How to Create a Workcation (And Get a Free Trip)

By Sean Ogle •  Updated: 04/03/14 •  8 min read

This is a guest post from Noah Kagan. He runs, How to Make your first $1,000 Business course and a new, free marketing tool called

Not only does he want you to read about how to take a workcation, he wants to help you take one.

Leave a comment at the end of this post about why you need a workcation, and he’ll be buying a plane ticket to Austin and hooking up lodging for one lucky reader who gets to go down and work with the Appsumo team for a few days.

Seriously, all you have to do is leave a comment.

With that, Take it away Noah!


A few weeks ago, I went to Thailand and ran AppSumo (a seven-figure business) from there.

In no way am I trying to brag. We’re fortunate to be in the position we are. But I want to show you how to create your own workcation — regardless of the budget.

Over the past few years, I’ve been extremely fortunate to travel + work = workcation from Costa Rica, Argentina, Maui, Nicaragua, Thailand, an SUV traveling Southwestern United States and more places.


My buddy David who writes about “mini-lives” and Ariel in his sexy shorts while we are workcationing in Nicaragua!

Workcations are an AMAZING way to see a nice place while building your business without interruptions. If you’re like me, I enjoy my work — and the fact I can work and travel is an extreme blessing.

(As an aside: If you want help starting your own business so you can also travel, I show people via how I’ve created this lifestyle.)

Ten Steps to Creating Your Own Workcation

1) Location

I recommend staying in a place no more than 10 days. I’ve found this to be a great balance of enough time to see a place and also to get your work done without interrupting your routine. This includes trying to find a place that’s within eight hours of flying. Long distance trips make me want to stay longer since it’s such a hassle to fly that far.

The way I choose where to travel is based on places I’ve always wanted to go. Next up for me: Spain, S. Africa and possibly a beach-town in Mexico.

2) Housing

You can travel around trying to find hostels, but I’ve found it most effective to get a condo or house via AirBnB, Homeaway, Craigslist sublets / temporary, friend’s houses or VRBO. This ensures you’ll have a comfortable place, reduces distractions of a hostel and increases security in new places.

Stay put. It will be tempting to travel but you are adding more variables to potentially interfere with your trip. When I did my Thailand workcation we moved around too much so some meetings were missed and other locations had no wireless. Plus, the travel time on buses wore me out when we got to new places.

This is where we worked in Thailand:

Workcation 2

Note: Generally try to book at least three months in advance. This’ll give you something to look forward to and be enough time in advance to get a good price.

3) Wi-Fi

Before you book a place, ask to get a screenshot from Trust me. In Nicaragua, we had horrible internet, so I didn’t get as much done. This sucks when you expect to be online. If you’re unsure about the Wi-Fi, expect it to suck.

4) Expectations

It’s very easy to get to a new place and just party your ass off or spend your time exploring all the tourist sites. Pre-commit to which days and activities you want to do. Also, know what specific things you want to work on while you are traveling. You are likely to accomplish 80% of what you would do if you were in your home setting.

When in Nicaragua I thought I’d get a ton of work done but without internet access, lots of alcohol and tons of activities planned, very little was accomplished.

Counter that to my more recent trip of Thailand, we had dedicated days to working, gorgeous settings which invigorated me to work and I knew the projects I wanted to accomplish and did.

5) Death List

Before you leave on your workcation, create a list of all the dependencies your business will have with you being gone or potentially being offline. Then see if you can do that work yourself or find someone to delegate that work too before you leave.

Here’s a few specific examples:

As well, I’ve found traveling helps me identify where I need to delegate better or focus on activities to keep the business growing (not just going) when I’m not around.

For AppSumo, I took a trip and realized there’d be no new products to promote if I wasn’t emailing partners to feature. That was a huge bottleneck to free-up so I hired a biz-dev Sumo to help us find products to promote in our free newsletter for entrepreneurs.

6) Time Zones

With the AppSumo team we’ve had challenges where I’m awake and they are asleep. Set your schedule with your team before you leave for when they can expect you to be online.

Many times I was up from 12-4am in Thailand when the team back in Austin wanted to talk to me. This was really inconvenient. Also, the guys weren’t sure when I’d be online. Agree to the meetings ahead of time and make it clear how many hours ahead you are.

I set up widgets on my Mac to make it easier to see time zones of people I work with.

Screenshot 2014-03-26 16.14.33

7) Block Out Work Times

I totally sucked on this in my recent SUV road trip. I scheduled meetings during the middle of the day which really interfered with an activity I wanted to do in Big Bend.

A better solution is to set blocks of time out when you are going to be doing your meetings and work. This makes it easier you can do things in your new city and get your work done.

Me working while in gorgeous Big Bend.

8) Housing

Get a nice place to work. When I’ve had a place where I had a nice view of the beach or mountain range, it was so much more enjoyable than just a wall. You may think you want to go to the beach more often and you will, but looking at that versus the same cubicle wall makes work all the more enjoyable.


9) Activities

Schedule no more than 1 thing to see in a city each day. When I’ve tried to do more I spend the whole time sight seeing and not working. Allocate your time during the week for work so you can not feel guilty and explore on the weekends.

A recent good friend of mine went to work from France. She felt guilty for traveling and spent all her time working. Try to book tickets during the week for weekend so you have something to look forward to and it forces you to get out and have fun.

10) Find a local

When I went to Argentina I asked all my friends (via email, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) who they knew in Buenos Aires. Someone introduced me to Morgan Friedman (the Jewish version) and it was a life saver.

With Facebook you can search friends that live in X country or friends of friends who live in X country. This makes it easy to find people. You can also search geographies in LinkedIn. Ask people that used to live there for referrals too.

Locals know restaurants, bars, coffee shops, where to buy things and more you won’t find on review sites. It’s also nice to have at least one other person welcoming you to the city versus if you go alone.

Screenshot 2014-03-26 16.18.46

Workcations are an amazing experience and blessing for people who are able to do them.

Traveling is a great way to learn about yourself, new food (my fav!) and see just how diverse / unique the world really is.

We’ve helped over 3,000+ people with start their own businesses. I won’t say it’s easy but it is possible.

Workcations allow you to merge doing work you really want to do, provide you a great way to pay for your travels and balance not just traveling cause you hate your job.

Instead of trying to create a passive-income business to travel the world which inevitably gets boring. I highly encourage you to start a business you really want to work on, invest at least 6-12 months in working on it and then create your first workcation.

Instead of just reading about workcations whether you work in a cubicle or run your own thing, I want to help 1 reader go on one!

For 1 person who comments about why they need a workcation, I’ll pay for their plane ticket and provide lodging in Austin, TX with the AppSumo team.

UPDATE: We’ll be taking comments until Sunday night at 11:59pm. Then we’ll announce the winner on Monday 🙂

Ps. Get Noah’s free marketing newsletter here.

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157 comments on "How to Create a Workcation (And Get a Free Trip)"

  1. Win says:

    Sean and Noah, I’ll love a workcation in Austin TX! I had been an international student living in Vancouver Canada for the past 7 years. This year I finally became a permanent resident (phewww, I no longer have to worry about being deported off the country :D)

    All this time, I’ve used the excuse of “I’m not a US/Canadian citizen” so I shouldnt be thinking about being location independent or running an online business (heck, I used that excuse not to run ANY business at all!) All of my international student friends want to get a job, and buy into the “American Dream” and I, understandably, wanted to find refuge in the same promise. Deep down inside though, I never really, REALLY wanted that. But doubts and fear kept holding me back.

    After a lot of soul searching and being painfully sick of knowing I can be much more and not doing anything about it, I quit my job, went back home (Vietnam) to visit family and did a bit of travel. That’s the last time I’m gonna see my family until I become location independent, because my goal for the next 2 years is that I’m not going to return home until I’ve got myself a successful business that I can work from anywhere.

    Been slaving at this since last summer so yes, I’d love a workcation!


    PS: Really, I’m in for hanging out with your sumolings! Not a big fan of tacos BUT, I’ll try to sway your taste bud with delicious Vietnamese pho!

  2. Abbigail says:

    I have been plotting a way to get a workcation on the calendar. My side hustle is freelance writing & photography, plus I also run a small blog and have a novel in the works. It would be awesome to escape the daily drudge and be able to write in my own temporary space.

    Thanks for the tips, Noah!

  3. Sergio Sala says:

    Pretty awesome tips, Noah! You deserve one taco..

