15 Types Of Blog Post Titles That Get Clicked: A Beginner’s Guide

By Sean Ogle •  Updated: 05/04/23 •  21 min read

Note From Sean: Most bloggers will spend hours writing content and then write their blog post title in seconds as an afterthought. This is a HUGE problem. 

Why? Because if your headline isn’t good enough to get someone to click on the post and read it, then what’s the point of having great content in the first place?

Luckily, Emily Johnson knows this better than anyone. And in this post, she is going to show you exactly how to write killer blog post titles that work.


Ever experience it?

That moment of excitement mixed with fear and uncertainty right before you click “submit your guest post” or “publish your article?”


Then you are not the only one.

Any writer or blogger will tell you that publishing your post is one thing. Making sure it’s clicked, read, commented on, and shared, well, that’s another.

The fact of the matter is if you want your post read and shared, it’s got to be clicked.

So, how to make sure that happens? Your blog post title.

There are a few strategies to use that will make your writing more noticeable, create a catchy title, and draw people’s attention.

Now, let me guess when you’ve tried to do this yourself, you’ve probably come across a bunch of blog post title generators, and you think that it’s all you need to know about creating attention-grabbing headlines.

If that’s the case, I’d like to tell you something:

Blog post titles that follow templates show a lack of creativity. Also, due to the fact that they are being overused by so many, they can be boring.

There is nothing special about creating another “10 Tips For Working From Home” title. Have you seen how many there are? Just type it in Google…

To catch people’s attention, you need creative blog post titles, your headlines need to be one of a kind.

That’s what I want to show you how to do here. In this article, I will:

All of this will teach you how to title blog posts. So, shall we begin?

#1 “A Guide To…” Titles

The title of this post is “…: A Beginner’s Guide.” Why did I choose it? Well, first of all, “a guide” communicates to readers that it’s giving you the most important information about a topic, in this case — blog post tiles.

Secondly, using “beginner’s guide” in the headline should attract those with little or no experience in creating catchy blog headlines. People like new freelance writers or people who want to learn more about optimizing content for SEO.

So, why do “guide” topics work?

“Guide” topics work because they promise readers they’ll find all the most important information about a topic. So there’s no need to search for more.

Now, when creating a “guide” headline, be creative! There are many ways to expand on a common “…: A Guide” topic. Create your own unique guide! Here are a few creative blog post title ideas you can use:

Also, check out the three posts below. Look at the number of shares they got on social media. Aren’t their titles creative? 

  1. The Martin Luther King, Jr. Guide To Inspirational Writing (read).
  2. How To Use Canva: An 8-Step Guide To Creating Visual Content (read).

As you can see, there are many ways you can change the common “Guide” title. Remember, expand on your idea!

If you don’t know how to change your idea into an amazing title, write it down and improve on it the way I did below:

Idea: Feeding Toddlers.

Good Title: A Guide To Feeding Toddlers.

Great Title: A Simple Guide To Feeding Toddlers.

Perfect Title: A Simple Guide To Quickly Feeding Your Toddler.

#2 “10, 15, 20…” Titles

neil patel title

Many readers, as well as writers, fall in love with list articles at first sight and there is a reason for it.

Listicles are easy to read and easy to write. They also get clicked and read more often than other articles.

What makes listicles work? Why do they stand out?

Listicles are eye-catching because they organize information, inform you up-front how long the article will be and how many new things you’ll learn.

Here are some ideas on how to create interesting listicles:

Also, check the three articles below. Aren’t their titles noticeable?

  1. The 17 Best Tools For Spying On Your Competition (read).
  2. 16 Knockout Article Ideas: How to Write Regularly for Your Blog (read).

Let’s now try to change a simple idea into a creative, eye-catching blog post title like those above:

Idea: Harry Potter.

Good Title: 25 Harry Potter Gadgets.

Great Title: 25 Harry Potter Gadgets Every Fan Should Have.

Perfect Title: 25 Unique Harry Potter Gadgets Every True Fan Should Have.

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#3 “… No One Will Tell You” Blog Post Titles

Do you like the idea of missing out on something? No? Well, neither do your readers.


“… No One Will Tell You” title works because it promises you that once you click it, you’ll learn something unknown. Also, you’ll no longer be out of the loop.

Let’s brainstorm for some ideas on how to write creative “… No One Will Tell You” blog post titles that instantly draw people’s attention.

Also, take a look at the three articles below. Can you resist reading them?

  1. 5 Things No One Will Tell You About Your First Job (read).
  2. 6 Things No One Tells You About Running a Business While Traveling Full Time (read).

Now, let’s try to create a perfect “… No One Will Tell You” title. What would you say about a topic involving fauna and flora? Let’s narrow it down to insects.

