The One Where I Failed…

By Sean Ogle •  Updated: 03/06/12 •  6 min read

Well, I’ve got a confession to make.  When it comes to my goals for 2012, I’ve been a complete and utter failure for the first two months of this year.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had a hell of a couple months between skiing in Vail, relaxing in a jungle compound, smoking stogies with Castro, and now speaking in front of hundreds, however when it comes to the initial goals I’ve laid out for the year, well, it ain’t pretty.

Quick recap, since I wouldn’t expect you to remember my goals for the year, here they are again:

  1. Make $100,000
  2. Get a Six-Pack
  3. Play 75 Rounds of Golf
  4. Help 50 People Quit Their Jobs and Start New Businesses
  5. Travel to 5 Countries

I laid those out thinking they would be a good balance of personal achievement and helping others, and when I started it seemed so easy and attainable.

Well that was until I started gallivanting around the continent, and ignoring a roadmap that I’d outlined so intricately.  Ok, it wasn’t that intricate, and there really wasn’t much of a plan – lesson learned.

The Bad

My $100,000 in revenue is still very attainable, however it’s going to rely on me actually following through with my business plan for the year.  Updating the marketing for Location Rebel and actually getting Hacking the High Life out the door – which I’m excited to do by the end of the month.

I’m fortunate to be at a point where I have enough money to survive, and have enough coming in most months to cover expenses and then some.  The problem with this, is it allows you to get complacent.  When you don’t have to keep building and making things happen quickly, you can get lazy, and it’s a steep and slippery slope down. It’s time to refocus on the business and revenue goals, and simply start following through with the things that will get me there.

Working out and getting that six pack has been a similar story.  Not only have I not developed the good habits that I need, it’s actually been worse than usual due to all of the traveling around.  I keep saying I need a solid 2 weeks to form the good habits, and lately it’s been one excuse after another.  With SXSW coming up this weekend it won’t be getting any better.

That said, I’m prepared to start with the Hollywood Physique after I return, so if you want to follow along with me, let me know!

And golf? Psh, what golf? I’ve played 1/75 rounds.  I shot a 49 on 9 holes, so obviously I have a ways to go.  Looks like I’ll be getting some practice in at Chelsea Piers tomorrow though, so it’s better than nothing.

It hasn’t all been bad however.

The Good

I’ve received emails from around 8 people letting me know that I’ve played some role in their quitting their job, or their plans to do so. Hopefully it will pick up as the year goes on, but it feels pretty good to know that I’m playing even a small role  in the lives of people that are out there making big changes.

I’m also not doing too bad on the travel front.  I’m already 40% of the way there having traveled to both Mexico and Cuba – neither of which I’d been too.  It looks like I’ll also be heading to mainland China at the end of next month – so moving right along.

The Year of the (Un)Disciplined

In the end, the fact I haven’t made more progress on these goals comes back to little more than a lack of discipline.  Even throughout all of the adventures and travel, there’s plenty of time to work, and I don’t always make the best use of that time.

You may remember that I declared 2012 the year of discipline.  Writing this post has been the wake up call I’ve been looking for to help get me back on track.

This lifestyle is a constant struggle.

As much as it all seems like it’s fun and play, the problem is, that it can easily become that if you aren’t careful.  Finding the balance to make sure that you’re not only taking the time to work, but making productive use of that time is key.  I spend a lot of time in front of my computer, but only a fraction of it is truly productive – this has always been an issue for me, and is something I’m still working hard to improve.

As a blogger and someone who likes to actually go out and do stuff, the quest for balance is always there.  Balance between talking, doing, and sharing.  It’s easy to talk a big game about what you’re going to do.  This post has had a lot of that.  Doing it is a whole different story, and then once it’s done you have to decide what is relevant to share.

It’s easy to find yourself living at the beginning and end of the spectrum, and skipping the most important part.

By this I mean, I have no shortage of good ideas to talk about, and things I could do.  With these ideas it’s easy to immediately jump to how to share it.  What would it look like? How would I spread the message? Why would people care? How does it benefit them? Those are the easy and fun parts – but its actually putting in the work that matters. Until you’ve done that you’ve done nothing.

Sean Ogle Speaking at TEDxCMU

Giving my talk at TEDxCMU

That’s why people like Derek Halpern and Pat Flynn are seeing so much success right now.  They talk about what they’re going to do, do it (well), and then share it in a relevant way. There hasn’t been enough of that here lately – sorry about that.

So what was your theme for the year? Have you been living it out? If not, think about what needs to be changed in order to get back on track.

A Quick Note on TEDxCMU 

Luckily the title of this post was not related to my recent talk at TEDxCMU.

I’ll do more of a detailed post about the talk in a couple weeks when I can share the video with you, but until then I just wanted to let you know that overall it went great! I was much more nervous than I thought I’d be when it actually came time to speak, and it certainly wasn’t perfect.  I’d give it an 85% – plenty of room for improvement, but for a first time, I felt really good about the whole thing.

The team that put it together was fantastic, and really knew their stuff.  Thanks again to everyone who helped put it on, or tuned in to watch, and looking forward to sharing more about it soon!

Now it’s off to enjoy a beautiful afternoon in New York City, and then head to our meetup tonight – come say hi if you’re around!

Sean Ogle

Sean Ogle is the Founder of Location Rebel where he has spent the last 12+ years teaching people how to build online businesses that give them the freedom to do more of the things they like to do in life. When he's not in the coffee shops of Portland, or the beaches of Bali, he's probably sneaking into some other high-class establishment where he most certainly doesn't belong.
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