How Location Rebel Academy Helps with 5 Major Mental Roadblocks

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Intro from Sean: This is a post from Location Rebel Academy member Laura Kathryn. There are so many wonderful stories coming out of our community that we wanted to do a series to highlight as many of them as we could. Here’s her story.

Laura Kathryn is a Location Rebel Academy member

This is not a success story. This is not a sales pitch. This is simply a fellow beginner sharing their perspective.

If you’re anything like me, are you a little intimidated by all the amazing testimonials and success stories out there on sales pages, YouTube videos, and in product reviews.

Don’t get me wrong it’s great to read about other people’s achievements and seeing people succeed can be super inspirational.

But, when you’re a clueless beginner with no experience and no confidence, it’s easy to feel a million miles away from the success stories you read and you can be left feeling a little out of your depth.

Where are all the success stories that don’t involve quitting your full-time job, traveling the world and making ten grand a month?

You know, the ones that seem a little more attainable?

I want to share with you five of the ways in which Location Rebel Academy has helped with the mental hurdles that a lot of you might be struggling with too.

1) You’ve got trust issues

I’d been following Sean on Youtube for about a year before I bought the LR course. In hindsight, I have no idea what took me so long, but I know what made me finally join.

This video, is Sean’s version of a sales pitch and it works because it’s not a sales pitch.

It spoke to me because it was honest, no slick salesy crap. I trusted what Sean was telling me which was impressive considering I’m notorious for not trusting anyone and being super suspicious that people are out to con me.

Since joining I can verify, no cons or scams here. Phew!

Knowing that the people behind LR are honest real people will put you at ease and actually encourage you to join which is step one of the adventure.

If you don’t trust who you are buying a course from, don’t buy it.

2) You feel overwhelmed

When I joined and saw the wealth of information in this course, while I felt impressed and happy that I didn’t pay all this money for nothing, I also felt overwhelmed.

Very overwhelmed.

There’s so much information that it would be easy to have no idea where to begin.

Enter the “Mindset Blueprint.”

This blueprint is the first thing you should read when you get started with the course. It just helps guide you through the process and validates any feelings of ‘where the hell do I start?’

If this blueprint wasn’t there, I’d have taken one look at the course and thought ‘this is too much, I’ll come back to this another time,’ and we all know what that really means.

I’d have given up before I’d even started.

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3) You feel stuck or unsure about something

Oh, man. The level of support you get with Location Rebel is INSANE.

Like I said earlier, these are real people. If you email Sean or Liz, they will actually take time to respond and it’s no copy and paste job, they give you proper thoughtful advice. Yay!

This is not just some course they cooked up years ago and continue to pump out year after year and that’s that. You’re paying for the course, but you’re also getting one on one support when required.

It doesn’t stop and at Sean and Liz either, there’s a forum for all the members and everyone is so friendly and helpful. There’s a reason that the most successful people in the community are also often the most active members in the forums.

Whether you need feedback on a pitch, someone to look over your website or even just some motivation if you’re not feeling it, there are always people on hand in the forums to help. Liz responds to so much in the forums herself too!

4) You say, ‘But I’m not ready yet’

I’m terrible for letting time pass by and doing nothing. I’ll make excuses or I’ll tell myself it’s because ‘I’m not ready.’

Newsflash! You’ll probably never feel ready.

Location Rebel preaches becoming part of an accountability group and boy does it help! I am part of one with fellow LR members, we chat most days and set weekly goals.

Nobody wants to post in their accountability group that they haven’t met their goals week after week. It gives you that push you need to get going with things.

If you think you’re not ready for the next step in the plan, have you considered what might happen if you just do it anyway?

Either you do amazing and there was no need to worry, or maybe you mess it all up. So what? You can learn from it and do better next time.

Sean has given plenty of examples of times he’s done something ‘wrong’ but look at him now!

Note from Sean: I swear I had nothing to do with this post until the final edit to publish. Thanks for so many kind words, Laura 🙂

5) You feel imposter syndrome

Both hugely successful people and brand new beginners can suffer from feelings that they aren’t good enough, that they don’t deserve to be where they are or that they can’t get to where they want to be.

It’s all a load of BS. It’s our minds playing tricks on us.

One of the things Sean says often is that most people attempting freelance writing are doing it really badly. Even if your writing isn’t the best or your website isn’t the most professional out there, if you follow the steps that LRA gives you, you’re already doing better than most people.

This is especially relevant in relation to pitching. Simply sending a personalised pitch will make you stand out from most of the other writers as they’ve all sent a mail merged message, that quite frankly sucks.

It’s tips like that, which I’ve learned in Location Rebel Academy, that make me realise that I can do it. Just by putting some time and effort in, as let’s face it, most people are just doing the fastest route possible and that is not always best.

You can do it

So there you have it, folks.

It’s nothing groundbreaking and it’s not a tale of how LR made me a millionaire overnight. These are some pointers for those of you that, like me, struggle with the mental preparation of actually getting started with things.

Now I have the ball rolling, I am well away, and I’m pitching my little heart out. I sat on the LR course for months, feeling like I had to take it all in and like I had to change this or get that or wait for some magical sense of readiness before I took practical action.

But once I actually read the mindset blueprint and got started I realised that this course already has all the support for the mental blocks I was putting up.

PLEASE utilize everything that this course offers and actually listen to what it teaches you. I know that sounds obvious but so many people will read something, take it on board but never do it. Don’t be that person.

Take it one day at a time, one action at a time and you can do this!

Laura Kathryn is a UK-based freelance writer dedicated to helping sustainably conscious businesses. When she’s not trying to save the planet one blog post at a time she is usually delving into a true-crime documentary, practicing embroidery, or dreaming about pasta.

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Learn How to Make Your First $1,000 Freelance Writing (in 30 Days or Less)

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  2. Very well said, Laura. I am like you. I followed along with Location 180 (yeah, a while ago) before purchasing. And, very similar, not sure why it took so long. Then, life happens, and I had to move things around. A few years later, I logged back on, and the community has grown, with lots of support, and it’s awesome to be part of this community. It’s nice knowing we are not alone. After all, we all have to start somewhere.

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