Idea: Mosquitoes.

Good Title: What No One Will Tell You About Mosquitoes.

Great Title: 20 Things No One Will Tell You About Mosquitoes.

Perfect Title: 20 Mindblowing Facts No One Will Ever Tell You About Mosquitoes.

#4 “How To” Titles

how to post title

“How To” titles are some of the most popular for blog posts. Check some of your favorite websites. How many “How To” titles do they have? 

“How To” titles get clicked by hundreds because they promise to teach you some new vital skills.

Also, think about what do we use search engines for? To find the information we lack, right? So, when we want to learn something new, acquire new skills or improve those we already possess, “how to” articles are the first we click since they offer us help as well as solutions. So these are for titling blog posts for SEO.

Check out these ideas on how to change the common “How To” title into a more interesting one:

Also, take a look at the three posts below. Are they popular?

  1. How To Get More Likes On Facebook Without Buying Fans (read).
  2. How To Create The Perfect Thank You Page: An Epic Guide (read).

Now, since we know that “How To” titles work and get hundreds of clicks, let’s try to create our own “How To” title that’ll interest our readers:

Idea: Changing tires.

Good Title: How To Change A Tire.

Great Title: How To Easily And Quickly Change A Tire.

Perfect Title: How To Easily And Quickly Change Your Tire Alone: 12 Steps.

#5 “Where, What, Why” Titles

Like I mentioned before, we use search engines in order to find the information we lack. Just like “How To” articles, “Where, What, Why” blog titles get hundreds of readers since they give us answers to questions that keep us up at night.

Let’s sum up:

“Where, What, Why” blog titles work because they promise that by reading the article you’ll learn something new, find advice as well as a solution to a problem you have.

Here are some simple yet interesting ideas on how to create “Where, What, Why” blog post titles:

Also, check the three articles below. Do they promise to give you useful information?

  1. Why Successful People Plan Their Lives 90 Days At A Time (read).
  2. What is Amazon KDP Publishing? (And How to Start) (read).

Now, let’s come up with our own unique “Where, What, Why” title, shall we? What if we’d like to share our knowledge about where to buy a ring?

Idea: Buy A Ring.

Good Title: Where To Buy An Engagement Ring.

Great Title: Where To Buy A Diamond Engagement Ring.

Perfect Title: 10 Jewelry Shops Where You Can Buy An Affordable Diamond Engagement Ring.

#6 “Infographic:…” Titles

There is a reason why we want more and more infographics: they are fun, quick to read, and easy to remember. If your post has visual content, put it in your headline! The promise of an infographic might result in more people reading your post as well as more shares on social media.

So, why are “Infographic” blog post titles attractive?

“Infographic” titles attract more people because they promise that the content will be visual, and thus, easy to process and memorize.

Let’s take a look at three easy ways to inform your readers that there will be an infographic in the post:

Also, check out the blog posts below. How many shares did they get?

  1. Infographic: The Best Careers For Introverts And Extroverts (read).
  2. Email Marketing and Why it’s So Important [Infographic] (read).

As you can see, putting “infographic” into your title is very easy and promises a lot of social media shares. Thus, use this strategy if you have a wonderful visual content to share with your readers!

Idea: Cat Grooming.

Good Title: How To Groom Your Cat.

Great Title: How I Groom My Cat: Infographic.

Perfect Title: How I Groom My Cat: A Funny Infographic For Cat Lovers.

#7 “Mistakes To Avoid” Blog Post Titles

ent title

As we all well know, people learn best from their own mistakes. However, wouldn’t you like to be one step forward and know upfront the common mistakes in a given task before you take it? I think the answer is obvious…

“Mistakes To Avoid” blog titles work because it promises information about what can hinder your success and what you should pay attention to.

Here are a few ideas on how to make creative blog post titles for the above:

Check out the three articles below as well. Do their titles spark your interest?

  1. Want New Customers Faster? Avoid This Rookie Marketing Habit (read).
  2. 10 Mistakes I Made as a Successful First Time Kindle Author (So You Don’t Have To) (read).

Now, let’s say you’d like to write an article about how to write a blog post. What title would it have?

Idea: Write A Blog Post.

Good Title: Mistakes To Avoid While Writing A Blog Post.

Great Title: 15 Mistakes To Avoid While Writing A Blog Post.

Perfect Title: 15 Common Mistakes To Avoid While Writing Your First Blog Post.

#8 “Everything You Need To Know About” Titles

The “Everything You Need To Know About” title is similar to the first title I discussed the “Guide” title. Just like the 1st title, the 8th title on my list focuses on providing your reader with all the necessary information about a topic.

The “Everything You Need To Know About” blog title is eye-catching because it promises that once you click it, you’ll learn everything about a given topic. So, there is no need to search for more information.

