When I started this journey, I knew I wanted to create the course that I wish I had when I first began building my business.

Enter: Location Rebel.

All these years later, and it's been a huge success. Dozens of people have been able to quit their jobs and create the lifestyles they only dreamed about before joining.

I could sit here for hours telling you all about their stories...but why not hear it from them first?

Your Investment in Location Rebel Pays For Itself (Quicker than You Might Think)

One of the biggest questions I get about Location Rebel has to do with the price.

Look I get it, $497 is an investment, especially when you're starting out. But, inside LR you get the tools to make that money back quickly.

These members have been able to use the skills and the connections from inside Location Rebel, making back their initial investment within a few weeks.

Real Stories from Real Members

ryan-smithToday is officially one month for me since joining LR. I have to admit, I went back and forth A LOT before signing up. When I explained to my wife that I wanted to spend almost $500 on this, she looked at me like I had lost my mind.

One month later, both she and I are stunned at the results. …I’m sitting here shaking my head. I see almost $1000 into my paypal in the past two weeks and an email from one SEO guy ordering $900 in work over the next 10 days. Unbelievable. Location Rebel is the best $500 I’ve ever spent.

- Ryan Smith

Within 2 weeks of participating in the program I had built a site for my SEO consulting business and landed my first paying client.

- Matt Koeing

Chris-SilvestriAfter one month of starting my SEO writing thing, I found a client giving me a project of almost 50 articles, due at the end of the month. I can honestly say between my regular job and this, I’ve been pretty busy and made the money for LR back plus more, in 1 month!

I can say I’m really happy with this result, considering I’m writing in English, which isn’t my first language!

- Chris Silvestri

Jessica-DusakI wanted to write you and tell you just how awesome life has been lately.

I joined Location Rebel in May, didn’t really start for a few weeks – took my time reading and freaking out like everyone does.

Second week of June, I sent my first email ever, and here is where I am today: So far, I’ve made $1850 this month and all of them are reoccurring projects in one way or another!!!

I still have everything and anything to learn, I know I have a really long road to go but I couldn’t be more ecstatic and I just had to thank you!

- Jessica Dusak

Been Dreaming of Quitting Your Job? These Members Made it Happen

It's no surprise one of the biggest goals of many Location Rebel members is to quit their 9-5 jobs.

It's usually what drive them to join in the first place.

So, you can probably guess one of my favorite things is seeing when members announce they've quit their jobs to continue to grow their business full time.

steve-erlYours was the first program I purchased when I decided to focus on Copywriting as a career.

Since then I’ve focused on learning to be a great copywriter, niche down my services and focus on scaling up my monthly income from copywriting so I could quit my day job.

I’m so happy to say I achieved all of those goals (although I’ve learned being a great copywriter will take time and is about always improving) and my last day in the corporate world will be Jan 2. I even used my writing skills to negotiate me getting paid well into February!

On top of that I’ve been making at least 2K a month since joining your program and more recently, I’ve been brought on to a start up in California as their full time copywriter, and they’re paying me more than I was making at my corporate job.

- Steve Erl

I'm taking a big leap of faith and today is the last day at my 9-5 job!...Big thank you to the LR Community for being so awesome and supportive.

- Amanda Carroll

brianscottl_1386537997_01Looks like I’ll be making the leap from 9 to 5 employee to Location Rebel September 1st! This is only about 2 months after I signed up, but LR just provided the extra kick out the door I needed. I signed a retainer contract for $1000 a month w/my current employer, and already have 3-4 more websites/copywriting jobs in the queue as well.

This is happening quickly but I am moving forward with caution and confidence. LR gave me a community and actionable steps to take the final leap. I’m essentially replacing my income in less than 2 months! You never know what will happen until you throw fear out the window and take the leap.

- Brian Lenney

I am currently earning around $400-600 per week doing SEO writing. I put my resignation in at my boring job Monday and am planning on finally fulfilling my dream of travelling the world beginning end of September/beginning of October. There is no way I would have had the confidence to quit my job on Monday and make plans to travel if it wasn’t for Location Rebel. It’s all quite surreal at the moment and I just can’t wait to start living my dream lifestyle.

