I Don’t Care What You Say, You’re Being Lazy

By Sean Ogle •  Updated: 03/02/22 •  5 min read

This post was originally published in July 2012.

Have you realized it yet? That you’re being lazy, that is.

Almost everyone I know is being pretty lazy these days, and that’s saying something given the group of entrepreneurial friends I have.

It’s cool, I’ve been lazy too.

Actually I hadn’t realized it until recently, and it was a harsh reality to face, but one I’m extremely grateful for.

Early in the weekend of the World Domination Summit I was talking to my friend Andy, someone I have incredible respect for – and he called me out. You know what he said?

He said the following 4 words:

“You’re being f***ing lazy.”

Whoa, hey there, no need to be mean.

“No really. You’ve built something incredible, but you’re back isn’t against the wall, and you’re not taking it to the next level.”


That hit me.

This is the most important thing I’ve learned all year:

You can be both busy and lazy at the same time.

Yes, we’re all familiar with “busy work”, and in many ways that’s what the last six months have represented for me.

I’ve been traveling all over the place, writing some blog posts, keeping up with friends, but generally I’ve been living the retired life.  I’ve been coasting and doing maybe not the minimum amount of work I need to, but I’ve probably only been running at 50-60% of capacity.

Location 180 has been great, but the fact is, I’ve been maintaining and not growing.

Later in the weekend another person who is much more successful than I am told me this:

“You have an incredible $300 product, with killer testimonials, you know it works, you have all the resources in the world, so why haven’t you capitalized on that?  You could be providing more value to the community, changing more lives, and making way more money if you just focus on that rather than all the extraneous stuff.”

Derek Halpern told me if I didn’t increase my sales and subscribers by 20% by the next time I saw him he’d punch me in the stomach.

Scary thing is, I don’t think he was lying…

So here I am publicly admitting that I’ve been lazy.

This blog was about acountability and honesty from day one – that’s not going to change.

But now it’s your turn to be honest.

As my friends have done for me, I’m calling you out. Yes you. No not the dude next to you, you right there.

You’re being lazy.

Once again, I’m not saying you aren’t busy you’re just being lazy.  To me that means you’re getting bogged down in life and not focusing on the things that matter.

Let’s say you want to quit your job and start a business.  How much of your time and mental energy are you really investing in doing that?

Better question, is that really what you even want to do?  Is it easier and more fun for you to tell your friends and family about all of your lofty goals rather than actually working to achieve them?

Of course it is. You get the majority of the benefit and ego stroking without having to do any of the work.

So maybe it’s not the lack of progress towards your goal that’s making you lazy.  Perhaps you’re putting off even thinking about what you really want to get out of life.

It’s a seriously hard question. I don’t blame you for putting it off. But you’ve gotta stop doing it sooner or later.

Solving the Epidemic

So how are we going to solve this together?  No one wants to be known as the lazy one or the one who is all talk and no action, so let’s take some action.

Here’s what I’m going to do.  I’m going to lay out the key ways I’ve been lazy, and I want you to share your top 3 lazy tendencies with us in the comments.

I’ll be updating my progress in the Location Rebel Academy forums and helping each person in there with their own accountability.

Now, it’s your turn:

  1. Tell us how you’re being lazy in the comments
  2. Include one actionable step for how you’re going to stop doing it
  3. Get accountability. Tell a friend, write a blog, join a forum, or donate money if you dont reach your goals.  Whatever it’s going to take get you to get off your ass.

We’re done wasting time here. If you’re being “lazy”, this is your wake-up call.

Sean Ogle

Sean Ogle is the Founder of Location Rebel where he has spent the last 12+ years teaching people how to build online businesses that give them the freedom to do more of the things they like to do in life. When he's not in the coffee shops of Portland, or the beaches of Bali, he's probably sneaking into some other high-class establishment where he most certainly doesn't belong.
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53 comments on "I Don’t Care What You Say, You’re Being Lazy"

  1. Yep, this pretty much sums me up! My laziness is mainly based on the fear of rejection/criticism/failure. Here are some of my laziest tendencies:

    (1) I’ve been wanting to do some videos to use in my blog — I’ve attempted a couple but never get around to editing them and posting them.
    (2) I have bought all the stuff to put together a vision board to narrow down my goals and focus on the things I really want to pursue right now. After probably 3 months, everything is still sitting on my spare bed.
    (3) I say I want to take my blog and develop it into a brand and business — but here I sit at my desk, behind my computer, at my job and I have no plan laid out on how I’m going to move forward.

    I guess my first step will be to sit down and make a list of the steps I want to take to get the things above accomplished and commit to taking some type of action every day…..and then hold myself accountable to actually follow through.