Let’s take a look at some ideas on how to write “Everything You Need To Know About Titles:”

Also, take a look at how some experienced bloggers use the above title to their advantage:

  1. Bullet Journal 101: Everything You Need to Know to Get Started (read).
  2. Nintendo Switch buying guide: Everything you need to know (read).

Now, since we see that many people use the “Everything You Need To Know About” title for their posts, let’s create our own special title. 

Idea: Civilization V.

Good Title: Everything You Need To Know About Civilization V.

Great Title: A Guide To Civilization V: Everything You Need To Know.

Perfect Title: An In-Depth Guide To Civilization V: Everything You Need To Know.

#9 “Question?” Titles

Another great way to write an eye-catching blog title is to ask your readers a question. Make them think. Spark their interest from the very beginning.

“Question?” titles bring hundreds of clicks because they make your readers involved. People will want to know the answer to a question that is provocative.

How can you put a question into your title? It’s very easy. Here are some blog post titles that work:

Also, take a look at these few posts. What can you say about their titles? 

  1. Bored With Your Blog? These 10 Tips Will Make You Fall In Love Again (read).
  2. The Future of Freelance Writing in 2022 (Is it Dead?) (read).

Can you now make your own “Question?” title? Let’s try together!

Idea: Android and iOS.

Good Title: Is Android Better Than iOS?

Great Title: Is Android Better Than iOS? 12 Reasons.

Perfect Title: Is Android Better Than iOS? 12 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Buy An iPad.

If you have an iPad and if my title made you feel outraged and challenged, that’s great! It means the title is provocative enough to make you click and read the article!

Remember, by asking provocative questions, you win!

#10 “…: Here’s Why” Blog Post Titles

get response heres why

The “Here’s Why” blog headline has got 2 parts:

  1. A negative statement,
  2. A promise of enlightenment.

“Here’s Why” titles work because you indicate a problem, inform your readers you know the reasons behind it as well as, indirectly, promise to provide solutions.

How can you use this title to your advantage? Take a look at the 5 blog post title examples below:

Also, check the posts below. 

  1. Doing Nothing Is The Secret To Productivity: Here’s Why And How (read).
  2. What is a Letter of Introduction in Freelance Writing? Here’s Why it Matters (read).

Now, let’s try to create another title. This time, a “Here’s Why” title:

Idea: Oranges.

Good Title: You Should Eat More Oranges.

Great Title: You Should Eat More Oranges: Here’s Why.

Perfect Title: You Should Eat Two Oranges A Day: Here’s Why.

#11 “Keyword:…” Titles

If you take a look at high authority websites, you’ll notice that quite often they publish posts with a keyword in the headline. Why? 

“Keyword” titles are eye-catching because they feature a trigger word or phrase that sparks interest. They also either pose a question or offer more information about a topic, thus, they are educative and helpful.

When creating this title, you can be very creative!

It’s great for combining a few title examples in one. For example, “Keyword” + “Question?” title or “Keyword” + “Everything You Need To Know” title. 

Also, check the posts below. Are the trigger words in the titles challenging?

  1. Video Marketing: The Definitive Guide (read).
  2. Writers: You Don’t Have To Starve (If You Do This) (read).

Let’s now brainstorm for an idea and write our own “Keyword” blog title. What would you say for Swiss watches?

Idea: Swiss Watches.

Good Title: Swiss Watches: Why Are They The Best?

Great Title: Swiss Watches: 10 Reasons Why They Are The Best.

Perfect Title: Swiss Watches: 10 Reasons Why They Are No. 1 On The Market.

#12 “Increase Your… With…” Titles.

This type of title lets you be very flexible about the choice of the first word. It might be “increase,” “get more” or “be better.” There are many possibilities, so do some brainstorming!

“Increase Your… With…” title works because it’s to the point and states exactly what the article is going to be about.

Let’s take a look at some common variations of the title above:

Also, check these 3 posts from authority websites. Do these blog post titles make you want to click?

  1. Boost The Relevance Of Your Content With Benefits And Features (read).
  2. Get More Fans, Followers, And Shares With These 6 Social Media Marketing Tools (read).

Now, try to create your own “Increase Your… With…” title following my table:

Idea: Weight Loss.

Good Title: Lose Weight By Exercising.

Great Title: Lose Weight With These Fat-Burning Exercises.

Perfect Title: Lose More Weight Faster With These 12 Fat-Burning Exercises.

#13 “Stop Doing This” Blog Post Titles

This is a very interesting title that I have spotted on a number of websites. Why does it work?

The “Stop Doing This” title works because it teaches you an important lesson on something you’re doing but shouldn’t do, and tells you why it’s wrong or what will you gain if you refrain from doing that.

