10 Unique Vlog Ideas for Beginners

By Sean Ogle •  Updated: 07/06/20 •  6 min read

I used to make some pretty good vlogs. I tried different things, I mixed up the shots, and I did my best to be creative.

But lately, I well, haven’t.

I got stagnant, and started phoning it in.

Maybe its because I always compared myself to the Peter Mckinnons or Matt D’Avellas of the world, their videos look so good.

So rather than really try to up my filmmaking (can you actually call it that?), I just focused on being as helpful as possible, but not worrying about getting better.

It’s time things changed.

How do you make a good video, even if you aren’t an expert, aren’t a filmmaker, or don’t think you’re that interesting?

I’m going to show you.

Unique Vlog Ideas to Make Your YouTube Channel More Interesting

Now, if you’re just looking for content ideas for a vlog, I’ve already made videos on that.

Two of them actually.

Check out: 31 YouTube Video Ideas

If you’re looking for the essentials of how to vlog? <<–I’ve done that as well.

This one is for those creative video ideas. The outside the box ones that might inspire you a bit more to flex your creative muscles.

Because sometimes in order to re-engage, you just need to give yourself permission to get creative.

I thought this video turned out pretty well, so I definitely recommend hitting play:

Scroll to around 15:45 to watch me get trolled by my editor…

#1) A wireless microphone will give you WAY more creative options

I had this laying in my closet for two years. I spent far too much money on stuff for my desk video.

Work from anywhere, even in the middle of a desert

A shot from “The Desk”

Yes, that video


But this wireless microphone turned out to be worth the cost of everything else combined.


Because all of a sudden it lets you step back from the camera.

It allows you to get creative and shoot things that simply aren’t possible with an on-camera microphone.

And usually? This leads to more interesting shots.

Sennheiser Wireless Lavalier Microphone

This bad boy isn't cheap, but it has been one of, if not the very best investment I've made to increase the quality of my videos.

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05/18/2024 05:20 am GMT

And for a much less expensive option, I’d take a look at the Rode Wireless Go.

#2) Do a voice over

What happens if you take images, and put your voice on top of them, rather than just talking directly to the camera?

I mean you’re attractive, but are you that attractive that people want to watch nothing but you for 10 minutes straight?

Maybe. But maybe not.

Tell a story using other visual methods, rather than just talking to the camera.

I experimented with this in my “Making of The Desk” video:

#3) Use text to help tell your story

Sometimes it’s a struggle to tell your story in a concise and descriptive way.

Adding text can go a long way to making this more interesting.

Look at this clip I shot on a golf trip a few months ago.

Mixing it up like this not only keeps the viewer engaged, but it can be an easy way to tell a complicated story – or add in laughs.

#4) Try a Different Frame Rate

Do you always just put the camera in auto mode, and hit record?

Experiment with a different frame rate.

120 frames per second is super slow mo, and any of the newest iPhones can do it. Try experimenting with it to mix up your b-roll shots.

Or 60 frames per second, can allow you to speed ramp and go from full speed to slow speed, very quickly.

It takes some practice, but can add a stylized element to your vlog.

#5) Do a “Boring Room Challenge”

You have two hours and one room. Get creative, and make the most interesting video you can in one confined space.

If you can learn to do this, then you’ll be even more creative during the times that you have more space to work with.

#6) Rent a new piece of gear for 24 hours

I’m the first to admit that having a new toy, gadget, or tool can often be all you need to rekindle the creative spark.

Have you been using the same lens on your camera month in and month out?

Get yourself a new toy to spark new ideas. Whether it’s a lens, a camera, a light, a microphone – whatever it is, often all you need is something new to change up your routine.

This past week, I was able to rent a $2300 lens for 4 days and it only cost me $35 bucks.

$35 is a price I was more than happy to pay for all the new excitement it gave me for shooting.

#7) Add sound effects for a more professional element

Did you know it’s easier than ever to add sound effects in to your videos? You can use a service like Epidemic Sound to get thousands of them for cheap.

It might be the single easiest way to up your production value – not to mention once you start doing it, you actually feel like you’re legit.

#8) Speaking of sound effects, experiment with music as well

Adding music to a video can completely change the dynamic to it. Different music styles can also completely change how a video feels.

Experiment with it for a really easy way to add an entertaining and emotional element.

#9) Experiment with Camera Angles

I got pretty stuck in the head on, talking head shot for 80% of my videos this year.

Why not mix it up? Try a top down shot.

Try going super zoomed in. Or way far back. Looking down. Looking up.

Unexpected angles are one way to keep someone engaged and watching.

#10) Find a Friend

Shooting by yourself can get old after awhile. Not to mention, it limits what you’re able to do with your videos. Try bringing a friend in. Not only will they have different ideas than you, by making your videos more collaborative, they can also be more fun as well.

After all, how many movies have you seen that were only shot by one person?

More Tools for How to Vlog

There you have it, 10 ways you can mix up the shots with your YouTube videos to make them just a little bit more creative and engaging.

Looking for more help with your videos? Then check out these posts:

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