The Rebel's Guide to Mastering Email

The Definitive Process for Sending Emails That Get the Response You Want in Life and Business

Do You Remember the Last Really Bad Email You Received?

Do you remember the last time you received a horrible email?

I'm talking really bad.

Like one that looked like it was written by a robot, a second grader, or perhaps just someone who clearly didn't care enough to proofread?

I do. It was today.

I get hundreds of emails a week, and being perfectly honest, about 75% of them are horrible.

I think email is one of the most powerful tools we have to facilitate change in our lives.

My life was changed forever back in 2009 when I sent a cold email to author Chris Guillebeau asking if I could buy him a cup of coffee.

I was miserable in my job and wanted to do exactly what he was doing. We ended up meeting and he encouraged me to start Location 180.

To say my life has never been the same is an understatement...

I have dozens of examples in my own life of how email has led to making money, having a cool adventure, or simply making a new friend that I wouldn't have made otherwise.

I've learned how to thoughtfully craft emails that give me a really good chance of getting what I want.

However, based on all of the emails I receive day in and day out, many others haven't quite gotten to that point.

In fact, some of the emails I get are so bad that not only do I often say “no” to the ask that is being made of me, but they go on my mental "don't do business with that person list."

It doesn't have to be that way.

There's no reason why everyone can't send better emails, and that's exactly what we've set out to do with this course.

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The Five Biggest Email Mistakes We See

This whole course came about after I realized my Location Rebel community manager, Liz, and I were forwarding each other horrible emails on a daily basis - we just couldn’t believe how bad they were.

I mean, you’d be shocked at how often they would spell one of our names wrong.

Sean and Liz. It's not rocket science.

The more we talked about it though, the more we realized that there were five major mistakes we were seeing.

Mistake #1: Poor Spelling and Grammar

While admittedly, I’m far from perfect when it comes to proofreading my work - when you’re sending an email and trying to make a good first impression, the easiest thing you can do is proofread the email.

Seriously, that’s it!

Screenshot 2016-03-20 11.10.07

Think this was proofread?

Make sure you don’t have any glaring spelling errors and that you don’t sound like a second grader - I know you can do that.

Mistake #2: Emails that Want Something for Free (or  the “big ask”)

I get pitched multiple times a day. Everything from a quick “pick your brain” session, to a guest post on my site, or request to promote a product or service.

Now in general, I’m not opposed to any of those things. But if I don’t know who you are, and you send an email that isn’t respectful and makes assumptions? Yeah, I’ll hit that archive button faster than Bruce Lee on speed.

Mistake #3: Writing Like a Robot

I’m all for professionalism, but be professional with some personality.

Let me know who you are, and remember sending your first email out to someone is your first (and possibly only) chance at making a good first impression, so make sure you sound like a person worth responding to.

Mistake #4: Being Rude or Disrespectful

Recently I got an email calling me a con artist and saying that Location Rebel is part of a mass conspiracy.

This was someone who was seeking my help and considering a Location Rebel membership. When I responded he insisted it was all in good fun and still wanted my help…

Can you guess how excited I was to help him out?


Mistake #5: Bulk Emailing

Whoever thought trying to send out 100 mail-merged emails, and then pass them off as personal was a good idea, was a complete idiot.

Screenshot 2016-03-20 11.06.49

Umm, seriously?

When you’re sending emails, remember there are REAL PEOPLE on the other side of that screen. Treat them as such.

If you send me a mail-merged email with the expectation I’ll do whatever you’re asking - then you clearly need to rethink some things.

There’s More to It than That…

Regardless of whether or not you decide to join our course, learning from these 5 simple mistakes will allow you to make an infinitely better impression than if you choose to not take this advice.


There’s a lot more to it than just taking care of the basics. If you really want to succeed with email, you’ll want to go above and beyond.

And that’s what we’re going to show you how to do.

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The Rebel’s Guide to Mastering Email

We didn't just want to give you some copy and paste guide of email templates to work with and call it a day.

Nope, we wanted to kick it up a notch and give you real solid ideas and actionable concepts to work with that covered just about every situation we could think of - while also teaching you about the psychology and the why behind the emails you’re sending.

Here are just a few examples:

  • Using cold email to look for work
  • Pitching a proposal to a warm lead
  • Reaching out to an online influencer to start building a relationship
  • Talking to a blogger about getting a guest post on their site
  • Scheduling an interview with an important author
  • Sending an airline a request for compensation after a poor experience
  • Pitching a company on a potential partnership
  • Plus lots more...

We worked hard to cover as many common email situations as possible.

By the end of 2017 it’s estimated that there will be on average 132 BILLION emails sent per DAY.*

Clearly this is the way a lot of people prefer to do business and manage their personal lives.

It’s also clear that with so much email going around, there’s no time for messages that are poorly written or self-centered.

But because there ARE so many people that aren’t doing it properly, there’s a huge opportunity for you. Leverage email the right way and you can make dramatic changes in both your own life, and the lives of those you’re reaching out to.

Building Your Foundation

Consider The Rebel’s Guide to Mastering Email your foundation.

In it, we’re not only going to give you templates you can build off of, but we’re going to help you understand the psychology, and the WHY behind every email you send.

That way you’ll be able to take the concepts and apply them to ANY situation you come across in either your personal and business lives.

Sounds pretty good, right?

But you probably want to know a little bit more about what's included.

Glad you asked...

What you'll get inside The Rebel's Guide to Mastering Email:

  • A look at the numbers behind email, you’ll learn what makes it so important
  • How to overcome the most common fears and hesitations about email
  • Step by step instructions and strategies for using email to build relationships with the people who matter to you
  • Sample templates and strategies for reaching out to influencers via email
  • How to tackle the cold email, from start to finish including the approach and how to follow up
  • The 10 most common mistakes people make with email (you're probably making at least one of them)
  • Proven tips and tactics for stepping up your email game
  • Some of our favorite tools for mastering and streamlining the email process
  • And more...

When we said it was comprehensive, we weren't making it up.

This guide is full of tips, tactics, and strategies to help you move forward.


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So, How Much is this Going to Cost?

I’ve had dozens of occasions where a single email has saved me over a hundred dollars.

I’ve also had dozens of occasions where a single email has made me over a thousand dollars.

Email is powerful, no matter how you look at it.

And the goal of this course is to allow you to harness and capitalize on that power.

For this limited 3 day launch, we’re allowing anyone who joins to do so for just $97.

When we re-launch it later this spring, it will most likely cost more than double that and won’t include all of the bonuses you’re seeing today.

The goal with this initial offering of The Rebel’s Guide to Mastering Email is to make this as much of a no-brainer as possible.

After all, our success with this in the future solely relies on you getting the results you want and expect.

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And last, but certainly not least, we want to make sure every single one of you is happy with your purchase.

So if you join and decide that if for whatever reason, the course isn’t for you or wasn’t what you were expecting - just send an email to in the first 30 days [email protected] and we’ll send you your money back, no questions asked.

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