    I’m from Mexico, so if you send me over to Austin, I’ll bring you home-made mexican tacos you just… won’t…resist! Up to you, man! haha

    Seriously, tho – I have a spanish blog about helping people create work that matters and right now, I’m thinking about creating a community of spanish bloggers. As a designer myself, I love everything that involve blogs so I think I’m capable of creating a remarkable tribe.

    I want this workcation because I’m pretending to travel for several years, mainly meeting my readers around the world and sharing everything I know.

    And mainly, I would love to meet the AppSumo team, because I’m truly fan of everything you have done and everything you are ABOUT to do. I know we can get along very well and have an awesome workcation in the days we work together. 🙂

  4. Howie says:

    I’m sitting in my cube in rainy, cold Chicago wishing for change of scenery and the desire to be inspired – and maybe feel a little bit of warmth from the big sun thing I’ve heard about from friends elsewhere in the world.
    As a member of the Monthly1k I have been working on finding something that I can pour myself into and take the right steps towards becoming my own definition of success.
    Plus TacoDeli charged me incorrectly back in October so I feel it’s my duty to make amends for that ASAP!

  5. Janine says:

    Dear Noah,

    Thanks for the great tips! This is exactly the blogpost I was looking for yesterday.

    I need a workation with more of my own work and less work for others! I am currently travelling around Scandinavia working on farms in exchange for food and accommodation, while I have my laptop with me to work on my freelance assignments. No matter how awesome it is, I’d rather put the energy I put in the farming work into my own business. I am a writer, not a farmer.

    Therefor I am determined to make the lifestyle you created mine as well. Now I am stuck in a chicken+egg situation where I don’t have a lot of money, so I can’t afford that lifestyle, but making more money is hard because I have little time and energy due to my money saving way of travel.

    I am absolutely not complaining though! I am very grateful that I can do this now. I am meeting great people and am having awesome experiences. It’s just not the way I want to live in the upcoming years. I am in the beautiful Norway and I feel stressed because I am behind on my own work. That’s not what a workation is about! So yeah, I need one like yours.

    And what Workation would be better than a workation with a creative team like the AppSumo team? It is so inspiring to work with online entrepreneurs and share experience, knowledge and stupid jokes!

    I will bring some typical Scandinavian delights when I get picked. Ever heard of Norwegian brown cheese? It is SO good!!

    Thanks Sean for sharing this!

    Going back to work now 😉


  6. Hi Sean, Hi Noah,
    another great post.
    I’ve only recently discovered location 180, but really enjoy the blog. I’ve been on AppSumo’s newsletter list for quite some time now (and I’m sure I snatch one or another great offering through it) – so I was highly exited to see a combo of both on this post!
    And I NEED a workcation. I’m in the process of building my first membership site and have ton’s of work, but also really need to get away from it – hahaha.
    I would love to hang out with the AppSumo’s and check out their doings.
    Being originally from Germany, I do think I’m quite the workaholic, and living in L.A. has only double that – so bring on the workcation, please!
    Anyhow, keep up the great work, both of you.
    Really hoping to meet in the future!


  7. Brian says:

    I’ve been a student for about 27 years of my life (I’m 27 and an MD/PhD student). My wife is pregnant and is also in the same program, and she realllly wants a vacation.

    We’re on student salaries so I’m trying to learn how to keep making some income for our future baby.

    I think I could use a workcation and hopefully be able to share my own experiences. I’m sure you guys don’t get many MD/PhDs and would be happy to cross network.

  8. Phillip says:

    You guys are killing me with these workcation photos. Awesome!

    1. noah kagan says:

      Thanks Phillip. They were fun to take, especially all the ones with Ariel in his SHORT shorts.

  9. Great post Noah! Love LR! I need a workcation so I can get my lifestyle business/website/blog up and running. I’ve felt stuck for such a long time! I know I was meant to do something amazing. A workcation would allow me focus on my businesses while enjoying my time and surrondings.

    Brandon Smith

    1. noah kagan says:

      Thanks Brandon!

      You should consider seeing what you can get started today.

      Add some hot sauce (Sriracha) to your life. Even in the smallest ways of mixing it up will get you unstuck.

      Here’s a video I did of how I got unstuck:

  10. Stephanie says:

    Wow, incredible timing for this post, Sean and Noah. The one thing I need in this moment for my business is to step outside my space, roll up my sleeves and get to work on what matters. I’ve been hustling away at my own consulting and freelance business for the last 6 months. I’ve been really good at making my clients happy, but I’ve done pretty poorly at carving out time to build my own products. My life is completely location independent now, but I haven’t flexed those muscles and been anywhere new yet. And Austin was at the top of my list! I’d love the chance to get down to Austin, explore a new city and get some serious work done. A workcation is just what my personal life and business life need!

  11. Kaydian Lyn says:

    Thanks for the advice! I believe everyone has potential stored inside each of us. It simply takes the right environment and situations to harvest it. A workcation with the AppSumo team will be the best next step to help me learn and grow more, while cultivating ideas for the future.

    Thanks for the consideration.

    1. noah kagan says:

      1- You have a rad name

      2- Agreed!

  12. Andrew says:

    Thanks for the post Noah!

    How about we go down to Mexico for a workation, ride around and eat all the real tacos we can handle? I’d love to hang out with you and the other sumos and see what awesome stuff we can get done!

    1. noah kagan says:

      HOW do you know the sweet words to my heart???

  13. Rolf says:

    Great post guys!

    My name is Rolf and I live in Holland. I Love the way you guys are running your business and are able to work on your own terms.

    At the moment I’m studying to get a degree in entrepreneurship studies. I also started my own online business which is a side project for now.

    Furthermore I’m helping my girlfriend build her own online yoga business from which I’m learning a lot and it’s a lot of fun too.

    Could definitely use that workation to get some insider tips to build my online empire!

    Groeten uit Holland!

  14. Adele says:

    I can use a workcation! I’m a licensed massage therapist who seeks to combine my passion for travel and massage.
    I am confident there’s a way that I can be successful and help others. Thanks for sharing this information!

  15. Shady Mansour says:

    Well, If i have to answer that question “why you need a workcation.” it will be to run away from the capitalism system and starting have my own business, living my life as it should be.


  16. Joe says:

    Why do I need a workcation? I say WHY NOT????!!!!

  17. Jamie says:

    Thanks for the excellent advice!

    Now, why should you pick me for this workcation?:

    1) I started my business, SEO for the Prudent & Frugal, for two reasons. One, I wanted to support the local economy by helping smaller companies improve their web presence through better websites, solid SEO, and social media campaigns. Two, I wanted to travel, but my full-time job just didn’t pay enough. I’d love the opportunity to visit a new place and meet like-minded individuals.

    2) I live in NH, and we’ve just [barely] survived one of the most wretched winters EVER – I desperately need some sun!

    Thanks again for the workcation tips, this opportunity, and your consideration 🙂

  18. Hi Noah and Sean!

    Freakin’ awesome article. I’m considering a workcation and your tip about wi-fi was a big heads-up. (Thanks for that.)

    Simply put, I need a workcation for three reasons. Number one, I love exploring new places, people, and cultures. After college, I spent two years traveling the Pacific Rim, working, taking my time, meeting new people, and having countless adventures. It was intoxicating… like I got bit with a metaphorical bug that made me love travel. (Not like those other bugs in Daegu, South Korea.) Heck, when I went to New York last November, I took your buddy, Tyler, out to get some bomb-ass tacos.

    Number two, I’ve been borderline burnt-out from all the work I’ve put in. I’ve spent the last two years switching careers, going freelance, and finally getting a handle on things (thanks, in large part, to OkDork). It’s exciting to see where things are going now, but — honestly — it’s been tiring. And I know a change of scenery is exactly what I need.

    Number three, AppSumo fucking rocks. I love your products and they’ve helped tremendously — it’d be an honor to visit Austin, learn from you guys, and see how I can add value.

    All the best,

  19. Doug Crowe says:

    Last month I had a worcation in Australia, two months before that, Costa Rica. Thailand…about 4 times.

    My BIGGEST problem is discipline. I have a hard time setting those daily habits when abroad. If you are not a truly disciplined entrepreneur, set up some online meetings or other accountability tools to help out.

    This stuff works, provided you work it (or “play it” effectively)

  20. Dave says:

    I don’t have a heart-wrenching story to sway you on why I need a workcation in Austin. It would be awesome to go back though, because the only time I was there was passing through on my cross-country bike trip in 2012. And it would be awesome not just to see the town again but the opportunity to work on work that needs to be worked on, meeting amazing people and eating some good tacos.

