here from GRS. Thanks for your guest post (i put in a comment) and good to discover you.

    I hope after almost a month after writing this post you’re feeling the good in all that’s happened.

    The blogging community is absolutely AWESOME, and it’s so good to see so many friends and supporters.

    I’m excited to follow your journey. If you ever stop by San Francisco, shoot me an e-mail!



  52. Beth says:

    Wow. I just came across Location180 and I am so very glad I did. This post actually made me tear up a bit at my desk I gotta say. I know that I am behind in your story, but I really appreciate you sharing this information with your blogging world. There is nothing as difficult as making yourself positive about a situation that many can look at as cause for negative thoughts. I read all your posts after this one, and looks like despite the ups and downs, the positivity remains.

    Great writing, I am very glad I found you!

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  54. Mneiae says:

    I’m in college and posts like this make me really wonder if I’m going for the right thing. Everyone says that you should go for your passion, but I’m not entirely sure that I’m NOT going for my passion right now. I want to start a few novel concepts as businesses and I’m a business student. I’m already very familiar with the audience that I want to reach/customer base I’ll be serving. And I think that I would be called a social entrepreneur if I implemented my projects.

    I admit that I’m in business school because my family has pressured me to make a lot of money. But I’m realizing that money won’t make me happy. They say that it will buy security and/or stability, but those are never guaranteed. I’m wondering what I should do with myself when I get out of school now.

    1. Sean says:

      @Mneiae Looking back on my college and post college career, i wouldnt say that I regret going to school and getting a 4 year degree, but I definitely think there are other approaches, both in terms of school, as well as what you do after school. If you have ideas that you are passionate about, START THEM IMMEDIATELY. I cant stress enough how important it is to get something going while you are still in school. You have the freedom to do it. As soon as you graduate, things start to get a little riskier. I’m not saying it cant be done after school (it totally can), but you will have a big leg up if you do it while you are still studying. Not to mention those business techniques you learn will be fresh in your mind.

      Bottom line, start now, and hopefully you will have made enough progress to keep it going once you graduate. The money will come, dont worry about your parents, you will regret not taking a chance on something you are passionate about. Email me if there is anything I can do or any questions you have.

  55. Moon Hussain says:

    My first time here and one more great blog found! Love this post, as I can relate to it. I have a job that I don’t love but pays decent. Downsides? I don’t care for it, it makes me lazier, no passion…

    So, it sounds like you were me, but you took the step that I’ve been wanting to take for months. Maybe I should repeat this over and over: “The point of all this, is just to say, don’t let your life pass you by. Don’t let the fear of uncertainty rule your life. ”

    I’m glad I found your blog!

  56. dan delphin says:

    Even tho this is an older post, I just found it. I’ve actually been meaning to write one of these myself. Its on my todo list. 🙂

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  58. Jamar says:

    Greatness prevails! Awesome story – i realise this was nearly a year ago, but i’ll read on to see how things are travelling.I am planning to plan to do exactly this. And have a similiar keep my pursuits transparent and accountable website. I found your site through your guest post at Life Without Pants. Subscribed to both. I think i;ll learn alot.

  59. Scott says:

    Fortune favors the bold!

  60. Boomz says:

    i am about to do the same thing as you today. and when i was about to throw in the towel, my boss gave me a raise! Now i am stuck, though not as brave as you. What should i do?

  61. Hildergarn says:

    Fear is False Expectations Appearing Real. Never let fear blow your mind, and thank God Sean for surpass the barrier of fear.

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