- Leigh Hankin

Liz-FromentAfter spending years totally miserable working in corporate finance, I had always dreamed there would be a way to leave the 8-6 world and grow my own business. For the longest time I didn't think it was possible, because I had no idea how to start. After less than a year inside Location Rebel my dream became a reality, and I've never looked back! 

- Liz Froment

I’m just writing to say thank you. Today was my last day as a corporate employee and I would not be able to say that right now if it wasn’t for your program. As I make this transition and continue to build my entrepreneurial skill set, I will be relying on the things I have learned (and continue to learn) in Location Rebel.

- Missy Cooke

Got a Love for Travel? Well, Get Your Passport Ready

One of the biggest reasons I wanted to build my own business was because I was desperate to travel whenever (and where ever) I wanted.

So many Location Rebel members have the same dream, and have been able to hit the road.

Here are just a few of their stories.

nathan-flearThis month between the writing biz and SEO clients my business made $19,200, I outsourced 90% of the work for $11,900 and made $7100 profit...

Not bad for sending out a few emails and editing a few articles! Now I just need to scale this up further whilst adding other income streams.

I’m off to Thailand in January, I am also going to the Canton Fair in China in April to see if I can pick up some ideas there for a dropshipping/ecommerce business...

Anyway that’s all thanks to Location Rebel and what you’ve created so thank you Sean!!

- Nathan Flear

If you’re looking for a legit way to break free from the 9-5 and travel the world, Location Rebel has all the tools you need to succeed.

- Jeffrey Trull

Katherine-WrightIn July, I’d gotten back from traveling and had to figure out what I wanted to do for work – and I was really kind of down and unsure of what was going to happen. Now 5 months later, I’m making a full time income, have a supportive mastermind group that I meet with weekly, and am preparing to move back to France next month. None of that would have happened were it not for Location Rebel.

- Katherine Wright

Flights booked to Thailand! The countdown to location independence is on.

- Carlo Cretaro

Saabir-KahnIn a space of 4 and half months I’ve already made about 4500$. I’ll be heading off to Thailand now and take a break from work

This wouldn’t have been possible without Location Rebel – a community which not only teaches you SEO/writing/etc but also teaches you a lot about doing online business.

- Saabir Kahn

I also want to take this opportunity to give you a massive THANK-YOU for putting together Location Rebel.  It gets the credit for getting me on the road to making money online quickly.

Me, my husband, and our 2 kids have been traveling full time for just over 1.5 years now in the freaking tropics! (a lifelong dream of mine).  No more winter for me! Wahoo!!!!  I'm writing this from my 3rd floor rented condo in Kuala Lumpur, with a view of coconut palm trees and the swimming pool outside my window.

I knew exactly what I wanted to get out of joining LR, and now I've got it!  I can work wherever the heck I want, we can pick up and travel whenever we please, we don't have to ask permission from anyone.  Finally.  The trick will be to keep it... but I'm 99% sure I can do that.

- Sheralyn Guilleminot

Location Rebel has One of the Best and Most Supportive Communities Online

When people ask me what my favorite feature of Location Rebel is, the answer is easy: the forums.

Simply put, our community is amazing and it's what really sets Location Rebel apart from others.

Inside the forums, you can find tons of support, help, and even gigs to get you started.

colin-pomeroyI really committed to the Location Rebel program about 8 months ago. I can’t believe what’s happened since then. I’m bringing in consistent revenue every month.

My business has been so successful that in September I’ll be living out a lifelong dream of mine. I’ve bought a one way ticket to Europe, and am leaving my full time job so that I can travel the world and grow my online business.

None of this would have ever been possible were it not for the Location Rebel community – seriously Sean, if anyone is on the fence about the program, tell them to talk to me. I’m living proof that this works, and if I can do it, trust me, anyone can. Thank you!