    Thanks for the reality check and the kick in the ass to take some action!

    1. Sean says:

      Andrea, start with the overarching plan. What do you want to achieve in the next 12 months and why? When there’s a why behind it, it makes things like shooting and editing videos much easier to follow through with. Good luck!

  2. Hah! Awesome picture Sean!

    I’m not sure if I’ve been lazy. I did have a nice kick in the pants after the Google Panda update.

    * Created Financial Services Online, and the pillar “Get On The Map” product for $980.

    * Wrote a 37,000 word book on “How To Engineer Your Layoff: Make A Small Fortune By Saying Goodbye” after managing to get about six to eight years worth of living expenses as severance.

    * Included reader friendly affiliate marketing posts that are helpful.

    Now I’ve just got to build the presence online. Give me 6 months!

    One of the key fun things to do is earmark yourself to another blogger and see how the traffic progress is. I never thought my pageview count would grow to 250K a month, but it has thanks to earmarking myself to other blogs to keep me motivated.

    I WANT to be lazy in retirement, but I just can’t! I want to be that guy with a huge blog who continues to comment on other sites and interact.


    1. Sean says:

      Killing it man! Speaking of retirement, we still have a tennis match to play at some point 🙂

      1. Whenever you want! Shall we bet a dray aged steak dinner in Portland or SF? We’ll go straight up!

        Every day, I’m getting a little lazier, which I’m enjoying!

        1. Sean says:

          Considering I haven’t hit in a year, and you’re the one rolling in your new lay off package, I may need to hold off on the steak dinner haha. But I’ll at least buy you a few beers if you beat me 🙂

  3. Jennifer says:

    Wow – I really needed to hear this.

    1. I’m being lazy because I have the extreme pleasure of being a student in Marie Forleo’s B-School which totally gives you EVERYTHING you need to build your own business, and I haven’t been following through. I have been giving the excuse that I’m burned out from my day job, but I think it’s more a fear of failure.

    2. My actionable step is to have my site up and running by September 1st and have 5 clients by the end of 2012.

    3. If this doesn’t happen, I’ll donate $500 to an animal rescue.

    Whew! That feels better.

    Thanks Sean! What you’re putting out into the world is truly inspiring and amazing. I can’t wait for more.

    1. Sean says:

      Now make that $500 donation more public – tell someone who will hold you accountable 🙂

      “…but I think its more fear of failure” – Glad you’ve recognized this!

  4. janet says:

    definitely lazy. i could have had my first info product by now! I think I’m going to work on my signature: SOS – Shine On Sessions.

    i’m just not doing the work. i’ve signed up for accountability/group coaching and a course on a business model blue print+product creation+how to launch
    and now I’ve got Mars Dorian on my ass! haha but I’m sure when I’m finally done it will KICK ASS

    1. Sean says:

      Now make it happen! Can’t wait to hear about the progress 🙂

  5. Josh Larsen says:

    This post is really what I needed lately, I’ve been incredibly lazy.

    1. Lately I’ve been having a bad habit of starting or committing to projects that I really want to do, but I haven’t been putting aside time to actually work on them. For instance I want to make a successful blog but I never set aside time to write and network, and I want to ride in a super long mountain bike race but I never find the time to go train.

    2. I’m going to start setting aside 2 hours a night specifically for working on projects I’m working on, and a longer time (4-6 hours) on the weekends.

    3. I’m not sure how I’ll hold myself accountable yet. For starters I’ll get some friends to start kicking me if I stop progressing in any of these areas.

    Thanks again for the great post Sean!

    1. Sean says:

      Best advice I can give? Form a mastermind or accountability group, I’ve found 3 people works really well. Not only will you get advice and feedback, but you’ll stay on track as well.

  6. Brian says:


    1 – not following through with the product plan I’m putting together – mainly because I’m too worried I don’t have enough expertise to guide and recommend things to people (meanwhile I have a BS in ExercisePhys and MS in Counseling and used a similar method to lose almost 30 pounds)
    2 – reading, instead of doing
    3 – falling asleep early – when that could be my most productive times

    1. Sean says:

      If you draw from your own personal experience and make that clear and aren’t just ripping off other people, that will go a long way in terms of giving you the credibility you need.

      For instance, I’m not a “business professor” but I’ve spent the last 3 years figuring out what works, and then presenting it from my perspective.

    2. Harrison says:

      Hey Brian, I also do #3 a lot too. I’ve been randomly falling asleep at irregular, random hours during the day … which then messes up my sleeping schedule for the rest of the week.

      So then, I get random bouts of productivity, and then random time periods of laziness.

