Location Rebel Team

For more information on how Location Rebel came to be, check out our about page. But read on to learn more about the team behind this site.

Sean Ogle – Lead Rebel

Location Rebel founder Sean Ogle working at his desk in the desert.

We mean it when we say “work from anywhere.”

Sean Ogle is the founder and head honcho of Location Rebel.

He’s passionate about helping people build small lifestyle businesses that allow them to do more of the things that make them happy in life.

He’s on a quest to play the top 100 golf courses in the world, and when he isn’t working from a coffee shop or on the golf course, he can most likely be found sneaking into some other high class establishment where he doesn’t belong.

Check out some of Sean’s Favorite Things Here.

Liz Froment – Project Manager

Location Rebel project manager Liz Froment


Liz Froment joined Location Rebel Academy way back in 2011. Within months she’d established herself in the community, applied everything she learned, and left her day job. Sean immediately asked her to come on board and help him grow the site and community.

Luckily for him, she said yes. She’s an awesome resource for both new and older members because she’s got an encyclopedic memory of everything from old posts that have great info, to strategies, and advice.

Check out some of Liz’s Favorite Things Here.

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Sean: @seanogle
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