Epidemic Sound Review: How to Find Music For Your YouTube Videos

By Sean Ogle •  Updated: 01/23/19 •  2 min read

I’ve been making videos for years, and for years, I’ve struggled with one critical element of these videos: how to find music for your YouTube videos.

It seems simple.

You hear a sweet song on the radio, you download it, you edit it to your video and voila! Super cool YouTube vid.

If only it were that easy.

How to Find Music for Your YouTube Videos

Watch the video on YouTube here.

What many people just starting out on YouTube don’t realize (and what many established vloggers know all to well), is that you can’t use copyrighted music on your YouTube videos.

YouTube is now smart enough to recognize songs that you’re not authorized to use, and depending on which song it is, there are a few actions they might take.

One is simply letting you know “hey! This is a copyrighted song. There’s a chance you won’t be able to monetize this video.”

Other times, it won’t let you play it on certain devices.

And if you do it enough times, you’ll get dinged by YouTube and your account can’t find itself in a bunch of hot water (de-monetization, account removal etc.)

Don’t worry, if it happens a time or two on accident, it’s no big deal – so don’t stress too much about this.

But if you’re updating on a regular basis, you’ll want to find a good source for copyright free music.

Not only that, finding a library of music where you can actually allow the music to be a truly creative part of the video process is game changing.

For years I searched for tracks that would just “get the job done”.

Now, I’ve found a resource that not only get’s the job done, but makes selecting the music for your videos fun.

It’s called Epidemic Sound and it has been the single most valuable tool I’ve found for my videos.

Watch the video above to see exactly why it’s been so valuable.

I’ll update this with a full review on Epidemic Sound soon.

Sean Ogle

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