  21. Great advice, thanks!

    I’m starting to think that I need a workcation to help me get some things done, to get away from all the distractions that being at home near all my family and friends brings. Being in a new place might seem like more of a distraction for some, but I find it invigorating and feel like it’s sometimes easier to make progress when you’re away from all the burdens of everyday life.

    I’d love to come to Austin and meet you guys!

  22. Dan says:

    Great post! Would love to learn more about how to serve clients’ needs while exploring work around the globe. How do you focus on getting your business to the next level of growth, and how do you test all your new ideas? Thanks for the invite and wish you continued success on your adventures!

  23. Tammra says:

    Wow, thank you for the opportunity! I’ve been a follower of both you and Noah for a while and really appreciate all that you both share.

    I really need a workation from my actual job and maintenance around our property so I can learn from the AppSumo team, have the time to actually start my business and eat some scrumptious tacos from the southwest.

    Thank you again for your generous opportunity and best of luck to everyone!

    P.S. – If you don’t pick me you’ll miss out on experiencing the taste of my phenomenal (top secret recipe) lasagna. (If I have access to a kitchen).

  24. Wilson says:

    Very informative post. This made me rethink my work style. I certainly need to follow this guide and find myself a workcation. Ive been dedicated to writing 12 articles a day for my site for the past year.

  25. Chad says:

    How could I pass up a chance to win a workcation to Austin! Plus everyone brags just how awesome Austin is – I’d have to see it for myself.

  26. Dustin Hyle says:

    I’d love a workcation and to get insight from Noah.

  27. Karen says:

    Hi Sean and Noah, I’m a subscriber on both Location180 and OkDork and I must say this is one of your most exciting giveaways to date!

    Thanks for the ideas here! Another possible way to do it might be to alternate one full day of work with one full day of play. Have you experimented with this?

    I’m currently working on a cooking website and possibly a SaaS business (discussion underway). I would love a workcation with the AppSumo team to learn from your experience.

    In return, I can offer you Chinese language exchange and I guarantee you’d know how to say ‘I love you’ and/or swear in Chinese at the end of the workcation. Interested?

    1. Sean says:

      When I travel this is the approach I take a lot. Work day, play day, work day, play day. Usually seems to workout pretty well!

  28. Kristin says:

    Hey Guys,

    Super stoked for the opportunity!! Thank you!

    I’ve been working remotely for myself for about 3 years now and just last week launched my first online training course, which did pretty well. But I gotta admit, after spending the first 2 out of the 3 years living out of a van and off of donations (on a pretty epic 48 state road trip) transitioning off of donations and into a for-profit business model has been super challenging. I’ve taken up some remote, part-time work with an organization I strongly support, to provide supplemental income during the transition. I’m also working on my first-ever book, about the personal side of the journey, through a boutique publishing company.

    Between the book, blog upkeep, new course launch, and part-time work, I feel spread extremely thin and even though I get to work in my pjs all day if I want to, from my bed, I rarely feel like I get much done in a day. It seems like I’m working 12+ hours and making very little to show for it.

    I know there’s a better way not only to manage my time but to also create products, services and let go of the few things that I believe are adding to my stress (but currently feel like I need them to survive financially).

    Anywho, the good news is, I’ve been making mini positive strides in the last year, but I could sure use a boost from your incredible team.

    I look forward to it!
    – Kristin

  29. David Jacobs says:

    Would love to learn how to workation while doing what I love, Photography! 🙂

  30. ***The Top 5 Reasons Why I Need A Workcation***
    (Hint: Even If You’re Considering Choosing Someone Else)

    ——————————–Important, read this first——————————–

    Warning notice: The comment you are about to read is somewhat controversial and might go against everything you have ever thought possible. Let me be clear, it is not for the faint of heart. Instead, it is for the man (yes, you NOAH) who will settle for nothing less than making the RIGHT decision in choosing to hang out with the coolest, most badass jew loving, taco maniac, copywriting genious brotha-from-another-mother you will ever (EVER) meet.

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    Dear Noah,

    There is 1 simple reason why you are reading this comment.

    1 – You’ve made the decision to give one lucky reader the opportunity to fly to Austin on their very own Workcation, and you are trying to judge who the best fit will be.

    Since Sean Ogle is a super popular (and awesome) blogger and their is potential for a MASSIVE amount of comments coming your way that you will have to sit through and read… which will take up a lot of your time = less work done for you (just saying)…

    …if you’d like me to help you make your decision the easy way…

    **Then This Is Going To Be The Most Important Comment You Will Ever Read!**

    Here’s why:

    Below is a list of the top 5 reasons why I need a workcation (even if you’re considering choosing someone else).

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    Here we go!

    1 – I live in the service of others (really!). And going on a workcation will allow me to serve people of a different city and culture.

    2 – In the online world, I might be seen as an extrovert… but in real life I am not. In fact, I am an introvert and love being in my own cocoon. A workcation will allow me to expand my horizons and get out of my shell. Who knows, I might even transform into a social butterfly!!!

    3 – As much as most people might see a workcation as an opportunity to ‘party like a frat boy’… I am neither interested in frats or partying. Instead, I see this as a great opportunity to learn from some of the best guys in the business and to soak up one of the worlds greatest and hardest working cultures in order to improve my copywriting services!

    4 – I want to prove to my wife and family that I am neither insane, crazy, or ridiculously blind to the realities of life by not working a 9-5 and choosing the entrepreneurial path instead (being chosen for this will really impress them).

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    1 – I come baring gifts. REALLY! And the gifts I bring are the type you will not be able to find anywhere else! I’m talking Moroccan Babooshes, badass Berber clothes (you’ll look like a dessert man!), pure and 100% natural argan oil (it’ll make you’re skin shine, and it’s natural)… and much (MUCH) more!

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    1. Sean says:

      Now THIS is a comment.

      1. noah kagan says:


        Dang, I want to invite everyone over to Austin.

  31. jesse says:

    i am considering buying a van to go full on gypsy style traveling america and visiting friends, family and networking. austin has been on my bucket list for like forever and it would be great to just fly down there and rub elbows with people doing the location independent business model i am doing but at a much higher more refined level. i am a considerate and respectful person and don’t walk around the house having tantrums like my current room mate.

  32. Christina Marcus says:

    Lord knows I NEED this workcation. I am a stay at home mom of an almost 2 year old and I am growing my writing hustle. While working to let go of my writing insecurities and keeping up with my son, my nights have turned in to my days and my days when I catch up on sleep. It has been almost 5 years since I took a real vacation and I could use a trip to recharge my batteries and energize my mind plus I welcome the opportunity to meet and learn from a cool group of people.

  33. Louis says:

    To win a workcation like this would feel like a miracle to me. For years I’ve heard about writers’ retreats where you can live and create away from the crush and demands of everyday life. While I have no shortage of ideas the time to put them down on paper is nonexistent. While I understand Austin is far from secluded from civilization the chance to get away from my routine with just my ideas and journals sounds like a heaven on earth. I see where others are offering food bribes; I can’t cook much but I’ll learn if you just name your price.

  34. Roxy says:

    Hey Noah!!

    I’m also here in beautiful Austin…and I’ve been working my buns off since I got here, so I haven’t even got to see the bats yet 🙁 or go on the duck tour…Anywho, I used to work in the hotel biz, which I enjoyed and had some amazing opportunities (I got to work with the UT football team) but it wasn’t quite right. So I went to beauty school, I love all things beauty and fashion, but what I love most about this industry is you get to make people feel beautiful. I worked at a salon in Westlake for a bit and just opened up my own salon suite, yay! BUT after unleashing this entrepreneurial spirit, it just doesn’t stop 8) idea after idea, dream after dream, so I would love an opportunity to hang out with you all for an inspirational workcation! Thank you for inspiring and guiding others to live their dreams! Cheers!

  35. Excellent post, Noah.

    Many people used to ask me, when I was living and working in Costa Rica for three years, “How do you work on the beach without getting distracted?”

    I was always surprised by this question. You can get productive anywhere in the world you have wifi and caffeine.

    Going into the ocean as a reward for a job-well-done always struck me as more satisfactory than hitting the local pub in a rainy city up north.

    My workcation was 3 years, and I’ve been back in the states for a few months now. I haven’t learned how to do the short-trip workcation yet, but thanks to your 10 tips, I’ve got a good handle on how to make that transition.

    Thanks, Noah!

  36. David says:

    Hey Guys,

    Cool article. Definitely gives a good rubrik for people to enjoy everything the world has to give, while -VERY IMPORTANT- remaining extremely productive.