Check this interesting, creative ways in which you can use the “Stop Doing This” headline:

Now, take a look at the posts below. Are they popular? How many people clicked them and shared on social media?

  1. Why You Should Stop Comparing Yourself to Others (And How to Do It) (read).
  2. Stop Making These 12 Word Choice Errors Once And For All (read).

Are you ready to create these yourself? Let’s first try to do it together!

Idea: Writing.

Good Title: Stop Making These Grammar Mistakes.

Great Title: Stop Making These 15 Grammar Mistakes.

Perfect Title: Want To Be A Professional Writer? Stop Making These Common 15 Grammar Mistakes.

Are you getting the hang of improving your blog post titles? Isn’t it easy?

#14 “… Vs…” Titles

vs title

This is a simple comparison of two items, thoughts or ideas. Sometimes you might come across a similar title, that is “The Differences Between,” but it’s long and ordinary. On the other hand, the “… Vs…” title is short and to the point.

“…Vs…” headlines get many clicks because people find comparisons useful. Before downloading a program or buying new equipment we want to know upfront if it’s better than other items available on the market.

Here’s how you can insert the “…Vs…” phrase into your title:

Also, here are a few blog post headlines featuring the above title. Do their headlines draw attention?

  1. Content Marketing Vs. Native Advertising: What’s A Better Value? (read).
  2. Lifestyle Business vs. Startup: Which Is Right for You? (read).

Now, let’s create another equally unique blog headline following the common “… Vs…” template:

Idea: Glasses And Contact Lenses.

Good Title: Glasses Vs. Contact Lenses.

Great Title: Glasses Vs. Contact Lenses: Which Should You Buy?

Perfect Title: Glasses Vs. Contact Lenses: Which Should You Buy And Why?

#15 “The Simple…” Titles

The last title we’re going to discuss is “The Simple” title. Doesn’t it speak for itself? Simple title, simple ideas, simple solutions, simple remedies… Doesn’t the promise of being simple encourage you to read the post?

“The Simple” title is eye-catching because of the word “simple,” which promises that in the article, you’ll find ideas or solutions to your problems that are NOT complicated, hard to understand, or difficult to do.

Check some of the creative varieties of “The Simple” blog post title:

Also, take a look at these three articles. Do they promise help? How many shares do they have?

  1. The Simple 4 Step System for Rocking All of Your Goals (read).
  2. Your Simple (Yes, Simple) Guide To Quantum Entanglement (read).

Now, let’s once again create our own special title. 

Idea: Blog Post Titles.

Good Title: Simple Blog Post Titles.

Great Title: Writing Blog Post Titles Made Simple.

Perfect Title: Writing Catchy Blog Post Titles Made Simple: 12 Steps.

Tools to Help Create Better Headlines

If you’re still feeling stuck creating catchy blog post titles, there are tools out there that can help you get the ball rolling. Here are a few headline generators to try:

Sumo’s Kickass Headline Generator

This is a fun one. If the blank page is really getting you down, try this fill-in-the-blank approach. Pick a type of headline (lists, how to’s) and fill in key information like topic and desired outcome, and click generate. You’ll get a bunch of ideas that can get you going.

Co-Schedules Headline Analyzer

This one won’t help you write the headlines, per see — you still need to come up with your blog titles. But, it does give you a quick analysis letting you know how your headline scores across a couple of metrics with a few tips for improvement. It’s an easy way to see how small tweaks can massively improve your headlines.

AI Writing Tools

If you’ve been paying attention online, you’ve probably seen the explosion of AI writing tools like Jasper and ChatGPT. Rather than be nervous about these tools, we think they can be amazing ways to help writers. And, yes, they can help you generate tons of blog headlines in seconds.

Copywriting Skills

One of the best ways to get better at writing blog titles? Copywriting. Learning some basic copywriting skills can help you become a much better writer, even if you don’t want to pursue that as a career right now. Trust me on this, learning how to write copy has been one of the biggest successes behind my business growth over the yeras.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, writing creative, eye-catching blog post titles that work doesn’t have to be complicated. Remember, when creating your own unique title, combine ideas! Don’t use just one template. Use 2 or 3 and experiment! And if you’re going to use a blog post title generator, don’t rely only on it, try mixing and matching.

Check the title of this blog post. How many templates does it follow? Is it still unique?

As you can see, the KEY to writing a catchy and unique title is to come up with an original idea, expand on it and combine several title templates to make one, perfect title. Be creative!

If you like this article and found it helpful, share it with your friends! If you have other ideas on which titles get many clicks, let me know about them in the comments below.

Emily Johnson is a content creator of OmniPapers and contributor to many online publications on digital and content marketing. You can always find more works of hers on Twitter.

This post has been updated for accuracy as of May 2023.

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