5 Freelance Writing Job Boards that Don’t Suck

By Liz Froment •  Updated: 01/26/22 •  7 min read

Spend five minutes searching for info about finding freelance writing jobs, and you’re going to get hit with a barrage of conflicting information.

Check out UpWork!

Ignore UpWork!

Avoid freelance writing job boards!

No freelance writing job boards are the most amazing thing ever!

Work for free!

Are you crazy, never work for free!

See what I mean?

The reality is there are all sorts of places out there that can help you get freelance writing jobs. In fact, here’s a big huge list of them right here.

The key is you have to know where to look.

Ask any seasoned freelance writer, and they will tell you that of course they still check out job boards; they just ignore the crappy ones.

Unfortunately, there are, well, a lot of those.

But, here, I want to save you the time and effort. And instead share the good freelance writing job boards where you can find quality writing jobs, especially if you’re a beginning freelance writer.

So avoid all those content mills that want to pay you $5 a post, and check out these sites instead.

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Freelance Writing Job Boards: Before You Start…

Sometimes, when it comes to finding good freelance writing jobs you have to do a little bit of digging and set up a system that helps you search for the good stuff in all those lousy job listings out there.

With these sites, it’s a good idea to start by setting up a few keyword alerts.

That way, you can get a notice of jobs in your industry or niche right to your inbox, which can save you a lot of time when you’re trying to get everything else up and running.

So as you add these sites (and others) to the mix when you’re out searching for writing work, be sure to check and see where you can get gigs sent right to your inbox.

And don’t forget, you can check out our extensive guide on how to become a freelance writer here.

The Best Freelance Writing Job Boards Out There

Now, remember, these sorts of job boards are great, but they aren’t the end all be all only way to find writing work out there.

So don’t rely 100% on these sites, instead use them as just one part of your approach to finding clients. You can read a few more ways to get freelance writing clients. Check out the section called How to Get Work as a Freelance Writer in this post.

Ok with that out of the way, let’s get to the good stuff.

Keep reading, or check out the video below.

ProBlogger Job Board

freelance writing job boards problogger

If you’ve been online at all in the last few years, you’ve probably come across this site. It’s been around at least a decade and is a great source of legit writing jobs from good companies, including many of your favorite blogs.

A lot of freelance writers, including our very own Liz Froment, have gotten quality clients through here. If you’ve already got a little bit of freelancing under your belt, it’s also a great place to level up.

The vast majority of the jobs here aren’t going to be those low paying $10 a post type gig. So if you want to upgrade to $50-$100 a post (and more), be sure to check it out every week.

Check out the ProBlogger Job Board here.

Freelance Writing Job Board

freelance writing job boards

Yup, there is a site out there called freelancewriting.com, that was a pretty smart get! The site itself is another excellent resource for all things for freelance writers, but especially their job board.

What’s great about this job board is it has a ton of varied types of work from a bunch of industries. If you want to get into B2B writing, this is a great place to find some potential clients.

They also pull in a bunch of jobs from other big sites and get a broad base of opportunities, which includes some full-time remote work too, so it’s kind of like one-stop shopping.

You can also find work beyond blogging; they also have jobs for designers, social media, ebooks, and more.

Check out the Freelance Writing Job Board here.


freelance writing job boards mediabistro

Ok, you should know by now that there’s no ‘one’ way to become a freelance writer. For some, it’s all about blogging, while for others, it’s writing corporate white papers, and for still others, it’s about getting into some of those more prominent name brands and magazines.

If that last one is you, then you want to check out MediaBistro.

They’ve got hundreds of jobs in the writing and editing section of their job board, and a ton of them are with some pretty recognizable names. If you’re searching for a full-time remote writing job, this is a great place to start.

But note there are still lots of opportunities for freelancers here, especially if you want to get your foot in the door with getting your name out there.

Check out MediaBistro’s job board here.

Journalism Jobs

freelance writing job boards journalism jobs

While the name might make you think this is only for magazines or news sites, there are lots of freelance writing and editing opportunities on this job board too.

You don’t need a journalism degree to get your feet wet and dig in. These are all skills that can be learned, and when you do, it opens up all sorts of new opportunities for you down the road.

So don’t be scared to give some of these a shot!

A lot of freelance writers who have both content marketing experience and interview experience have a really special skillset. Plus, it never hurts getting to know a couple of editors for some major sites out there! That can go a long way when it comes to pitching.

Check out the Journalism Jobs board here.


freelance writing job boards flexjobs

The best part about the job board at FlexJobs is that the entire site is geared around flexible work arrangements. That means you’ll see way more remote jobs than you’d typically find on most standard-issue job boards, which is great for someone like you.

Once you dig into job boards, you’ll notice that once you start clicking on remote, a lot of the jobs start to whittle away. But with FlexJobs, you can see right from the start which jobs are fully remote vs. some that are part-time remote or have flexible schedules.

Another thing you’ll find on this site is the various writing jobs available. If you want to get into something like technical writing or copywriting, for instance, you can find a bunch of opportunities.

So it’s another great one to have on your list. You can also upgrade your account and pay a monthly fee to get better access to jobs, so if you see a lot of potential good fits for you on there, upgrading isn’t a bad idea.

Check out the FlexJobs board here.

Oh, wait…we’ve got one more.

Bonus: Pangian Job Board

freelance writing job boards pangian

Pangian started as a travel site, but they’ve expanded their job board over the last few years to include remote gigs from all over the world.

They also feature a lot more than just freelance writing jobs too. So if you’re a web designer, editor, or project manager, be sure to give this board a look.

Like FlexJobs, they also have an upgraded job board for some of the juiciest jobs for a monthly fee, so you can decide if you think it’s worth it based on the postings you see.

Check out the Pangian Job Board here.

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Ready to Start?

Ok, there you have it, six job boards, that you can dig into today. Like I said in the video, while job boards aren’t the absolute best way to get started, they are certainly a place where you’ll want to dig into as you search for freelance clients.

Want some handholding? Grab our 6 day course and our Freelance Writer’s Guide for FREE.


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Learn How to Make Your First $1,000 Freelance Writing (in 30 Days or Less)

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