8 Easy Remote Writing Jobs (For the Total Beginner)

By Sean Ogle •  Updated: 01/20/22 •  11 min read

It’s now 2022, and the whole making money on the internet thing is no longer as novel as it was a decade ago.

Millions of people are doing it, and so you may finally be at the point where you’re saying: “If so many other people are have created successful online businesses, then maybe I really can do it myself.”

I’m going to tell it to you straight: you can.

But with dozens of different types of businesses you can choose from, you should be deliberate in how you get started if you’re new to the whole online business world.

My best advice? Try your hand at freelance writing.

There are a lot of reasons as to why you should start freelance writing, but the basics are:

But where do you start exactly?

8 Remote Writing Jobs (Even a Total Beginner Can Do)

Prefer to watch? Here’s the video version of this post:

Well, that’s what we’re going to cover in this post. I’m going to share with you 8 remote writing jobs that you can do from home (or on the road) and are perfect for the beginning freelance writer.

1) Email Outreach: An underrated remote writing job

We included email outreach as our first remote writing jobs, because I think it’s one of the most under-the-radar opportunities out there right now.

As bloggers and businesses are continuing to double down on content marketing for their businesses, they’re also more actively working on their search engine optimization.

One of the ways they’re doing this is by sending out emails by the hundreds to other website owners asking for guest posts and links. If you don’t know, links are the currency of the internet. The more links that point back to you, the better your site will do in search rankings.

The problem? Most people are horrible at this type of outreach. They automate it and make it impersonal, leading to poor results.

If you can hone your skills at writing personalized emails to real people, and build up those relationships on behalf of a blog owner? There is true value there and it’s something a lot of people will pay for.

The best way to get started? Ironically enough: cold email outreach.

Resources to Check out:

2) Transcription Writing: An excellent place for beginners to start

There’s nothing overly sexy about transcribing content.

Essentially you listen to someone talk in a video, podcast, audio-note – and then you type out what you hear. There are automated services out there for this, but a lot of people prefer the extra accuracy of a human doing it.

There’s also a big opportunity in translation work if you can speak two languages, or if you’re considering freelance writing as a non-native English speaker.

Resources to Check Out:

3) Proofreading Jobs: Just Don’t Be a Jerk About It

With millions of blog posts being published on a daily basis, that means there are millions of grammatical and spelling errors, also being published on a daily basis.

Guaranteed, there will be at least one on this post.

Are you someone with great attention to detail? Then you may be an excellent proofreader or editor.

Some businesses swear by having a proofreader check their services, while others will prefer not to spend money on it and do it themselves.

But this is one remote writing job that can be very lucrative if you find the right client.

Just one word of advice…

If you do cold outreach to bloggers offering proofreading services, don’t be a jerk. Choosing one of their blog posts and marking it up with red ink to show “how bad” their published work is? That’s a great way to get your email deleted and not get the job.

Resources to Check Out:

4) Blog Content Writing: Where most new freelancer’s start

Ah the blog content writing generalist, the ultimate entry point for people who truly want to look at freelance writing as a career.

With over 4 million blog posts being published each day there’s an incredible need for content out there to keep up with the competition.

As such there are so many opportunities for new freelance writers right now.

All of the experts will say “you have to niche down!” – which honestly, isn’t bad advice.

But here’s the good news: if you don’t have a niche? You can still be a successful remote freelance writer!

But regardless of whether or not you become a freelance writing generalist, or if you already have a niche in mind, this is a fantastic place for beginners to start. It can be a lucrative longterm career, or the ultimate bridge business.

Check out these resources:

5) Product Descriptions: Short, Sweet, Kinda Tedious

You know when you’re on Amazon, or any other online store and you read about a product?

Someone has to write all of those product descriptions.

Sure big box retailers have teams of people to do that. But with the millions of independent e-commerce and Amazon stores out there, there are tons of entrepreneurs out there that need people to write their product descriptions.

When I was first starting out online, I worked for a company selling industrial key boxes. They had hundreds of different SKUs. Guess who got to write the descriptions for them? Meeeee, baby. Meeeeee. (Props if you know the Jack Black reference there).

While not the most fun work, it can be a great foot in the door for new remote writers who are looking to make a little money, without having to be the driving creative force behind things.

Resources to Check Out:

6) SEO Articles: A Dying Breed, But Still Opportunities

When I first started looking for remote writing jobs, there were a ton of people hiring “SEO writers.”

Now, this did not mean they were hiring SEO professionals to make their blog posts more SEO friendly.

Rather there was a specific SEO strategy called “article marketing.”

Essentially this means you write hundreds of low-quality articles and then publish them on one of a number of “article farms.”

Generally, these posts were never meant to be read by anyone. But each one had a backlink to a client’s page that they wanted to rank.

Remember how we said links are the currency of the internet?

Well despite the fact on their own, any one of these links weren’t worth much. When you did them by the hundreds? Or thousands? That could have an effect.

This industry is nowhere close to what it was 10 years ago, but there’s still people out there doing variations on this today.

The pay isn’t huge, but if you’re looking for a low-stress way to build some confidence as a freelance writer, then SEO writing jobs could be perfect for you.

Resources to Check Out:

7) Random Writing Jobs on Fiverr: Yes, this is a thing.

It’s not much of a secret that Fiverr is home to a lot of pretty random jobs.

If you’re looking for, let’s say, an African Tribesperson to dance around and sing your grandma happy birthday? You’ll find someone who will do that for you on Fiverr.

Or how about the singer who did vocals for some of the tracks in 2001: A Space Odyssey? That you need for your own 2001 homage video and song? You’ll find them on Fiverr too. (This is a true story.)

But despite all of the irreverent, and often hilarious Fiverr jobs out there, this also means there’s a lot of opportunity for more…useful jobs as well.

Where would you find someone to write a Craigslist ad to help you sell your car? Or perhaps an eBay listing for those old speakers that have been collecting dust in your closet?

Fiverr can be a great place for that. So by doing a little research and getting creative with what you offer on your Fiverr profile, you could have a (very) niche writing business that actually pays the bills.

Resources to Check Out:

8) Copywriting: Are you persuasive? This might be for you.

Copywriting is kind of the creme de la creme of remote writing jobs.

You might be thinking “I thought this was a post for easy writing jobs?”

Well it depends on who you are. If you have a background in sales or marketing, copywriting may come very naturally to you – and actually, be the best starting point for a remote writing job.

But if you’re just starting out, and not feeling quite as confident in your writing or persuasive abilities? Then one of the other options listed above may be a better starting point.

That said, Copywriting can be an incredibly lucrative skill to master – whether you freelance it or not. So I’d recommend spending a little time studying.

Resources to Check Out:

Other Resources for Remote Writing Jobs

These eight remote writing jobs are just the tip of the iceberg. There is so much potential out there for freelance writers, and if you’re willing to put in a little bit of time? It can pay off in a big way.

Here are a handful of other useful resources that will be beneficial as you’re growing your career as a remote freelance writer:

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