      Trying to figure out ways to stay awake … without having to take those energy drinks, haha.

  7. Liz says:

    I feel like I’ve come a long way, I used to get ‘overwhelmed lazy’ which basically meant forced laziness because I didn’t know what to work on. I still have it at times, but far less. Now it’s more I have a ton of great (I think at least) ideas but just letting fear or insecurity get in the way of starting them which I am really not happy with right now.

    But, mastermind is back on track and that makes a huge difference in making sure I get things going.

    My accountability is I’ve been starting to let my own mental 9-5 end date slip out to a few people, fear of NOT making that happen is my biggest motivator right now!

    1. Sean says:

      Tell. More. People. 🙂

  8. Joey says:

    I guess there’s no better time for my first comment here since I really liked this post and its call to action.

    I haven’t wanted to be an entrepreneur until the last 6 months. After my 7th job with my 4th company/organization in less than 6 years, I figure I may just not be cut out for this. I’ve moved up the whole way, more than tripling my income, but I’ve never been satisfied. I also decided I want something that’s location-independent, as I’d love to take off in an RV with my family or take off internationally for 6 months, a year, full-time…who knows!

    So, how am I being lazy? By not getting after a solution right now. I know my problem (dissatisfied/disenchanted with work) and I have a vague idea of what I want to do but am not sure how to implement it. I have a pretty good idea of what I like and what I’m good at, but combining it all into a business model is another story. I’ve been consuming a lot of information (blogs, The $100 Startup, etc.) but there comes a time where you have to stop consuming and start producing. I’m a pretty risk-averse person and don’t generally start something until I’ve calculated everything and know exactly what I’m getting into. I’d love to start with a blog and expand from there, but there’s the matter of brand, domain, etc. I have no desire to start something that hasn’t been well-thought out only to leave it dormant because I don’t have any direction for it.

    I also have a family of 3 kids ages 2 and under to consider in all of this.

    Anyway, I’ve considered just starting a blog (a new one…I already have a small personal blog that I’ve run for 6 years) for accountability and taking it from there. I guess that would be my action step – to have a blog setup and running in the next week. Like I said, I’m just hesitant to do that without a better plan in place than what I have now.

  9. Nicolas says:

    Sun Tzu calls it the facile ground.
    The problem is that you are in a ground where you can go back if things go bad, so you are not commited to do the actual thing… His solution is to burn your boat, so you can’t go back and have no choice but to succeed.

    Practically…I have the same problem… but I did not burn the boat yet :p

    1. Sean says:

      Really liking the metaphor. In a post last week I talked about the importance of not burning bridges, however in this case, sometimes it’s what needs to be done to be productive/successful.

  10. Andrew says:

    My turn:
    1. I’ve thought about starting a business in my spare time for over a year, but I haven’t actually done it. I’ve sat around contemplating what business to start, how to execute it, etc.
    2. Now is the time for me to start some business by the end of the year. It really doesn’t matter what it is at this point, since I mainly want to just get some experience starting/running a business (even if it completely flops).
    3. In order to hold myself accountable, I intend to write a blog post about it here: http://entrepreneurial-nomads.com/ (I encourage anyway to call me out on my shit if I don’t make any progress).

    1. Sean says:

      Nice to see you making progress already! 🙂

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  12. Mara says:

    Ouch! Sean, that really hurt!

    1. I’ve been fluttering like a butterfly on different projects such as planning my wedding; preparing lesson plans for the incoming school year; and working on lessons on becoming a better writer and how to build a business.
    2. Because I’m trying to do everything all at once, it seems overwhelming, so whatever work I’m producing seem mediocre.
    3. I’ve set up a blog but have yet to publish anything I’ve written because I feel that my work is still lacking.

    Action Plan:
    1. List “to-do” items; set a reasonable schedule to work on them and set deadlines per project.
    2. Go public and publish my posts.

    1. Sean says:

      Mara, a question to ask yourself. At this point how much of a priority is the blog really? It sounds like you have a lot going on, if you put that on hold until after the wedding would it ease your stress and make you feel better? Something to consider. You don’t have to have everything NOW if it isn’t right.

      1. Mara says:

        Thanks for the advice, Sean. I needed that. Also, thanks for hosting the webinar. It was very informative. You and Derek did a great job.

        1. Sean says:

          Glad you enjoyed it! It was fun aside from a few technical difficulties towards the end.

  13. Zach Smith says:


    Your thoughts are my thoughts exactly! For some reason, the fear of failure is more real than the prospect of success.

    Anyway, great article. I’m going to write something similar (As a follow-up to what you’ve said) on my own blog here: http://www.StartDoingBusiness.com/

    New Rule: ZERO laziness for 30 days. I’ll keep you updated!