- Colin Pomeroy

Too often these programs turn out to be nothing but a seminar and a hardy slap on the back before you’re ignored. Not Location Rebel! Not only will you get sound advice on how to get your location independence goals met, while also being able to take care of yourself!, but you will be welcomed into a community where your hopes will be supported and your ideas tested to ensure they’re the best they can possibly be.

- Dave Morris

Mike-HarringtonOnce I started actively participating in the Location Rebel forums, that's when it all clicked for me. People who were 1 or 2 years down the road were so generous with their time, and helped me through a lot of problems and self doubt.

Not only did Location Rebel help me make a successful income online, leave my job, and move to Colombia it allowed me to be a part of this community that didn’t exist in my life before.

- Mike Harrington

Sean has created an amazing community through Location Rebel – it promotes creativity, support, and open, honest feedback. I strongly recommend anyone who is ready to start making some changes to check it out.  The value of Location Rebel far exceeds the cost of the program. I couldn’t be happier with what I’ve learned, and the overall experience thus far!

- Jennifer Winter

Kevin-ColeLocation Rebel gave me the backbone I’ve been seeking for so long. The blueprints gave me serious guidance and the community of people solidified everything I learned. It took me from a guy who talked about being location independent to a guy who is actually location independent and I am forever grateful.

- Kevin Cole

Still Not Convinced? Hear From More Members

The best way to understand how dramatically Location Rebel can change your life is to listen to the people who've done it.

People like Blair (follow his journey below) can show you the incredible results you can get with Location Rebel.

blair roninson

Over a series of emails:

This may not seem like a big deal to you, but I quietly set a goal for myself this month and it took me until 11:59PM on January 31st to make it! My goal was to generate$4000 in SEO writing income in January. I’m proud to say that I actually did it! My final number was $4030. This is also with a full time job.

It’s tough to put into words what has happened since I’ve joined Location Rebel. I started with the SEO writing blueprint in January and am happy to say that as of right now I’ve grossed $35,000 this year alone from writing. On top of that, I’ve subbed out over 90% of my writing. I’m still working a full time job as well but hope to be able to leave the 9-5 at some point relatively soon. Thanks for all that you have done. I truly believe that if you are willing to put in the time and effort you can totally succeed with the Location Rebel program.

BIG NEWS! So, I put in my notice on September 18th. I actually gave my company a one month notice because a lot of what I did was difficult to hand off. It’s been a surreal month, but last Friday was my LAST DAY!

I’m consistently grossing over 6K each month with one month where I grossed 8K. I’m hoping with the additional time that I have I will be able to grow the business even more.

I appreciate your help throughout the journey and I’m so glad I decided to join LR in January of this year. It’s amazing to think about what has happened in 10 short months!

- Blair Robinson

Better than actually giving me extra income, in my opinion, is the hope it’s given me that I really can make it as a freelancer, working from wherever I go, so that my work will fund my lifestyle instead of my lifestyle bending around my work.

- Jason Jacobs

davidIf you know you’re ready to start a business, just do it. I now have 10-20 people in Location Rebel that I talk with on a weekly basis, and I could travel to go see any one of them and have a place to stay.
I made $3,000 in my first month and while I was totally overwhelmed and probably over-promised a bit, I knew I’d find the support I needed within the Location Rebel community.- David Anderson

I’m so proud to tell friends and strangers about Location Rebel, and that I’m part of this cool, eccentric community that is us.

- Harrison Tsai

I bought Location Rebel a month ago and wanted to let you know that I am enjoying it so far. You have a very practical approach and I have made more movement towards the lifestyle I dream about in the past month than the past few years combined, taking a couple side jobs as a web developer. I appreciate how involved you are in the community and how you help people move past the fears we all have about striking it out on our own.

- Matt

MarizaJoining Location Rebel was a huge turning point in my life. You can have the smarts and the drive to make your dreams come true, but if you don’t have the right resources or, more importantly, a community of support — it’s not gonna work. Location Rebel provided me with both and after less than 6 months, I was able to launch a successful business and become location independent.

- Mariza Taillefer

It’s amazing how good this forum is. Talking to you guys just led me down the right path. It’s not knowing that’s the enemy. So thanks again all!

- Filip

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