    I need a workcation. Oh boy. I just moved to Mexico (from Atlanta, GA) to work at a late stage E-Comm startup. For the past 4 months I’ve been grinding everyday to help make it a success. The hours are long, but the work is a lot of fun. I have been fortunate enough to find employment outside of the US, which I had been trying to do for years prior. Now that I am here I am feeling a bit homesick.

    What better way to cure my homesickness than to go to Austin, TX – my FAVORITE city in the US. My predeliction to startups initially drew me to love San Fran, but after visiting my college roomie last year that lived (not anymore 🙁 ) in Austin, I fell in love with the city – weirdness and all. I’m so happy that its a booming tech/startup city, I’m thinking that when I/if I decide to move back to the US, I’ll settle down in Austin, but a little more time there and reassurance couldn’t hurt 😉

    Anyway, like everyone here I’m a big fan of y’all and hope that you consider me for this opportunity. I have my own interesting/crazy experiences that I’d like to share with you (irregardless of the outcome of this) and I think I could learn a lot from you guys. Hopefully I can give something back as well.

    One day I hope to be running something myself and have the flexibility that y’all have. I sure as hell have the passion for travelling.



  37. David says:

    Guys: Please put me in the running for the workcation. I’ve actually been out of work since January and this might be the boost I need!

    All the best to my fellow travelers, working or not!

  38. Tammra says:

    Karim, I love your post! More power to you! Maybe they’ll choose more than one?

  39. Slavomir says:

    I see you continue to build your legacy. Good job.

    One is the average of the 5 people he hangs with: Appsumo-> awesome
    Learning is in large part determined by the environment: Appsumo Dojo->awesome
    It’s scientifically proved that good food increases concentration and creativity: Austin food->awesome (and if you wanted something Italian, I would be happy to delight your team)

    Here 3 contributions I would make to Appsumo:

    + Every time a person comes from Google to a SoldOut product page on Appsumo, there are no suggestions or clear call-to-actions to buy something else they might be interested in: write a program that would solve that.

    + If a customer searches for “copywriting” on, no results are found: rewrite the search engine making use of trigrams instead of full words (this would also make it invulnerable to typos and words written in multiple ways).

    + Teach you how to cook a delicious and romantic Italian 3 course meal to impress a girl.

  40. Sean says:

    Just wanted to say thanks to everyone for chiming in, and keep the comments coming! Noah is going to have his work cut out for him 🙂

    1. noah kagan says:

      Yea, spending most of my morning reading every single one. Pretty fun!

  41. Josh says:

    Sean inspired me to just go for what I wanted (thanks Sean!), so I quit my job and I’m riding my motorcycle around the world, if you can help me add a work factor to my -cation and help me share my journey with the world that would be awesome.

    P.S. I only need the lodging not the ticket, I’ll be riding through Austin anyway.

    P.P.S. Thanks for offering this opportunity Noah, I know its going to help somebody out quite a bit and I think that’s what I love the most about this entrepreneurial community is that they do give so much back and help other people reach their dreams too!

  42. That Guy says:

    Hi Noah, I love the concept of being able to earn a living this way! Karim’s post is pretty awesome as well. But..

    Here are some reasons for me to win.

    •Facing homelessness- About to be homeless because of not being able to bring in enough income. I know I will learn a lot from you.

    •I’m close- I live in Texas and am about to move to San Antonio Tx.

    •Recently divorced-trying to pick myself back up and need a change of pace.

    -That Guy (Ricky H)

  43. Alexander says:

    A workation would be so great! I joined the community a few months ago and have been going through the blueprints, removed my fear of uncertainty but now I am defining the “why”. Why I want to do this, beyond just money. Being around people that have already discovered their “why” is so important, and it gets me out of my own head for a moment.
    The energy their will help to extract my strengths and continue to bring definition to who I am and what I do. It will allow me to give back and influence others on such a greater level.

    In the spirit of the law of f@ck yes and f@ck no… I am %100 f@ck yes!
    (If someone doesn’t know what that is , just google mark manson 🙂 )

  44. Neftali says:


    The words my friends would say when hearing the infamous question:

    ‘What are you doing after graduation?”

    Although I am committed to Location180-like business lifestyle, I felt weird talking about my plans when everyone else was talking about the next position at JP Morgan or Merrill Lynch. During the winter break months of December/January I took a workcation to Argentina where I began learning/developing skills to that I could soon leverage.

    I had an incredible time in South America and truly enjoyed the different culture. Any timidness about my talking of future plans gradually disappeared. Nevertheless, this article could have definitely helped me become more efficient in some cases. One being:

    “Schedule no more than 1 thing to see in a city each day.”

    Although I had a great time in the southern hemisphere, I was lonely in regards to the amount of entrepreneurs I had in my network. A workcation with AppSumo would be the Starbucks Refreshers- like opportunity to blend in and heavily contribute to an established culture of great minded individuals already in the trenches.

  45. Lise says:

    Great post Noah – I’ve been following AppSumo for a while and love what you guys offer on a regular basis – it’s cool to get access to deals that make sense in our businesses!

    I’d love a workcation, but I’m guessing that being based down here in NZ is a bit of a stretch for the sumoling jet 🙂 But I just wanted to say thanks for writing the post, it’s cool to see how you mix work and pleasure and that I’m not the only one that suffers from trying to work fun stuff around the work!

    I’m more like Sean, I travel for 4 months of the year and stay put the rest of the year and having just gotten married to a lovely man who still works a cubicle, so that works well for us for now 🙂

    Travel is a gift – I wish more people realised just how amazing it is to meet new people, experience new food (also my fav!) and see what it’s like for other people in different countries.

    Thanks again for bringing value and a lot of humour into my life!


  46. Lori Lewis says:

    Laid off from my job of 5+ years just 5 days before Christmas. Decided to turn a negative into a positive, so beelined to web to learn more about how to become location independent – this site’s been a huge help (thanks!).

    A workcation with the AppSumo team would be AMAZING. I know I could learn a ton from them and I’d like to think I could teach them a thing or two as well 🙂

    Good luck to everyone – with both your business and with this contest.

  47. Maril says:

    it is simple i just want to live my life travelling …
    I´m not rich yet so i need to work your way…. sounds close to my dreams…

  48. Anita Harkess says:

    I could use a workcation as a jump-start to a lifestyle I should be living. I’m almost there: I’m a freelance writer and editor, so I could work from anywhere that has wifi and an outlet to charge up my laptop on. Instead, I’ve been in my hometown for years, and doing an in-office temp job for the last two months instead of working on building up my freelance clientele. I’d love to take a workcation in an exciting new place, like Austin, where I’d have to work on my long-distance, work-from-anywhere business, because Colorado and the less lucrative, less satisfying, easier to fall into office temp gigs are simply too far away.

  49. Joseph Dabon says:

    Excellent. But kind of a given if you are hooked into something you really like doing. You just don’t want to stop, even to take your meals. How much more taking time off for a vacation? I bet if you guys can arrange your laptop in such a way that you can take your meals and work at the same time, you will.

    Anyway, the idea of working while taking time off is nothing new to me. I take my laptop and camera wherever I go. And asking for availability of a wife comes with the planning. If it sucks, well, there is always an article to write, pictures to arrange and edit.

    The point is, people who love doing what they do, could never take the time off to do nothing.

    I like the article though, even if there is nothing earth-shaking about it.

  50. Tate says:

    I need a workcation because I’ve only been out of the tri-state area one time. I’ve been on an airplane once. I’ve only ever been to Vegas. It was underwhelming.

  51. Greg L. says:

    Hi, Sean and Noah.

    I need a workcation because I love to work and I love vacations, but my work needs more fun and more out-of-box thinking and my vacations need more structure and fulfillment. My idea of a real vacation is to go somewhere fun and completely different and jam my days with activities that will help me gain confidence, learn more about me, and help make a profound difference in others’s lives. In other words, a complete 180 to the work I’m doing now as a financial writer.

  52. CJMoore says:

    My life’s a workcation–wouldn’t have it any other way.

  53. Jeff Tse says:

    I need a workcation because I spent 4 hours drawing this cartoon of Noah chasing a taco!

    I know Noah is wearing flip flops, blue sweat pants and the taco is the generic taco bell type but don’t judge me!

    1. Sean says:

      HA! This is hilarious

    2. noah kagan says:

      hahaha. damn you are good!

    3. noah kagan says:

      BUT…. you spelled my name wrong =/ #fail

  54. Laura C says:

    Hey Sean & Noah,

    I desssssperately need a workcation because I work all day as a teacher, am a mom and wife every evening, and bust my butt as a freelance writer every night. All part of living the dream, right? 🙂 I’m working toward freedom from my job and my stressful, work-packed, overstuffed days. I would LOVE to come to Austin and learn more about running my business, becoming location independent, and living the high life and workcations!

