Is Blogging Dead? 5 Ways to Grow Your Blog in 2024

By Sean Ogle •  Updated: 10/11/23 •  8 min read

Inevitably every year at this time we get the rash of “is blogging dead” blog posts.

This begs the question, right now, as we approach 2024, is blogging still a viable business and growth strategy?

The answer? Yes – with a caveat.

Back when I started Location Rebel in 2009, things were much easier.

There was less competition…

People were less jaded…

Ranking blog posts in search engines was easier…

So if you’re just starting a brand new blog this year, I’m not gonna lie, you may be facing a bit of an uphill battle.

However, if you know what’s working, starting a blog is still a totally viable strategy in 2024 and beyond.

In today’s post, I’m going to share 5 things you can do to ensure your blog will grow, stay relevant, and be worth all the time and effort it takes to create great content.

I also was recently hanging out with my good friend, Corbett Barr – and we had a little chat about whether or not blogging is dead. And he brought up a couple of very good points:

How to Grow Your Blog in 2024

Before we go into all the details of how to grow a blog, it’s important to make sure you have a blog. And the best way to do that is to get a site up and running.

Don’t worry if you don’t have one yet, it’s incredibly easy to get going and we created an in-depth tutorial that walks you through exactly how to do it.

Check out: How to Start a Blog in 2024 (Step by Step)

1) Embrace At Least One Other Platform

The reality is, people aren’t hanging out on blogs quite like they used to. Across the board, people have seen traffic stagnate or decline. This could be due to any number of reasons, but a big part of it is that readers are spending their time elsewhere.

Platforms like Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, TikTok, and others have increased in popularity to the point where a user can spend time on one of those platforms, and see content from all of their favorite bloggers.

Often, the content is similar (or even better) to what you find on the blog itself, so it makes sense.

If you want your blog to grow in 2024, you need to choose at least one other platform for your content and go all in.

Does your site lend itself well to beautiful imagery and photos? Invest in Instagram.

Are you an aspiring videographer? YouTube it is.

Debating about a blog vs vlog content strategy? Check out this post.

Are you an expert on your subject and want to attract more B2B writing clients, you can go all-in on LinkedIn.

In 2024, you can’t just expect people to find you easily the way they might have in the past. You have to make yourself stand out, which is hard when you’re first getting started.

But, by devoting just as much time to at least one other medium, as you do your blog, you’ll see traffic, income, and loyalty increase in the process.

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2) Invest in More Video Content to Complement Your Blog

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed it, but video is blowing up in popularity online.


Well for one, it’s gotten so much easier to do over the last few years.

I mean, look at Instagram Stories for instance. People have built entire brands simply around their daily stories.

So why do I personally think video is so important?

Hint: It’s not for fame, subscribers, or traffic.

Then what is it?

It all comes down to a single word:


It’s one thing for you to read my blog, or get an email from me – but it doesn’t really give you a sense of exactly who I am, what my personality is like, and frankly if I’m someone you like or trust.

This is especially true these days, where AI tools are creating even more of a desire for trust and authenticity as more and more people are trying pass off fake work as authentic. Ew.

With video, there’s nothing to hide behind. You put yourself out there, for better or worse.

Some people won’t resonate with your style or personality, but what’s most important, is that others will.

It allows you to find your true fans, build trust with them, and give them another way to digest content from you.

So whether you do this with a social media platform, on YouTube, or simply with self-hosted videos on your site – the more you embrace video, the easier blogging will become.

Starting a vlog is also an excellent way to get in the habit of producing more video. This video OLD, but it’s still just as relevant today as it was when I shot it years ago:

3) Build an Email List

Whether we like it or not, the most effective medium we still have for actually building a real business around a blog is an email list.

That’s the best way to monetize a site, provide value that gets seen on a regular basis, and build trust is email.

Google algorithms can change, Twitter (ahem, X) can implode, but an email list? You control it. If everything else in your business disappears, if you have you list you can quickly rebuild.

On the surface, Location Rebel seems like a success because of our blog and/or our YouTube channel.

But where the magic really lies? It’s in our emails.

This is where we get to directly talk. One-on-one.

It’s where you can ask me a question and likely get a response (I do my best!).

The key to a successful, long-standing blog – is building an email list along with it.

In 2024 this will continue to be more true than ever. One of the best things you can invest in as a new blogger is an email marketing service, which will allow you to build this list. I recommend ConvertKit.

4) Become a Better Copywriter

The single most valuable skill you can learn in business, and possibly in life is copywriting.

If you can be persuasive with your words, then you’ll never hurt for money again.

You get the idea.

Spending time learning Copywriting has been the best investment I’ve made in myself, and it’s why I spend so much time talking about it inside Location Rebel Academy.

Here’s our detailed post on exactly how to start copywriting.

Looking for a little boost right away? Try these copywriting exercises:

5) Find a Supportive Community

Finally, this is something that often gets overlooked in the world of “solopreneurship”.

All too often we make the assumption that this means we have to do everything on our own.

Nothing could be farther from the truth.

When you’re building a lifestyle business, you’re already going against the grain and doing something unconventional.

Because of that, it’s important to find people who get it.

Specifically, it’s important to find two communities (and they may very well be the same).

The first is of people who are going through the same thing as you.

These people get it. They’re motivated, can provide accountability, and will be able to commiserate during the hard times, and celebrate with the victories.

Having at least a handful of people in the trenches with you, makes you realize you aren’t alone. And that you can do this.

The second is of people who have been there, done that.

And I’m not talking about the marketers and entrepreneurs who have 7 and 8 figure businesses. They’re out of touch with what you need.

I’m talking about the people who are just a few steps ahead of where you are. The ones who have just recently solved the problems you’re needing to solve. Find those people, seek mentorship, and you’ll get far more value than if you’re only taking advice from someone like Richard Branson or Elon Musk.

So, Is Blogging Dead? No. It’s Just Evolved.

In the end, blogging isn’t dead. While it’s harder than it once was, there are so many benefits to starting one, that I still think it’s a great first step for most people.

And if you embrace the 5 things we talked about in this post, you’re going to be ahead of 99% of bloggers. You’ll see growth well into 2024 and beyond, and have a fantastic brand and business that can give you more freedom than you ever expected.

Want to get going on your own lifestyle business? Awesome, let’s do it.

Sean Ogle

Sean Ogle is the Founder of Location Rebel where he has spent the last 12+ years teaching people how to build online businesses that give them the freedom to do more of the things they like to do in life. When he's not in the coffee shops of Portland, or the beaches of Bali, he's probably sneaking into some other high-class establishment where he most certainly doesn't belong.
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  1. Thank you so much. I feel the one mistake most bloggers make is they don’t embrace one other platform. Pinterest is a good platform to drive traffic to your blog and it’s definitely worth focusing on when you just starting your blog. Also, one thing I would like to add is doing proper keyword research before starting your blog so you don’t spend time writing content nobody is going to find.

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