Solutions to Some of the Most Common Problems New Entrepreneurs Face

By Sean Ogle •  Updated: 11/11/13 •  8 min read

I don’t know why, but this month I’m on a bit of a kick to try and rid you of as many excuses as I can.

We already covered the common one of not having a good idea.  Well, being in the position I’m in where I talk to dozens of people every month about the problems they’re facing in their life and business,  I thought it would be smart to try and come up with solutions for some of the most commons problems that you’re facing.

I’m especially passionate about this because at one point or another I’ve personally had every single one of these problems.

Luckily though, there are answers! You just have to be willing to have an open mind and actually take action.

I’ve found some people don’t really want to solve their problems.  They’d rather bitch about them, tell people their entrepreneurs, but not actually make any progress towards there goals.  They get 90% of the ego boost, but none of the hard work – or long term benefit.

If this is you, then you may want to find another site.

That being said, if you’re ready to take real action and blow through your road blocks, then read on.

Problem: “I have no traffic.”

Solution: Guest Post

The vast majority of all the traffic to my blog when I was first getting started (and even nowadays) came from doing guest posts.  There’s a right and a wrong way to pitch other bloggers on this, but if you build a relationship with them, offer legitimate value to their audience, and work hard to make it a win/win guest posting is the most effective way I know of to not only get more readers, but to increase your search traffic as well.

Resources to help you:

Problem: I have traffic, but I’m not making any money

Solution: Become a Better Marketer

So many new bloggers and business owners still think sales and marketing is evil.  The fact is, it’s 100% necessary. And more importantly, if you truly believe in what you’re offering you should view what you’re doing as a good thing for your audience and potential customers.

I’ve received so many emails from people saying things like this one from Deanna:

I just wanted to shoot you a quick email to say thanks for providing such a valuable program. Location Rebel is more than just a community for hungry entrepreneurs and aspiring world travelers. It shows us how to create opportunity using talents and skills we already have and how to develop new ones to achieve the life we want to live. I’ll admit that I was skeptical when I first signed on as a member, but after being part of the Location Rebel community for nearly nine months, I can say that without it, I wouldn’t have taken the leap to follow my dreams.

If I hadn’t honed the marketing of the product, she may have never been persuaded to buy it, and still be in her old life that she was unhappy with. As long as you don’t have evil intentions, marketing is a good thing for both you and your customers.

More resources:

Problem: You’ve Run Out of Money

Solution: SEO Writing

Newsflash: Making money on the internet isn’t that hard.  It may not be the super sexy, passive income you want, but if all you need is a little cash in the bank, start SEO writing. Blair, one of our Location Rebel members that joined earlier this year made over $4k his first month, just by SEO writing.

Not sure what it is, or how to get started? Start with Kevin’s guest post.

But if you need to make some extra money while you’re building out a different business, this is a great way to hold you over, as well as build confidence in your ability to generate an income for yourself.

Bonus points? You can do it from anywhere on Earth as long as you have an internet connection.

Problem: You Can’t Manage All of Your Email

Solution: Sanebox

The easiest answer is to declare email bankruptcy, delete everything, and trust that anything of real importance will find it’s way back into your life. However, obviously that isn’t much of a long term solution.

Sanebox is, however.

With features that help you prioritize your email, get rid of things you never want to see, and re-notify you after a set period of time if a desired action hasn’t been taken, this is the absolute best service I’ve come across for helping people manage email overload.

Other Resources that Might Help:

Problem: You Can’t Focus Long Enough to Get Anything Done

Solution: [email protected]

This has been probably my absolute biggest problem as an entrepreneur.  Sitting down, focusing, and getting shit done is hard for me. I’m constantly distracted, great at making excuses, and my morale can be severely effected when those things get the better of me.

That was up until I found [email protected]

[email protected] is a service that plays special instrumental music that is supposed to have the same effect on the brain as ADD medication.  I have no idea if this is actually true. I do know however that when I use it, I get more stuff done. In fact, it’s become a pretty essential part of my workflow these days.

Other Resources

Problem: You’re Unorganized, and Thus Unproductive

Solution: Read and Study Getting Things Done

I’ve talked to people who both love Getting Things Done by David Allen, and those that hate it.  Overall his system can be a little intense, but the important part about it? It is a system.

The reason most people are unproductive is because they don’t have any system in place for productivity. They just sit down and try and bang out work. Can we take a moment to pause and think about just how terrible of an idea that is.


Got it? Ok good.

Does that mean I’m not guilty at times? Of course not, but if you’re really struggling with productivity and organization, David’s book is a fantastic starting point.

Other recommendations:

If you’ve found yourself making any of the excuses in this post, try something new, like, not making excuses.

First start by making a conscious decision to make a change.  Then follow the instructions in this post.  If you make a habit out of regular progress, good things will begin to happen.

What major problem do you find most new entrepreneurs face? And what’s your solution for that?

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Sean Ogle

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