    Thanks for the opportunity, dudes!

    PS- My brother’s name is Sean and my son’s name is Noah! Crazy! 🙂

  55. I need a workcation because I want to learn how to build my own app to support an e-book I am planning to release later this year. I know nothing about coding and feel super lost!

    1. noah kagan says:

      Howdy pilgrim (said in John wayne voice)

      I hear that. You can likely start that biz sooner w/o needing to be in Austin…

  56. Kathy says:

    What a helpful post. Ever since I joined Location 180 last year, I’ve been working on becoming a web developer. Though, to be completely honest, I haven’t been focused on it completely until about 2 months ago. I know it’s not the recommended 6-12 months, but I think a workcation would be ideal in this phase of my new work life, especially when things seem bleak at times. I think a change of scenery and uninterrupted work time will boost my productivity dramatically. Thanks very much for the opportunity to go on a workcation!

  57. Jason Pero says:

    I need a workcation because I truly believe we all have the power to live the life of our dreams at any given moment of any given day. Break the chains of your self imposed limitations. I truly want to see how far I can take this business while living the life I want.

  58. Helena says:

    Hi Noah, great to read these tips!
    I need a workcation because I would like to create a meaningful life that is not centred around sitting on the same chair for 48 weeks of the year. I certainly have to spend time in front of my mac or pc however how amazing would it be to have a different backdrop to that every few weeks. The world is amazing and it would be too much of a pity to not spend more time discovering this beautiful planet.
    I also need a workcation so that I can spend more time with my family and friends who all live in different parts of the world (currently I only get to see them for a week or so every year). At the moment it is really hard to juggle work and that and also being able to visit new countries every year. I have already managed to negotiate with my employer to work remotely for a few weeks of every year. So, I already do take my work on some vacations… and this is exactly how I think my life would be most optimised. I am more productive when I am motivated by being in new places, surrounded by new stimulus, cultures, people and like-minded people. This is when I am at my best and most productive self. I therefore need a workcation so that I can make this become a daily reality.
    I am also going to WDS in Portland in a few months where I hope to meet others who will inspire me to push my life in this new direction. Are you also going to be there?

  59. Chas says:

    I love sailing. For me, the most valuable part of this post is the link to Thank you for that. I need to change my environment, get ‘un-stuck’, change my drab existence and unlock the possibilities of life. I hear that part of Texas is Austintatious.

    1. noah kagan says:

      Great attitude Chas.

      Recognizing the things you want to change is definitely a great start!

  60. Sounds awesome, thanks for the tips (esp asking for a speed test image- clever!), and inspiring photos…If you’re coming to South Africa again this year, drop me a mail. Peace

  61. Hilary Ward says:

    Hi Noah and Sean,
    Great post. The shorts photo reminds me of a sports day I had at work where each team had a chance to pick up bonus points if they could convince the members to wear speedos on the pool activity. Most of the men I know like to rock the baggy-shorts-to-the-knees look so kudos to your friend for having some personal style.

    I would love to take a workcation in Austin and would like to bring my son (at my own expense of course). This would be his first trip outside Canada since he was born and after tiring him out each day I could really dig into the LR blueprints without my usual distractions from household chores.

    So far the freelance writing has been going well but I am struggling to carve out time to build a personal website to really set my business up properly. Visiting the AppSumo Team in Austin would be inspiring and would be the perfect time to nail that project down. Thanks.

  62. Ian Borderws says:

    Damn, just got the top of my head in the fb screenshot 😉 @Noah, you should have hit me up, I know the best taco spots here in Thailand. On another note, great article. I’ve been on workation for 7 years and counting!!!

  63. Nice article Noah ( hope I spelled your name correctly ).
    The last vacation I took was in 1993 for a week to a ski resort town in Austria. There was no snow since it was summer, but we did a lot of walking and some gold-panning. When we didn’t buy the vacation package the promoter was trying to sell, we came back home.

    I live in Germany and am fascinated with having a prosperous, thriving, on-line business where I can work from anywhere. You pointed out what is involved in handling the logistics of having a location independent business. My problem is finding something that folks want to pay money for that will float me financially. So far I have time and money invested in the web site and nothing is coming back ( except for spam commenting ). Maybe the technical challenges are stumping me, and definitely knowing what to do to make the site generate income is a giant bottleneck.

    Right now I coach ESL to Germans. I think that having a workcation type of business would fit in with my future. My goal is to learn 40 different languages and teach others how to get around when they travel. A workcation lifestyle may be a fit.

    Traveling would also help me get back into SCUBA which I did in another life when I was younger and lived in southern Turkey.

    Take a look at my site and see if it has what it takes to turn it into a 6 or 7 figure platform. A workcation may help me break the logjam feeling that I’m struggling with right now.

    Thanks, and enjoy those 84,600 seconds you receive as your daily gift.


  64. Sofie says:

    I have a full time job in marketing, run a blog on the side and try to get started at freelance writing as well.
    I know I could be much further with my blog than I am now if I could get larger chunks of time to work on it, preferably somewhere peaceful.
    Oh, and did I mention it’s a travel blog?
    A workcation sounds like heaven to me:)

  65. Todd says:

    I need a workcation because I spend 8 hours per day, five days per week, teaching and lesson planning. I am not allowed to leave the facility until 5 in the afternoon, and I often feel imprisoned. I long for the day that I can take my life back and start doing work that I find meaningful, i.e. to invent something. Working five days per week for a measly 2 days of weekend is definitely not how I want to live my life. Please give me a workcation.

  66. Jason says:

    “I highly encourage you to start a business you really want to work on,” My favorite line of this post came at the end. That is crazy true! Traveling is amazing but having a project you are passionate about makes it that much better. Great post, thanks for sharing guys.

  67. Simon Powell says:

    I’m a Brit working in the UK for a US-based company, so I kinda feel the timezone issue already. It’s been a steep learning curve for me and I really feel I need to get to know how to do this ‘working productively when you’re not really there’ both for my day-to-day job and so that I can workcation as well. That, plus I’m intending to spend a month (still working) in Guatamala for my honeymoon later this year – I need to learn how to do this properly!

  68. Great post!

    At the moment I am aspiring to have a workcation, it’s my dream to be able to combine exciting stuff, taking my kids to see the world and the satisfaction of a great business being built up as well.

    I need this to refine the hard work I know it will be into a productive package!

  69. I need a workcation to get me one step closer to making this my life. I learn best by action, so working with the guys there would help me figure out how to make this reality! I recently flew to LA for a conference (I’m on the east coast, so a 6 hour flight), and it changed my world. Those 6 hours… it was like a 6 hour meditation. And yet – I still got work done on the plane! This is unheard of for me. I think it shows how much I love what I’m doing. And I think that that workcation life would add to that feeling and make me accomplish more – while loving life more too. 🙂

  70. Vicente Vial says:

    Greetings from a fellow okdork reader.

    I got bitten by the “wanna be nomad” bug some years ago, but I never really traveled more than 1-2 weeks until December 13; mostly because I was chained to my university-degree back in Chile. Nowadays I’m doing an exchange semester (my last uni semester with only 2 courses :D) in Switzerland, where at the same time I’m working on a couple of projects and one is already throwing some bucks.

    My main problem has been to find a “routine.” There’s always something to do. For example, next week I have “theoretical” holidays, but me and my gf need to work (she’s doing a remote internship & freelance work); All my classmates are going to 3-5 countries in 2 weeks and we still have no plans. Thanks to this posts I discovered homeaway and now we might end up doing “a workation” in two cities of eastern europe. So thank you for the motivation! It would be great to invade you in Austin for a while. Even tho I’m studying, I convinced my project coach to allow me to show up via skype to meetings if I’m traveling… so I’m free to travel :D.

    Bonus: Next week I’ll be traveling to Bern to go my embassy and send the required paperwork to open up a business back in Chile and hopefully transform my life into a 24/7 workation. I’ll check the how to make 1k a month course and tell how it goes.


  71. I am a Workcation, a while back I looked at the Silent Generation and didn’t like where they end up, then watch the Boomer Generation and their philosophies about work and living where not better so I decided to break lines and reconsider not to follow the crowd. So I change my priorities to live simply, find my passion and as an entrepreneur find a way to make it economically sustainable and slow travel as much as I can … so I became a Vagabond!

  72. SangD says:

    Thank you for this post! I seriously need to step up my independent location game! I would kickass at this workcation opportunity. For one — it would get me away from these kids who live here that call me mom AND I would regain my sanity and get on the freight train to COMPLETE location independent freedom.