  14. Jo says:

    I am well aware of the fact that I’m lazy. However, I am steadily becoming more productive so that’s something…

    I’m being lazy by guzzling down as much info on lifestyle design and my business ideas as possible but I rarely actually take action based on what I read. I spend all my time consuming information and, despite constantly being excited about a new project, rarely do the actual creating.

    I’m going to write and publish my next blog post by the end of the weekend.

    To make sure I do it, I have just tweeted this as a promise.

    Cheers, Sean.

    1. Sean says:

      Awesome to hear Jo. Send me a link to the post when it’s done.

      1. Jo says:

        Thanks for pushing me to set myself a deadline, Sean.

        Here’s the link:


      1. Jo says:

        Cheers, Laila!

  15. Harrison says:

    Such a flattering photo of you Sean 🙂

    I’ve been lazy only because no pressure has been placed on me. I know I’m suppose to “mentally” put that pressure on myself … but it’s pretty hard when there is no clear cut person (coach), that holds you accountable. (Kind of cool that Derek will punch you in the stomach … imagine if he offered some other harsher punishment, haha)

    Luckily, as you know, I’ll be heading off to Hawaii. That pop-up opportunity is really, giving me motivation to get things moving on my own projects, now that I’m pressured for time. So it’s kind of cool.

    And I like what Nicholas said in the comments: “His solution is to burn your boat, so you can’t go back and have no choice but to succeed.” <—- That's kind of what I'm doing, but just with only buying a one-way ticket to Hawaii. No turning back.


    1. Sean says:

      I figured if nothing else it at least be good for a couple extra page views 🙂 haha

  16. I realized exactly the same thing a couple of weeks ago. I decided to do something about it, I wrote a blog post and I called it my summer challenge: http://www.wouter.net/2012/07/01/my-summer-challenge/
    I was really motivated to stay focussed, but it seems I’m only keeping up with about half of the goals. So, now I’m postponing as well to write a new blog post about it, because I’d have to face how bad I’m doing. lol

    1. Sean says:

      Also often times when you’re only keeping up with half your goals – you have too many goals. This is often the case for me. I do so many different things and have so many projects that something is always getting left behind. Narrowing focus can be huge if it’s really a struggle.

  17. Courtney C. says:

    Oh, the irony…

    I stumbled across this post after having a conversation with a good friend about laziness. He is a few days away from hiring an booking agent. I asked him to share his expectations for doing so and he goals he wanted to accomplish — Of course they were not realistic.

    As someone who is on both sides of the entrepreneurial equation (having clients and employees), I understand (or at least try to) the importance of setting realistic goals. When starting out, I know that I can not expect an employee/contractor to grow my business by working 30 hours a week for me and I’m only putting in 5 hours. I don’t care what anyone says, it’s just not possible, especially if you want to continue to grow.

    Lastly, I want to address what has become a trend of using “fear of failure” as an excuse not to move forward. Please, do not get me wrong, I do believe there is some truth to it, but it’s seems to be the new “green.” I believe an increased number of individuals use “fear of failure” as an excuse because they know that the notion of fear is more acceptable than the notion of laziness.

    Launching a business/project is much less risky than driving/biking to work everyday. But you will never hear anyone say, “Oh, I don’t work because I have a fear of traffic.”

    You/We do what you have to do to survive and reach our goals. If you want and need it bad enough, nothing will stop you — Not even the fear of failure.

    If you’re lazy, you lazy. Nothing wrong with that. But if you want to start something, you have to turn off the tv and other time suckers. Admit to being lazy, find an accountability partner and make it happen. You CAN do it!

    Courtney C.

    1. Sean says:

      Very well said, I love the analogy about fear failure vs driving to work everyday, dead on. Thanks for sharing!

  18. Darlene says:

    How I’m being lazy is the same literal way you have been – lack of MOVING the body! I’ve been booking zumba classes once a week when I should be going 3 times a week, and then sometimes the day comes and I f*cked around for the rest of it so I “punish” myself by not going to class so I can get more “stuff” done. I didn’t do that yesterday though – got my ass to class and sweated like I should have!

    I’ve got myself 3 new accountability buddies (my roommates from WDS). We decided to do a Google hangout once a month and keep notes on what each person says they are gonna do then next month call each other on stuff if we don’t get it done. Just saying stuff out loud and having it written down for you makes it more real and that I have to do it.