    Another note: Women need to be more aggressive when WANTING this type of workcation lifestyle. Stop being so passive and crawling up in a turtle shell.

    Love the post and I am always posted up for articles by Sean and his posse! 🙂

  73. Brent says:

    I like the idea of both having a list of key things to get done and scheduling time to do it before workcation. I frequently travel for work or pleasure and have a list of things I would like to magically get done while traveling, but when I get there, without time scheduled, I get to the end of the trip and the work is not done.

    Also like the speedtest idea. Everybody says their Internet is good and then you get there and it’s crap.

    I would love a workcation with the appsumo team.

    1) I live in DC now, but I grew up in TX. I would like to BBQ and Tex-Mex for a week. Non-stop.
    2) I am working on a book on digital advertising and I need to get it over the hump. Getting away from my routine would help me focus on this one thing.
    3) Hanging with Appsumo would probably make my book better. That is win, win, win. Plus Tex-mex.

  74. laurent says:

    I am French living and working in Hungary for a few months. I’d love to go back to Asia where I worked for several years in the past, and work from there on a few online business ideas I have, until the end of 2014 or even longer.

  75. Simon says:

    Hi guys, great post. I need a workation simply to meet some inspiring people who can think ahead and take actions towards their goals. Plus Austin looks to be an inspiring cities. Greetings from Montreal.

  76. James says:

    My life is currently a workcation. I work from anywhere and have been traveling with my wife while running a seven-figure business and guiding a few employees remotely.

    So why am I interested, you ask? Because I’m transitioning out of active involvement in my current business and will be launching another idea in the next few months. Mentorship in building a scaleable, team-based business would be an adrenaline shot in the arm rather than going it alone without partners as I’ve done in the past!

    Connecting with tech-savvy, inspired entrepreneurs like Noah and his team on their home turf will provide a solid platform to launch from with the latest insight into online marketing. See you in Austin!

  77. Mark Moran says:

    Here’s the funny thing …

    I am actually a location independent business owner who lives on a small tropical island in Hawaii and has a view of the beach, which is just 20 feet from my home.

    And yet, I still feel the need for a workcation.

    I know — that sounds dumb. But hear me out.

    You see, I think a lot of people think that a workcation is about going somewhere exotic or tropical. They focus on the location and the physical environment.

    But here is the tricky thing about why workcations actually work …

    The power isn’t in the location but in the act of removing yourself from what you would normally see and experience on a daily basis.

    No matter where you live and work, if you experience the same thing day in and day out, it doesn’t contribute to the freedom that travel and exploration can provide to your state of mind.

    Workcations aren’t about being on the beach. It isn’t about sitting next to the pool with your laptop. It is about shifting your mental, physical and emotional environment so that you and your work can both experience the compelling benefits of a release from the stifling effects of not having freedom to explore this planet.

    That is why I need a workcation. I need the benefits that new environmental stimulation will provide to my energy towards my work, towards my mind … and ultimately towards my life.

  78. I need a workcation because there is one to be had and Austin deserves to meet me.

    Montana isn’t exactly the hub of online business and entrepreneurship, and I would give pretty much anything to spend some time with people doing more – rather than reading blogs and running full speed into projects blind.

    And I have beard oil. You could too. Think it over.

  79. I need a workcation because I am a tired Army wife of three boys, two with special needs, have been supporting everyone through many moves and several deployments, and I need to get out and take more photos and build up my photography business.

    I would like to step away from my lovely chaotic life, rejuvenate my creative juices and refocus my photography and graphic skills and build my business.

    I’ve been married to an Army man for almost 23 years. In that time we’ve had 14 addresses. Three years ago I took our saved up 20th anniversary party money and flew off to Israel.

    Then the last two years I’ve visited a friend in Nepal. I’m very comfortable in Nepal now. My husband has even suggested that I should run photography tours in Nepal. Not a bad idea! I’ve already looked at one of your housing suggestions and found two homes I would like to stay at on my next trip. WOW!

    Please, please, PLEASE consider choosing the workcation for me. I have connections in some other pretty interesting places. I have ideas for photo shoots, articles and magazine layouts. We already live the “gypsy life”, moving from town to town with the military. I love to travel. It only makes sense that I learn how to bundle the skills I already have with more that I could learn, and truly build a career that is mobile and profitable.

  80. Alex says:

    I need a workcation because I have worked really hard these past 8 years on a doctoral degree in front of beige walls for too long. I envision an ideal lifestyle where I am productive and travel more than just once or twice a year. Omaha is okay for online business and entreprenuership, but a lot of people still don’t get it. I want to launch a Freelance Scientific/ Medical writing business in the upcoming months, mainly for extra income, but if I can scale it up to being able to do it full time, that would be awesome!

  81. Sean & Noah,

    – I need a workcation because I’m READY to learn how to do everything in this post.
    – I’m easy-going, and don’t pull jerk-face moves.
    – and I’m HUNGRY to shift my blog into a business.

    Thanks for considering me,


  82. Kathy says:

    At 60, my retirement was absorbed by the hospital. At 62, I broke my right leg and my present employer said “Don’t come back until you are better–4 months.” A workcation would give me the chance to grab the tools, learn the skills and begin a life off Medicaid. And when I’m done, I will tell everyone about the bridge you built over the generation gap, across a river of fixed-income poverty and landing on the life-freedom side.

  83. Hi there,

    what a great post. As I read it, I am working away in Pai, Thailand, attempting a work-cation. If I were to write a blog, from experience, on how to work while in amazing places, it would encompass everything you’ve covered.

    I am a mentor who teaches SME’s how to modify their businesses to compliment the life they want. There has been no better way to develop the business than to take a trip to the other side of the world. I would like to continue this trend to expand my network, learn to grow my business from a far, and be a role model to future clients. It is difficult to think creatively, and outside the box while you’re sitting building a bedroom startup in London.

    Opening yourself up to new experiences, like App sumo’s, is a great chance for character building.

    Looking forward to seeing who the lucky winner is 😉

    Khierstyn Ross

  84. Geert says:

    Hey guys,

    Boy, do I really need a worcation to get my butt in gear!

    I recently got fired after working for this advertising company for 12 years, and I had a hard time getting over the fact that they actually canned me because I streamlined their hosting environment to a point that it wasn’t a fulltime job anymore!
    I finally decided to get back in the game, and start my own online marketing business (SEO/SEA, affiliate marketing, technical consultant)

    But sitting at home on my own doesn’t really get my ideas flowing and I need to make a change … FAST!

    I remember a post from Neville, one of Noah’s friends, saying you should surround yourself with people you can learn from and people that inspire you, to get better at your job and improve on yourself.
    That’s why I think I could benefit from that worcation to Austin!

    Maybe I can scout out the place so I can come back to SXSW some time (on my bucket list), go on the Independence Brewery Tour (I’m Belgian after all) , get down and dirty with the Appsumo team (…) and in the meantime boost start my own business!

    Finally … if you pick me, I promise to bring some of that amazing Belgian beer with me! 😉

  85. Jub says:

    I need a workcation because I failed at my previous one and fell behind on work. What better way to learn how a workcation should be done??

  86. Akshay says:

    I need a workcation because whats the point of being bound to one place in todays internet world. People work hard so they can travel, but if you can work hard WHILE you travel, thats the coolest! So it would be great to explore the world while making an income, learn from different cultures, identify new problems to solve and see how this world can be made a better place!

  87. Lone says:

    Hahaha loving this. I need a workcation just because it would be freakin’ awesome!!!! Haha.
    Really great blog post, loads of tips that i will definitely consider when actually going on my first workcation. Oh, and i have something to add to number 10: Find and meet locals on! It’s really great. I just joined an Entrepreneur group here in Palma Mallorca where i moved to only a couple of months ago. Thanks for the post Noah!

  88. Denis says:

    I’ve heard of mysterious and beautiful concepts like this one… Hold on, I’m sure I’ve got a rope around here to snag me one? Fresh out! Can I borrow yours?

    To echo your point on wifi, I just came back from Nashville and thought I’d also be able to do some work and found that free = not worth charging for. Even at Starbucks I had to use the Ben and Jerry’s wifi…

    Gotta make this happen

  89. Scott says:

    I’m a huge fan of workcations. I recently wrote a blog post about it here:

    We brought a few teammates for a San Diego workcation for two weeks this past February to get away from the Michigan winter, but Austin was also at the top of the list of possible destinations. Other past workcation spots have included Spain, Mexico, Florida, England, and Colorado.

    Since California won this time around, I could really use an excuse to see Austin!

  90. Alex Drysdale says:

    I would love the workcation because I miss Frank’s BBQ

    Also after two years of work and learning what it takes to be a location independent entrepreneur I finally just built a site and just this past Friday was approved by my first supplier and the coming weeks are going to be all out on my ecommerce store.

  91. Melanie says:

    Yo! Thank you for the great read on workcations! We are currently in the process of working on our current startup, a Latin infused catering/market-bistro to compliment our suite of event based companies. A workcation in Austin would be perfect right about now to boost our R&D as well as offer the CEO (Me) some much needed rejeuv! I would welcome this opportunity with open arms, partly due to the fact that it’s April and it’s still snowing in the great north. #startuplifeincanada

  92. Good simple advise applicable now! I will improve my professionnel traveling life a notch…and then I will need to apply it 6 months per year!!!

  93. Jake Hansen says:

    I’ve been a ‘Wantrepreneur’ for quite a while now, and feel like I am finally at the cusp of making the transition from soul-sucking dead-end corporate Purgatory to a location-independent lifestyle business. I have the first part of the FHWW plan in place in that I have a remote-work agreement with my current employer. The problem now is that I can’t find enough downtime to ramp up my business. I need to learn how I can create a situation where I can ease away from the drudgery and focus on my path to freedom 100% without cleaning, shopping, laundry, and the rest of the garbage that eats up my free time. I desperately want to spend some time around smart, successful folks that have solved this problem to design their dream lifestyles. The stress of not having done so yet is destroying my mind and body, and this transition has become absolutely urgent. Perhaps a Workcation can help me find the missing link and put me on the right path.

  94. Cathy Manuel says:

    Thanks for the great article!
    I love to travel and have taken my 16 year old daughter with me to over 9 countries….but all on my own dime. I am a single mom that works at a non-profit. Recently I have been exploring the idea of starting a business that will allow me to combine my passion for people with my passion for travelling. Looking forward to exploring your other posts!

  95. omar says:

    I need a workcation, because i have strong feeling that can be the right place to start new life, and forget the past of struggle

  96. Lisa says:

    Hey Noah & Sean –
    I need a workcation! And, I’m not sure if I believe in fate, but if I do, this is it — I just came across this site today, emailed Sean… and got a response within hours… Then got my first Location180 email just now, which linked me here! Right now I’m in DC, but originally was supposed to have gone to Austin this weekend (I’ve never been, but would love to). So thanks for the chance to win! I should mention that if I actually do, I’d probably have to do some work for my normal job while I’m there…. BUT, I could also probably hook the AppSumo crew up with the best chocolate dipped fruit in Austin.

  97. Nick says:

    I need a workcation in Austin to get away from the cold weather up here in the North. Plus, Austin has some of the best BBQ I’ve ever had! I’d love to go to Franklin’s again.

  98. Barak says:

    Good tips. Thanks. Looking forward to my next work-action.

  99. Jo Amos says:

    Hey guys,

    Excellent post with a lot of helpful information – thanks.

    I’ve done a fair bit of travelling and working, but on those trips I’ve always been working for other people. I’m currently setting up my writing and proofreading business so I can take it on the road. I’m doing OK but I still feel as though I’m just keeping my head above water rather than really killing it, and I’m nervous about heading on the road with it.

    I’d love the opportunity to work alongside some successful location independent entrepreneurs to help kick-start my dream – I could use a bit of a confidence boost, and right now a little trip would be extremely welcome too!

    I hope whoever is lucky enough to head out to Austin has an amazing time and learns a lot from the experience.

  100. DavId says:

    Workation is my aspiration. Thanks for creating my achievable goal!

  101. Michael Good says:

    I need a workcation because I know how creativity blossoms as you get farther away from home. I need a surge of creativity for the business breakthrough I’m looking for!

  102. Tess says:

    Helpful stuff – thanks. I need a workcation because it’s definitely time to hit the reset button! I dream of supporting myself as a writer and wilderness/wildlife/travel photographer, both my “hobbies” for over 25 years, but I keep falling back to a 40+ hour work week job. Am currently considering an offer to work for a new vacation rentals company, which sounds alright, but am frustrated not to be *really* going after my dream. And I love where I live – Portland is pretty close to perfect – but wish I could make it into more of a home base from which I traveled multiple times a year, instead of feeling (all too often) like a cage. I need to fly!

  103. Sophia says:

    I would love a workation because I launch my own virtual financial planning company last year and I’ve been working so hard that I haven’t been traveling as much as I want to. Now that my biz is up and running, I would love some time away to recharge and write more. I feel like my creative energy has been lacking but getting a chance to explore a new place always energizes me. Love to balance work and play!

  104. Trevor says:

    I need a workcation because I’ve fallen into the habit of equating vacations with zero work — not exactly a productive habit for somehow trying to create a sustainable lifestyle of travel. I’ve identified which streams of income I want to build (spoiler: they’re travel-related), I know which steps must be taken and in what order, I know, I know, I know. In short, less ‘vac’ more ‘work.’ My very un-entrepreneurial environment in the oil fields of North Dakota also is not helping me achieve my goals. It’d be inspiring to learn good habits from a real live entrepreneur for a few days. See you soon in Austin, Noah? Thank you for this opportunity.

  105. Josh Heenan says:


    Great post. I could use a workcation to travel around the country and see my professional and college athletes compete. Watching them progress all of season is great, but having the opportunity to see them in action and set aside time to get some deep work accomplished.

    Thanks guys!

  106. Josh Heenan says:


    Great post. I could use a workcation to travel around the country and see my professional and college athletes compete. Watching them progress all of season is great, but having the opportunity to see them in action and set aside time to get some deep work accomplished would be outstanding.

    Thanks guys!

  107. Ben Hancock says:

    Hey Sean and Noah –

    First, I’m pumped to see you on Location 180, Noah! Like cake and ice cream, it’s a perfect fit.

    Anyway, why would I love to have a workcation with AppSumo? How would I make the most of the opportunity and make it totally worth it for everyone involved? How would I come back from it as rockstar? Well, since you asked… four things:

    People: We can do more together than apart. I don’t just want to work on my business – I also want to help others with theirs. I’m a big picture guy, so I could use help with some details. On the other hand, I’m big on processes and habits, so I can help someone else identify weak links in their workflow or understand their customers’ habits, for example.

    Progress: getting a temporary reprieve from the demands of home life would give me more time and energy to focus on leveling up. Knowing I only have a week or so to spend on the workcation, I’d make the most of every moment.

    Plans: I’d come into a workcation with an ultra-clear idea of what I want to accomplish. I’d spend the days leading up to it creating a plan for how I could best use the focused time to 10x my business. The specifics, of course, would depend upon when it happens. If it were, say, next week, I know right now that my #1 priority is finding and booking my next 5 clients, looking for product ideas from those clients’ problems, and finally setting up a website to start building a list. That way, I could eventually transform the service into a products-based business.

    Productivity: Regardless of the specifics, my goal would be to come back having *created something*. Maybe a workbook or guide, perhaps a ghetto “version 0.01” of a webapp to help my clients do X. Maybe a physical product like Neville’s “NevBox”. Having created something useful in less than a week would make it all worth it.

    An AppSumo workcation (Sumocation!) would be a terrific opportunity, one that I’d take full advantage of. If I’m there, I’m there 120%.

  108. Jennifer Underwood says:

    I’ve been working on building a new business, but all my time commitments at home make it difficult to get as much done as I’ve wanted to. I’m a single mom, working on a degree, and balancing a currently paying self-employment job with building this new business which could make me financially secure. A workcation would allow me to dedicate that time to only building my business, while also allowing for some much needed stress reduction.

  109. Lyn says:

    Want to explore ‘workation’, need to observe/understand your technical know how…Austin, I’ve heard, is the new rising star, sounds like a dream and a what a life experience. Thanks for the opportunity.

  110. James says:

    I need one! I have an audiobook publishing company and would love to go to Austin – to connect in person with our newest author Charlie Hoehn. Hydro Jetpacking Included?

    In a digital business, I have never actually met one of our authors in person. This is sad.
    Thanks for the resources in the post Noah!

  111. Genevieve says:

    I am already building towards my workcation! I’m at the beginning, as in last week I got the pitch accepted for my blog, “The Rogue Road”, on, and today I created my first post. Like you suggested, I’m now starting that 6-12 month build towards a real workcation and in general a location-independent lifestyle. As for why I’d love to participate in THIS workcation?? Well, I have to say, it’s a creative pool I’m dying to jump into….I can’t think of anything more motivating then spending some time throwing ideas around with this team. Personally, I have a ton of energy, even more ideas, and an infectious joie de vivre, so despite my newbie status perhaps I can bring something to the table too. What do you think boys?? Let’s do this!