    I had 3 goals this month (by Aug 17th):
    1 – do an interview with Trey Ratcliff and promote his new class with my affiliate link – CHECK
    2 – get at least the minimum 4 people signed up for a live workshop I’m doing in Alberta at the end of September. As of now I have three.
    3 – get two affiliates to help me sell my workshops (I’m offering $50 referral each) – not having any luck on this but have been asking around. Partly why I asked that question about finding partners last night on the webinar.

    1. Sean says:

      Its funny when NOT exercising is your punishment – that’s when you need to re-evaluate haha

      Sounds like you’re making progress, well done!

  19. Dana Miller says:

    Thanks Sean,
    This post has helped me start setting some goals to help try and get off the plateau my site has been at for the last few years. I’ve already made some SEO page improvements i have been putting off for months.

  20. Emmett Cooke says:

    This is my first comment on your site – I’ve been coming to it since last week and this post really hit home. I’m a composer and earn a passive income from licensing my music online. Like you said, you get to a stage when you’re content/you can get by comfortably and don’t push it any further.

    In one way its an even harder stage than getting it off the ground – you need to dig further and push harder. Really hit home for me – I’m in the same position and really trying to motivate myself to get further, earn more, and work harder

  21. I’ve been being lazy out of pure fear. I’ve been living on the Big Island Hawaii and business is tough there. So I’ve been running around being “busy” but not getting it done. I’ve known I need to get myself to Maui, I need to write more, I need to sell the products I already have and create more.

    1. I’m in Clay Collins Interactive Offer. There sooo much information and I’m not getting it done. I have 5 months left. Get it the fuck done!
    2. List my house for sale on the Big Island. Good news, just yesterday I rented a place in Maui. So… I have indeed begun the process in a serious way.
    3. Change my current Pumpkin Dog Food + Treats Recipes images with my branding and sell it.

    Thank you for calling me out. Fear, not being happy with relationship, or knowing I need to change business location is no excuse!

  22. Zach H. says:

    A) I’ve been lazy by not starting my new blog. I have at least half a dozen articles ideas so the blog should be up right now.

    2. I will go (right NOW) and check on the domain name. Crap it is. (One second…) .org FTW!

    13. I’m spending money I really shouldn’t on this so it better work!

  23. Yes, it’s been ages since I have posted here, and it’s about time I get back.

    “No really. You’ve built something incredible, but you’re back isn’t against the wall, and you’re not taking it to the next level.”

    This sums up my problem. I have been only doing enough to sustain myself where I am. I realized that some time back but had not found a solution to it.

    When I took off on July 1st to go to WDS, and then spend the next six to seven weeks not knowing where or how I will get to Orlando, FL on Aug, 15th to attend the Toastmasters International Convention, I knew it will require me to get out of my comfort zone and do more or at least do something different.

    Five weeks into the trip, this is where I am.

    I have gotten out of my comfort zone and accomplished some of the things I set out to do. But I am still being lazy because I realize that my back will never be agaist the wall anymore. However, I am taking it to the next level.

    While on the road, I have outlined my next project. I am doing a book, not an ebook (nothing wrong with ebooks), but a paper product based on my Roadtrip.

    Here is the title
    Eight Weeks, Forty States & +$800 in the Bank
    How I learned to Trust and Be Myself

    Sean, I will be sending you a hard copy of it for review before it is out in the market. You should get your copy by the end of October.

    The book will be a springboard for a public speaking tour. That is what I have always wanted to do. Be a motivational speaker ala Zig Zigler and Brian Tracy.

    Thanks for sharing your embarrassing moment and the kick in the pants for the rest of us. Now you have my accountability plan.


    PS: It was really great to have finally met you in person after so many years of having known you online.

  24. Audrey says:

    Know too well the idea of being busy while really being lazy. I’ve often hid behind the “busy” excuse and used travel and other “catching up” excuses. Sometimes you do need someone to threaten to punch you in the stomach to get moving 🙂 Thanks for being that virtual bully…in a good way.

  25. Tan Jin Kit says:

    Hello Sean,

    I just stumbled on your blog through the search engines and I have to say that your site has a lot of quality content! Will be taking my time to read all of them.

    This particular post got me up and finally made me get posting on my 1st post on my wordpress blog and it is based on this post that I wrote it! http://tjkmarketingsuccess.com/laziness-kills/

    Keep the good content coming!

  26. Looking back through your archives! What a great down to earth article.

    I’m keeping with my goal of publishing once a week, but worried about “page views page views” instead of focusing on starting the e-book, networking with top bloggers as yourself, making videos etc.

    I use the excuse that “I deserve a break after working almost 50 hours a week”, but it’s a poo argument

    Cheers Sean

    1. Sean says:

      Speaking of excuses, make sure you check out todays post 🙂


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