  112. Workcations sound ideal. Seeing new places and getting needed work done sounds awesome. It sounds like making it successful requires balancing the schedule carefully and being very aware of resources like Wifi. Thanks for the post!

  113. Christina says:

    1 to explore an otherwise unknown destination
    2 to meet new people and engage
    3 to set up my camera and film a local person and I creating food and talking customs and food in a cultural sense. No common language necessary because food is the international language
    4 to then upload and share our experience with other lovers of food and culture
    5 to bring home a breadth of knowledge and skills I didn’t have before and then share them here

  114. I need a workation because most of life has been work and little vacation !

  115. Why you need a workcation, and he’ll be buying a plane ticket to Austin and hooking up lodging for one lucky reader who gets to go down and work with the Appsumo team for a few days. !! I am a Rat Race escapee needing Appsumo to save my inner light to burn brightly again on the outside


  116. Tammra says:

    I’m looking forward to finding out who wins the Workation and either jumping for joy and doing a happy dance or congratulating the winner.

  117. Ryan Kulp says:

    I need a workcation to wrap up all my freelance clients’ demands, since one of them (out of 6!) hired me full-time last week.

    Double income is great, but the recent hire has squandered my time and it’s almost impossible to do all my work now.

    After a workcation in Austin, helping with the Sumo team, I’ll be fully committed to my new job and finally in a stable place again.



  118. Chris Neal says:

    Awesome article Noah. I’d love a workation to launch into starting a new career.

  119. Gary Gaspar says:

    Coz I want to wear my sunnies at the office and not have to deal with my co-workers’ facepalms

  120. Bjorn says:

    Thank you for this inspiring post Noah,

    I would use a workation to work on my own business and get inspired again. I could do it from home, of course, but here I am working different jobs and on charity activites for collagues/friends who really need me to assist them and to be available, because they are so busy themselves. It would be easier to focus if I just got away.

  121. Alvaro says:

    I need a workation to revolutionize my creativity miles away from home, where the juices flow and your perspective allows to think outside the box

  122. HI NOAH!

    My name is Nicole Roland, and I recently started my own internet marketing agency titled Rebound Digital! Almost a year ago, I got laid off from my job as a Digital Media Coordinator with an up and coming social network in the Detroit area. After that, I applied for digital media jobs in the area until I just got fed up and decided to do my own thing. So far, its been going GREAT. However, while money is coming in, its not coming in fast enough for me to travel or even enjoy some of the basic luxuries I had when I was working for someone else. I am very motivated to work, but a lot of my motivation does come from diversity and inspiration. I love Detroit but the city is going through some trouble now and I think that I have pulled all the inspiration that I can from it. I need a work-cation so that I can venture out to a new place, home some new ideas, and finally be able to complete some of the tasks that my everyday life has sometimes prevented me from doing. This is a great opportunity and I hope you will consider me!

  123. Jeremia says:

    I need a workation in Austin so I can eat the best tacos with Noah, and while eating delicious carnitas tacos with guacamole and a margarita, we can share really cool stories both of us have, like business stuff and winning at hopscotch competitions.

  124. Clark Bailey says:

    Because I have no idea what I am doing.

  125. Dalton says:

    I am currently brainstorming ways to make enough money to be able to leave the small town I’ve lived in my entire life, travel, and quit the local pizza place I work at from the back of that exact pizza place. The last thing I was thinking was in the realm of possibility was a workcation. However reading this post has sparked a desire in me to try and work towards this goal. Being picked would definitely help accomplish this goal and get me moving in a new direction. Austin has been one of the few options I’ve been considering when trying to pick a place to move to and I think I could really help the sumo team with anything from taco runs to dog massages. I work with websites and digital content so I could also get my work done. Long story short it would be awesome to be chosen and I would be forever grateful to Noah and the sumo team for what could only be an life changing experience.

  126. Ben says:

    Great article!

  127. Jason says:

    If I was on a workcation with the Appsumo crew, I would…

    a) Go on a ‘Taco Crawl’ through Austin with Chief Sumo
    b) Swap Thailand/Workcation stories over some fine Scotch
    c) Bring the CreativeLive sketch for Noah’s Mom (she liked it!) 😉
    d) Try to contribute meaningfully to Appsumo (with design/motion GFX/video prod skillz) while I’m there
    e) Cook up some mad phad ka prao (‘Thailand Tacos’) for everyone!


  128. Max says:

    Because I’ve only learned how to work, not how to party.


  129. Thanks for the great post, Noah. I had never really considered the option of taking a workcation, but after reading your explanation, I can now tell you exactly why I want to take one.

    During my free time from my 50+ hour/week gig, I’ve been working on a product that I have validated with the 1kaMonth course. The AppSumo course made me realize I could go bigger if I could build a platform to support the product and other ideas potential customers have mentioned. For me that means taking some time to interview experts in the industry, and to put the product and platform together. The getaway+focus time would be a game-changer for me.

    Right now I keep plowing ahead, but progress is slow (but I love it).


  130. Aaron says:

    I could totally use a workcation! I’m a consultant and I just finished up a big project helping launch Obamacare in my state. It has taken all the energy away from my app business, where I really haven’t had time to focus and address my customers in a proper way. I have a huge backlog of bugs, enhancements, and feature requests that really need to be prioritized, wire-framed, and developed. I would use the time in Austin to focus on my business, hangout with some awesome people, and try to learn as much as I can from them so I can make my customers even bigger fans of my iphone and andriod apps. What an amazing experience, thanks for setting this up!

  131. Why would I want to take a “workcation” to Austin of all places?

    Sounds like a terrible place to get work done.

    I mean, days filled playing disc golf with co-eds from UT and stuffing my face at Taco Deli, who has time to work?

    Plus there’s so much cool shit to do in Austin there’s no way to narrow it down to one thing to see each day. Bat’s under the Congress Ave bridge, chicken poop bingo at Ginny’s, Alamo draft house, Juan in a Million, and about a billion other places to go.

    But if I had to do some work, it would be cool to finally see if my small business could be run remotely. Yeah, it’s a brick and mortar store, but I’ve applied so much of what I’ve learned over at to our marketing that sales have grown enough for me to bring on a couple employee’s who are more than capable of not burning the place down while I’m gone.

    Hmm… I think this workcation thing might actually work out.

    Ok, go ahead and email that plane ticket to [email protected] and I’ll see you in Austin.

  132. Pablo says:

    I don’t really NEED a workation but I would LOVE to experience a taste of my desired lifestyle. I would like to show the Appsumo team my business progress thanks to their course and receive any feedback. Finally, meet new people and take my mind out of the daily routine.

  133. BA says:

    Hey Sean,

    I have two side companies that are now producing revenue, but I am struggling to find the time to scale. I work my day job until 9-7PM and then focus on MY companies until about 12AM every night.

    At heart, I am an entrepreneur and just like your former self, my salary and benefits have created a comfortable, but deadly complacency within. As you have stated, financial security is an illusion regardless of the size of your paycheck. Working for somebody else can never immunize you from economic downturns and market turbulence.

    I genuinely believe that a workcation will allow me to take my two companies to the next level. Within the next 6-12months, I plan to move to Portugal, reclaim my freedom and surf 5 days week while scaling my businesses.

    I could be become a great success story for your org.


  134. Siera Vaughn says:

    I REALLY need a workcation for some overdue inspiration and to begin my next creative project and traveling to another town would be a way to start it off since it will revolve around food, art, travel, and such.

  135. mr. sou says:

    Workation around South East Asia, the economy is booming and I think there is a lot of good opportunities …

  136. Alex says:

    Killer post. Could use a workcation to so that I can get a new perspective on business and where I’m going with it

  137. Love this! A workcation makes so much sense to me, because I actually really enjoy my work .But it would be great to go on a workcation for a different perspective. I learn SO much when I travel, which leads to lots of great content and inspiration for material. It keeps me inspired to grow my biz, because I’m not stuck in a rut with the same visual surroundings day in and day out.

  138. Emily Utter says:

    I LOVED this post! I’m working from Bali at the moment and currently working out all of the kinks described here. I’d love to go on another workcation so I can get even better at making it work while I travel. I’m a business coach and my aim is to help my clients achieve massive time and location freedom too– the better I get at it, they better they will get at it!

  139. may says:

    I need to escape the shackles of a 9-5 soul destroying life and embrace the workcation as a new way of life.

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